2017 Summer Schedule MPC

How to Register Who may useWebReg: Continuing Students:

Welcome to WebReg (Web Registration) www.mpc.edu

Registration in more than 18 units: Students must have counselor approval for excess units.

Students who enrolled at MPC for the previous term. (Students in grades 6-12 are always considered new and must always submit an Application for Admission and an approved Concurrent Enrollment Form.) Returning Students: Students who enrolled at MPC before, but not the previous term. New and Transfer Students: Students who have submitted their Application for Admission. Read the information about the Step Program in this schedule or contact the Counseling Department. WebReg CLEARANCE: Students who are not paying their own fees: Students included in this group are those using Vocational Rehabilitation (Chapter 31), VA CalVet, State Department of Rehabilitation, etc. Students are responsible for all fees unless appropriate forms are received by the Admissions & Records Office within the first two weeks of the term. Students who have been dismissed from Monterey Peninsula College: Students must petition for readmission through the Academic Council. Check your petition status on WebReg 48 hours after Academic Council Review (2nd and 4th Tuesdays).

U.S. Military Tuition Assistance: Once the approved Tuition Assistance form is submitted to the Admissions & Records Office, registration may be permitted.

U.S. Military Dependents using nonresident free exemption: Signatures are required on the U.S. Military Dependent Residence Statement every semester/session of enrollment. Registration fees are the responsibility of the student unless the form is submitted to the Admissions & Records Office within the first two weeks of the term.

International Students: All students on F-1 or M-1 visas and students not possessing permanent resident visas: Approval from International Student Program office is required.

6th–12th Grade Students: Students in grades 6-12 and are at least 12 years of age must complete an Application for Admission and a Concurrent Enrollment Form. Registration is permitted once both forms are completed, and submitted to the Admissions & Records Office. Students in grades 6-8 must have additional approval from the Dean of Student Services. Phone (831) 645-1377 to schedule an appointment. No approvals will be granted once the term begins.

WebReg Payment Slip

If you indicated on WebReg that payment would be made by check or cash, and you now wish to use your credit card, write the credit card number and expiration date, and sign the form. The signature must be that of the card holder.

Student ID Number

9 0

Credit Card #: (Visa/MasterCard)

Full Name:


Exp. Date:(Mo/Year)


3-digit CVC number (required)


The payment enclosed must match exactly the amount due. Checks submitted for an amount other than the total due will be returned. Amount Enclosed:

Date: Mail to: Fiscal Services

Administration Services Monterey Peninsula College

(write ID# on check)

980 Fremont Street Monterey, CA 93940



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