Fyzical El Paso: Neck Pain & Stress





It has been busy at Fyzical El Paso lately! We are happy to have had our Joe Battle location up and running for a few weeks now. The beginning was a learning curve with getting everything situated and changing how our practice operated, our willing and cooperative team continues to make it successful! Our mission is for our patients to see a consistency in delivery of services across our clinics, with the same level of attention and expertise each visit. We are happy to announce that we have made a couple of changes in our Fyzical El Paso team, as well! Matt Lares PT, DPT is a new teammember at our Northeast clinic and AdamVargas PT. DPT is a teammember who hasmoved fromour Northeast location to our Joe Battle clinic. We are very excited to have added Matt to our team. He is an eager learner and we intend to feed that eagerness immediately. We currently have two training programs finalized for him and we are working on the third. Hold on to your hat Matt were just getting started! Level 3 training is the highest level of training in the field of balance and dizziness, and we are excited to have Adam as a part of it, along with Justin Valdez PT, DPT, clinic director Roy Kohn PT, DPT, FAAOMPT, and several other staff members, too numerous tomention! In addition, Kate Roby PT, DPTfromour Northeast office has recently completed her level 2 training in women’s health! Wewill have rolled out or women’s health program by the time you read this so if that’s a need you have please give us a call, we’re here to help. Our team has such a strong willingness to learn, which has been the backbone of our practice. When they work to make themselves better, theymake the practice better, as well. Our commitment to training at Fyzical El Paso is huge, and this is something that we want to implement into our new clinic. All of our new therapy team will be attending level 1 online training for balance immediately, and in May we have an exciting treat for them – they will be attending in-practice level 2 training with Brian Werner! BrianWerner is a nationally recognized expert in

vestibular and balance disorders. He is also the national director of instruction for Fyzical! Its Brian’s second time here with us. We’re extremely pleased that he is coming to train our staff, and we are excited for them to learn from him. The majority of our team already trained in level 2 balance will attend again. Repetition and commitment is howwe meet our mission of excellence to you our patients. We also have some new technology coming to Fyzical El Paso. We are installing computerized diagnostic posturography into our Joe Battle clinic!This technology helps in creating an objective measure of a patient’s ability to adapt to vestibular and neurological changes in their environment. This testing is essential for our physical therapists, as it helps to determine specific weakness in the systems that maintain our balance and movement. It drives an efficient rehabilitation program. You’ll also see SOS balance safety systems in the ceiling tomake our teammore effective in caring for you. More technology updates are coming……… As for my family, we have been growing in our personal lives as well – my son Boomer recently received a scholarship for medical school, and I couldn’t be prouder. He is hoping to pursue a career in surgery, although he is still undecided as to what type of surgery he wants to focus on. We have had a lot going on here at Fyzical El Paso, but we are so happy about the progress everyone is making! We hope you’ll notice it too. -Luis, Fyzical El Paso


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