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Kilworth Church by Dale Watson

rts, entrepreneurs, business, rhood people and passion to to advertise. The 100% locally times a year wi h thousands local market.

The Kilworth Flats by Neighbour Wendy Stewart taken December 2019

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Play Pebble Beach Today! We cover the air fare. Winter Golf League spots available. Club Fitting. Repairs on the spot.

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BodiTrak Short Game Swing Evaluation Speed Training

Putting Lab Coaching Club Fitting Club Repairs

3DMotion Capture

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Don’t let packages sit on your porch. Ask a neighbour to watch for expected deliveries, or have your order sent to a secure address such as a nearby postal station. Don’t put up a nameplate outside of your house with your full name. Thieves can use this information to look up your phone number, then call to see if you are home. Don’t leave a note on the door or in the mailbox telling a friend or family member that you aren’t home.


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2019-11-18 9:23 A

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On December 3rd the Komoka Kings worked with Komoka Foodland in celebrating Foodland’s First Anniversary in Komoka. Nearly 500 fans attended the game which was sponsored by Foodland, including a draw for an authentic Toronto Maple Leafs jersey autographed by former Leaf Darcy Tucker. “We are happy to celebrate our first anniversary with the Komoka community and look forward to many more. Thanks for stopping in and supporting us.” Ron Alexander, owner of Komoka Foodland. Foodland Celebrated One year Anniversary Old South Dentistry (140 Wortley Road), Plant Matter Kitchen (162 Wortley Road), Wortley Village Pharmasave (190 Wortley Road, London) by mid December. See www.sho boxproject.com/Lon for a complete list of locations. For more information or to participate, please contact: Joyla Furlano (PhD Student) • Dr. Lindsay Nagamatsu Ex rcise, Mobility and Brain Health Lab, Western University jfurlano@uwo.ca (519) 661-2111 ext. 88284

Left: At Old South Dentistry, they believe that “nothing can change the world like the power of a smile.” Dr. Abdu invites you to bring a smile to local women in need by stopping by to help fill their Shoebox project box.

Hallowe’en in the Village Witches of Wortley Dance troupe performed at Hallowe’en in the Village. Photo submitted by Debra Eppel

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Wortley Villager

December 2019

A Welcoming Place to Nurture Faith and Engage Community 1344 Commissioners Road W., London N6K 1E1 | www.stannesbyron.ca 519-471-0800 St. Anne’s Anglican Church (Byron) Be a spark of hope! Join us on the journey… Sundays 8:00 a.m. Book of Common Prayer 9:30 a.m. Family Service with Choir Sunday School Childcare for Infants and Toddlers

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Wishing You Well! by Beth Moyer

Now that January 2020 is upon us many have started the year with a wish or a vision of a better year. Many of us hope for better things - improved health, happiness, wisdom and perhaps love. And perhaps with the dreaming of a time long ago it will spur us on to keep life full of interest. Life should inspire us. But life is more than wishing - it can simply be what we will make of it. Let your New Year be full in many ways but most of all fill your days with the things that truly matter. And nothing is more powerful than love as you will see in the following poem. This poem was taken from the book Ballads and Epic Poems of Indian Stories and Legends by G.H. Gobrindt. The event occurred at the Wishing Well Waterfalls that was once located on the Thames River at the foot of Jeffries Road in Kilworth. This area was sacred to the First Nations tribes and to the early settlers. It held mystery and magic for those that knew of the waterfall. The story is tragic in a Shakespearean way and has become a classic local tale. The poem tells the story of a First Nation’s princess, Winona, the daughter of a Muncey chief. Her two lovers quarrelled and an intense romance ended in tragedy. A triangle of emotions between Winona, Wignod, from the Muncey tribe, and Magana, a Delaware Native ended abruptly at the shore of Escunisepe - the First Nation’s name for the Thames River. The word is pronounced Es-cu-ni-sep-e and means “prongs of an antler”.

Image of three women at the waterfalls was provided by Ron Davis of Komoka. He obtrained the photograph from Leo Harris - the women would be either “Harris” or “Comfort” ancestors.

Flow of Wishing Well waterfall varied greatly according to the season. Photograph from the “Woodhull” collection.

Dark the mood among the Munsees, grim the happy Delawares. When the harvest moon was shining, full and gentle as the dew Came Winona and Magana then to secret rendezvous. Strolled along Escunisepi, strolled as lovers hand in hand, Softly speaking, gently smiling, moonlight bathing stream and land. Lurking furtively in Shadow, Wignod trailed the happy pair, Saw them as they stood embracing, leaped upon them unaware. Tomahawk flashed in the moonlight, flashed descending, came to rest, Felled his rival, felled Magana, stone blade buried in his breast. Rose Magana one elbow, wrenched the blade from bloody sheath, Hurled it with a dying effort, bringing Wignod to the heath.Then the night was torn with anguish, torn by poor Winona’s cry, Life, crushed by a moment’s horror, sought no solace but to die. Where she fell a crystal fountain, springing sought the stream below, Freshening the turbid river, adding young life to its flow. Moaning trees and sobbing river, grieving Munsee, Delaware, Flashing water brings remembrance, of the moonlight on her hair . . .Of the moonlight on her hair.

Woman wearing late 1800’s style of dress. It was said you could stand behind the waterfalls and reach out with a cup for a drink and not get wet.

A winter scene of the Thames River covered in ice. Feb 1922

For more details on the history of Old Kilworth please see the book “Kilworth - The Woodhull Settlement” at Hyde Park Feed & Country Store on Gainsborough Road or at Dishington’s Tea Room, Main Street, Lambeth. Contact Beth at 519 686-0951 or bethads@rogers.com

Kilworth The Woodhull Settlement

written and compiled by Elizabeth A. Moyer

Issue 29 - Jan/Feb 2020 Page 5

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Karen Wilson recently joined the team as the newest addition to the Komoka Mortgage Centre She is excited to provide clients with executive level service as your mortgage agent. Whether you are purchasing or renovating a home, transferring or refinancing a mortgage, she will find you the best solution for your individual situation. Karen’s goal is to offer the most innovative home financing products available from over 100 different lenders. She is excited to be involved in Drew White has a passion for carefully crafting solutions to meet the complex financial needs of his clients. This passion resulted in the formation of Great White Wealth. Drew’s background includes 20 years of experience in consumer and commercial financing, as well as portfolio management and financial planning for high net worth individuals. Drew offers the unique skill of confidently speaking to both sides of the balance sheet (investment, credit). Drew’s extensive career in finance has allowed him to Stewart Thomson is one of the founding partners of the firm of Thomson, Mahoney. Delorey which was established in 1981. Stew was born and raised in London and is married with two children and three lovely grandchildren. Alongside his passion for law, Stewart loves to play golf, squash and tennis when he can find the time. He is also a keen supporter of the London Knights. Stewart specializes his law practice in real estate, wills and estates, he also practices in corporate

this community, looks forward to meeting you and helping you with the most important purchase of your life….your home.

complement their larger financial goals. Her knowledge and the highest level of service and attention to detail to assist clients to reach their goals is key to her success. With Yvette Helwig guiding you through the process, your mortgage financing experience will be simple & your experience will be less stressful. Todd Henderson has been working in the financial services

industry for 25 years. For the first 11 years, he gained expertise dealing with financial planning, investments, and mortgages while working for Canada’s “big 5” chartered banks. For

amass a unique expertise in handling complex and non-standard lending deals. Drew has the patience and expertise to find a solution. Using a transparent approach, working with Drew allows clients to invest funds directly into real estate in a hands off investment approach.

the last 14 years, Todd has been working as a mortgage agent, focusing solely on helping people find mortgage solutions that meet their financial and personal needs. As a mortgage agent, he deals with multiple financial institutions. If it’s a new purchase or a refinance, a vacation property, an income property or if you just want to consolidate your current debts, he can help. Todd is a lifelong member of the community and has been actively involved in the Strathroy minor hockey association as a coach and board member for the past 13 years.

Donna Hammer has over 20 years of experience understanding that everyone has a unique story. Her ability to effectively tell that story to potential lenders is what makes her a success. As a co-owner of a family-owned and operated business, Donna has experienced first-hand the challenges of telling your story to the banks. Donna’s strong service-orientation and work-ethic, as well as her informed and caring approach, have helped her

and commercial law. He received his law degree from University of Western Ontario in1979 and was called to the Ontario Bar in 1981. Stewart is a member of the Hunt and Country Club and belongs to the London Business Network. His assistants are Cindy Betts, Melissa Zurawski and Donna Petit.

many clients to successfully fulfill their real estate dreams. Donna’s passion for finding the very best mortgage solution for her clients is at the core of what attracted Donna to become a mortgage agent. She offers flexible meeting hours and a solution- focused approach. Donna is a graduate of York University and resides in Strathroy, Ontario with her husband and three sons.

The KMC Mortgage Team invites you to drop in to their new offices to say hi, have a coffee and meet the team.

Issue 29 - Jan/Feb 2020 Page 7

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Our Local History Projects By Dave Zavitz, Vice Chair MCA

Middlesex Centre Archives located in Delaware, Ontario has a mandate to collect and preserve the history of the former Townships of Delaware, Lobo and London. Opening to the public in 2014, this facility has a wide variety of materials and photos about the local area and its history. Volunteers have interviewed owners, researched records and collected data in order to publish Delaware and Lobo Township tour books that show the pre-1870 homes with their history. For people wishing to drive by and observe these old homes, the booklets are available for purchase at $10 each at the MCA office, the Middlesex Centre Municipal Offices and at Floral Temptations in Ilderton. MCAhas compiled and printed 2020 Calendars featuring pictures of early schools in our municipality. These are available for $10 each at the above outlets as well as Styles Hairstyling, Delaware Variety, BJs, and the Little Beaver Restaurant. EXCITING NEWS!!!! MCA is thrilled to announce the third annual Heritage Fair to be held at the Delaware Community Centre on 22 February 2020 from 10 AM until 4 PM. This extremely successful event features the deep historical roots of Middlesex Centre and Area. It showcases the MCA collections, local heritage organizations including Historical Societies, genealogical groups, First Nations, libraries, museums, and others with historical interests. Our Archivist will be there to answer any questions about finding information, handling documents, photographs, family histories etc. A book and paper conservator will be available to answer questions concerning preserving your historical documents. There will be a sale table with previously read books with an emphasis on history. After an invigorating tour of all the displays, satisfy your appetite in the lunchroom with food and beverages available for sale by the South Lobo Women’s Institute. Proceeds from sales help to support the many projects this organization supports. This is the finest collection of archival records, artifacts and those knowledgeable about local history assembled under one roof! You don’t want to miss it. Mark your calendar for February 22nd at the Delaware Community Centre. Of course MCA will also be open for visitors to drop in and explore. We are looking forward to seeing you there. Look for details about this great event or contact MCA for further information: email MCA at middlesexcentrearchives@gmail.com or call 519-518-5590 Do you have roots in Middlesex Centre, family histories, documents, photographs, deeds, mortgages etc.? These would make great additions to our collections. Consider donating to our ever growing collections and preserve our heritage. Do you have spare time on your hands? Are you interested in local history? Consider donating your time as a volunteer at the Archives. MCA would love to have you join our team of dedicated volunteers. No experience necessary. Visit us during our Heritage Fair or drop by on Wednesday 10 AM to 1 PM or on the first and third Saturdays of each month from 1 to 4 PM (Closed on holiday weekends.

Photo of S.S. # 2 Lobo known as Gold Creek School, appears in the 2020 calendar. Ther Heritage of Lobo Fonds Middlesex Centre Archives

This picture shows the display MCA volunteers created for the 2019 Heritage Fair. Middlesex Centre Archives

These are the Township Landmark Tour books created by MCA volunteers relating to Lobo and Delaware Townships. Middlesex Centre Archives

The 2020 calendar for sale. Middlesex Centre Archives.

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Council Communications

Happy New Year everyone! It always feels like a “clean page” when January rolls around and we’re able to get going on new projects and plans for another year. One of the bigger undertakings for the Municipality in 2020 is a new Strategic Plan, and this is something you can help with! The updating of the 2012-2017 plan was deferred so that the new (2018) Council could be part of the process. Given all of the changes in Provincial policy last year, it’s really turned out to be a good time to be charting a course for our evolving community. A key part of developing a good strategic plan is community consultation. In order to create best possible plan, getting broad and inclusive input from you - the community - is key! We want to hear from residents who are part of every demographic including seniors and young families; members of

service clubs, community groups and associations; small businesses; rural and urban dwellers; and both new and long-time residents. Please check the Middlesex Centre website and social media pages in the coming weeks for information about meetings, surveys and other ways you can get involved. Mark your calendars and plan to have some fun! Family Day is coming up in February and Middlesex Centre will be hosting free public skating in both Komoka and Ilderton between 1:00 -2:50 p.m. Don’t forget to bring your helmets. As always, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me if you’d like to speak with me. It’s great to hear your ideas, thoughts and concerns! Best, Aina I’ll look forward to hearing from you, Aina Aina DeViet, Mayor Tel: 519.666.0190 X234 E-mail: deviet@middlesexcentre.on.ca | www.middlesexcentre.on.ca

Chili dinner and movie at the Kilworth United Church February 21st at 5:30 pm to recognize Black History month. Proceeds will support the Women’s Rural Resource Center in Strathroy. Free will offering. All are welcome to attend. The chili will be stupendous! Kilworth Church located at 2442 Oxford Street West (near the Kilworth bridge)

The Thames River formerly known as Askunessippi, meaning the Antlered River – Advocate Newspaper 1981


oxfordlearning.com Byron 226.270.3069

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Komoka Kings by Paul Mylemans

Midway in the 2019-2020 season the Komoka Kings are fighting for wins and playoff position. Last season stalwarts such as Dario Beljo with 19 goals and 18 assists for 27 points in 28 games, Luc Arsenault, Jacob Rochford and Cameron Welch have continued to lead in Kings scoring. Defenceman Dowson Zheng with 4 goals and 13 assists for 17 points is the leading defensive side point getter. Will Lewis leads the rookies with 5 goals and 6 assists. Dowson Zheng also anchors the defence along with last season returnees Griffin St. Onge, Spencer Lapointe and Jacob Howard. Goalie Nathan Young has seen most of the action in the Kings net and is second in the Greater Ontario Junior Hockey League in saves. To augment the team depth, management has added some new scoring, defensive and goaltending support. Forward Russell Oldham was acquired from the St. Thomas Stars as well as defenceman Connor Federkow. Tylor Lovie a London native who last year played for the Mt. Brydges Bulldogs and this season with the Cochrane Crunch of the Northern Ontario Junior Hockey League, and Rahul Bola a goalie who is from North York and played for the Hearst Lumberjacks also of the NOJHL, joined the team in November. The Kings are fortunate to have a couple of strong Minor Hockey AAA programs in the area for the times the team needs a fill in for a regular unable to play. Several highly touted AAA Midget players have been called up by the Kings from both the Elgin- Middlesex Chiefs and the London Junior Knights programs. This gives them added exposure as they approach the annual OHL midget draft time. In addition to providing competitive and exciting junior hockey to the community, Komoka Kings also work with community partners for special events. November 9th the Kings held the annual Veterans remembrance appreciation night with all veterans having free admission. WW II navy veteran Eddie Rhodes, along with veterans Ed Bond and Vic Arsenault participated in the game’s ceremonial puck drop. The Spa Date business located at 22499 Jefferies Road in Kilworth sponsored the local schools food bank and toy drive at the November 23rd game with all children admitted free. Also at the November 23rd game were students and staff of École secondaire Gabriel- Dumont which is the school that Kings Hockey TV announcer Dylan Baker attends. And on December 3rd the Komoka Kings worked with Komoka Foodland in celebrating Foodland’s First

Anniversary in Komoka. Nearly 500 fans attended the game which was sponsored by Foodland, including a draw for an authentic Toronto Maple Leafs jersey autographed by former Leaf Darcy Tucker. Disappointedly the Kings couldn’t return the favour as the visiting St. Mary’s Lincolns won the game. All Kings home games are at the beautiful Komoka Wellness Centre with a 7:15 pm puck drop. After a short Christmas break the Kings will see home action on Saturdays January 4th, 11th and 25th, and Thursday, January 16th.

Josh Morgan is a regular contributor to the Hyde Park-Oakridge Villager Magazine, currently serving his second term as Councillor for Ward 7. He resides in the Hyde P at Western University where he completed a Combined Honours Degree in Econo Local Government). He is the Recruitment and Development Officer for Western Uni If you have a question, comment or issue you would like to discuss, email or call Cell phone: 226-927-0395 Phone: 519-661-2500 Ext. 4007 Email: joshmorgan@london.ca Councillor’s Office at 519-661-5095


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22425 Jefferies Rd., Komoka 519-471-2847 • vintnersofkilworth.com Summer Weddings, BBQs, Family Reunions? Now is the time to get your wine started!

(519) 694-2567 @komoka.family.dentistry www.KomokaFamilyDentistry.com

Kristi Fuhrman Brokerage Sales Representative botten renovations & repairs


4 Fences 4 Decks 4 Siding

4 Driveways 4 Walkways

Call or Text JORDAN or JON 519.280.0394

kristi@platinumkey.ca • www.platinumkey.ca Your direct link to local real estate information. 22469 Adelaide Road, Mount Brydges, ON N0L 1W0 519-280-0394 | jonbotten@outlook.com

Sun/Mon – Closed | Tues-Fri – 10am - 6pm | Sat 10am - 3pm

Support Local

blair ’ s repairs ( handy man ) renovations - repairs property maintenance 519-281-8704

blair’s repairs (handy man) renovations - repairs property maintenance 519-281-8704

Reconnect with life ...

imagine the possibilities.

For all your hearing needs:

1. April 6 2. WWI 3. The Antler River www.bentleyhearing.com

4. April 22 5. Pink Moon 6. Western University 1807 Wonderland Road N. 519.473.5850

Perfect Gift for her this year

460 Springbank Dr. 519.936.5850

Free Patient Parking at both locations




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d_3.5x2_CMYK_10-20-2019_FIN.indd 1

2019-10-20 8:29 PM

Whats Happening in KKD January / February Komoka Community Events January /February FREE SKATE Saturday’s 1 to 1:50 Komoka Wellness Centre Sponsored by Komoka Kilworth Optimist Club Euchre Feb 1 - Euchre at 7 pm Komoka United Church 110 St Lawrence Ave. Monthly event through to May

Call by Friday 519-657-1459 to reserve your spot Komoka Women’s Soccer League Over 25, experienced or inexperienced players welcome Friday’s 6pm May through September Register before Feb 15/2020 komokasoccer@hotmail.com Komoka Y - 55 + Day Thursdays 6 am to 2 PM - Access everything for free Weight room, equipment, fitness, walking track 9 to 12 pickle ball 9:30 to 10:30 Group Power - strength training Monday 2 to 330 - Cards & Games (Monday Moments) Tuesdays 6 to 7:45 - Knitting & Crochet (Stitch & Chat) Saturdays 10:30 & 1 – Family Movies Mondays 1030 Story Time Tuesdays 10 to 1130 Early On Play & Learn Komoka & Area 55 Plus Club, Pickle Ball Monday 9 to 1 Komoka Community Centre Monday 1 to 3 Delaware Community Centre Tuesday 12 to 3 Komoka Community Centre 11 to 12 Yoga All year-round Komoka Library

EXCITING NEWS!! MCA is thrilled to announce the third annual Heritage Fair to be held at the Delaware Community Centre on 22 February 2020 from 10 AM until 4 PM. This extremely successful event features

Wednesday 10 to 12 Delaware Community Centre Wednesday 7 to 9 Komoka Community Centre Thursday 10 to 12 Komoka Community Centre Thursday 1 to 3 Delaware Community Centre Friday 10 to 12 Komoka Community Centre and Delaware Community Centre All year-round pickle ball Komoka & Area 55 Plus Tuesday 9 to 10 High Mobility Exercise Class - Komoka Community Centre

the deep historical roots of Middlesex Centre and Area. It showcases the MCA collections, local heritage organizations including Historical Societies, genealogical groups, First Nations, libraries, museums, and others with historical interests.

This Page is Sponsored by

Tuesday 10:15 to 11:15 Line Dancing (Beginner) Wednesday 1 to 3 Line Dancing (Intermediate) Wednesday 3 to 4 Line Dancing (Advanced) September through to May Men & Women’s Badminton - All Ages Tuesdays 730 to 930 – Komoka Community Centre Women’s Volleyball – All Ages Tuesdays 7 to 9 – Parkview School Call Vickie 519-657-6278 for information Mid September to April - PLAYERS NEEDED

Proud VP of the Kilworth- Komoka Business Association

420 York Street London, ON N6B 1R1

B 519.673.3390 C 519.859.7355 F 519.673.6789 E sue.cates@century21.ca W www.century21.ca/sue.cates Each CENTURY 21® Office is Independently Owned and Operated

Sue Cates CSP, CIM, P.Mgr Sales Representative


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S.S. No. 1 Komoka School – The Beginnings excerpt from The Heritage of Lobo

School Sections No. 1, known as the Komoka School, was in operation as early as 1842. The first school, south of the CNR tracks, was built on crude logs and heated by a huge fireplace. Desks were probably a board resting on pegs driven into the logs. Rude benches served as seats. Pens were devised from goose quills and were used with ink made from natural products. By 1857, the Komoka School had been replaced by a red brick school on Arthur Street. Students used slate pencils to do their sums when teacher W.E. Langford taught them in 1881-82. Wm. Batchelor became the next teacher in 1883, Emma Austin in 1885, John McLellan from 1887 to 1890, Emily Howard in 1891, Alex Rose, 1892, Wm. Robinson in 1893 and J.B. James in 1894. The last Komoka School was built in 1895 on a site on the east of Main Street, between Railway and Ontario Avenues. During the WWI years the teachers were, W.H. Stephenson and Fanny W. Westcott in 1913-1914, Leo J. Langan in 1915-1916 and Marguerite Douglas in 1917. Although trustees agreed to take no part in the school picnic at Poplar Hill from 1917 to 1921, they did donate $5.00 as price money to a school fair and this donation increased each year, reaching $75.00 by 1925. Teachers’ salaries also increased during the Twenties. Even the pupils, who had previously received $2.00 for piling 15 cords of wood, then received $3.00. Trustees in this period had familiar surnames: Wm. Barber, A.J. Campbell, L. Leckie, Wm. Waugh, Colin McKinley, Richard Frank, Chas. Wernham and Geo. Blanchard. The first woman to be elected as trustee was Mrs. E.H.A. Home. She was elected in 1927. Mrs. O’Neil and Mrs. I. Wernham, were also elected between 1927 and 1931. They were the only three women trustees. Other trustees in this period were Stilson Swales, Ed Small, Emerson Cornell, Harry Norton, W. Arrand, T.G. Turnbull, C.G.F. Bignell and Edgar Doan. Hyrdo was first installed in the school in 1929. In 1930, a Government Building Inspector reported the building to be unsafe and in need of repairs at an estimated cost of $3000. A special meeting of ratepayers was called and it was decided to repair the old school, rebuilding the side walls, lowering the ceilings and building two cloak rooms at the back of each room. It was decided, also, to hire two teachers, even though attendance had dropped to 42 pupils. This school was sold in 1965 to William Tunks for $9,000.

SS Komoka 1920

Issue 29 - Jan/Feb 2020 Page 13

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McLachlan Syrup Opening Family Day Weekend: February 15th, 16th, 17th 2020. Hours: 9am-3pm | February 22nd, 23rd, 29th Open everyday in March, CLOSED MONDAYS | March Break: Open March 16th-20th For more information: www.mclachlansyrup.ca


IT’S ALL ONLY A BUS RIDE AWAY Give your child a taste of Christian independent-school life during our FREE ‘Ready, Set, School!’ event in January, February and June. Children born in 2015 and 2016 are welcome to come experience life in kindergarten!

Reserve a spot for our free early-years event and book a no-obligation tour today 519-245-1934 or principal@sccs.ca


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SPAIN & PORTUGAL March 18 - April 1, 2020 Featuring Regional Highlights of Andalusia & The Algarve Book your next Carefree Adventure today! 40 Caradoc St. N. Strathroy 519-245-2201 / www.blowestravel.com

When it comes to travel, Blowes knows!

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Snowplowing equipment Middlesex Centre These pictures were taken at the Denfield Operations facility as part of the Council Budget Tour. This is the equipment that is being used to keep our roads safe for the community this winter!

Issue 29 - Jan/Feb 2020 Page 15

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Page 14 KOMOKA-KILWORTH-DELAWARE VILLAGER Komoka (Located Next to the Hillside Restaurant) 519 657 9929

London (Located in White Oaks Mall Dental Clinic) 519 601 7200

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