No points on the record for the Beavers SPORTS

minutes later. With less than "ve minutes to go in the second, Quinn Gordon scored the third goal. The following day, the Beavers were able to score the "rst goal against the Ottawa West Golden Knights. Only in the second period did Pier-Olivier Fournier hit the target on the power play with the help of Dominik Henrie and Yanik Laliberté. The score was 1-0 after 40 minutes.

The Knights tied it quickly in the last period with a goal scored after only 42 seconds had gone by. The Knights then got another one in on the power play with a goal by Riley Hennigar, taking the lead 2-1. The Beavers recalled their goalie Philippe Quesnel and added an extra attacker. The Knights were then able to score a third goal in an empty net. “We played both games well,” added

Lavictoire. “But the puck just wasn’t rolling on our side. We have to avoid mistakes that give the other team a chance to build momentum.” The Beavers will have a chance to get back on their feet this weekend when they face the Timberwolves in Renfrew, this Friday. Sunday, the Beavers will get a visit from the Gatineau Mustangs, at 2:15 p.m., at the Clarence Creek arena.


C L A RE NC E | The C larence B eavers ended up with no points this weekend, losing two games back to back. “The strength is very well divided between all the teams in the division, said general manager, Charlie Lavictoire. Any mistakes can cost us points”. Saturday, against the Almonte Thunder, Clarence su!ered its "rst shutout of the season with a 3-0 loss. The Beavers were unable to get one in, even after being given "ve chances on the power play. Ben Wade scored the "rst goal, shorthanded at 18:50 in the second period. Matt Gabriel took care of the second goal for Almonte a few

Police and game wardens warn hunters, and anyone else roaming through the woods and "elds in autumn, to be careful now that hunting season is in full #ight. The OPP and Ministry of Natural Re- Hunting season now open so be careful sources sta! are working together both to police the countryside during hunting season and also promote hunter safety and ethical hunting. Hunters need to make sure all proper

hunting licences are available and current for both species and the time of the season appropriate to the wildlife management area. Obey the rules for safe and secure "rearms transport to and from a hunting area. Loaded "rearms are not allowed either inside a truck, car, or boat or on an ATV. All "rearms must be unloaded and stored away half an hour before sunrise and/or half an hour after sunset. Wear hunter orange when hunting or if hiking or riding through the woods. Hun- ters should wear both an orange hunting vest and an orange head covering of some sort to make themselves visible to other hunters. Non-hunters should wear orange to make themselves visible to hunters. Hunters should take a cellphone with a GPS tracker with them on a trip, if possible, but at least let someone else know where they are going, when they expect to return, and where they will park their vehicle when they head o! into the woods. Dress warm for the season and wear pro- per insulated hiking boots. Carry a small packsack with essential survival items in case of emergency or vehicle breakdown. If traveling with other hunters, equip eve- ryone with short-range “walkie talkies” if possible. Avoid private property unless the owner has granted permission for hunting. Night hunting, known as “jack lighting” for big game species is illegal and also dangerous. Practise "rearms safety while on the hunt. Carry weapons so that they do not "re by accident, and also keep the safety on if the ri#e or shotgun has such a feature, until the time comes to aim and shoot. Make sure of the target before shooting and also take a moment to check what is behind the target to avoid any potential mishaps from a miss. Do not shoot if there is any doubt. No alcohol is allowed during a hunt. If using an ATV for bush travel, all driving res- trictions and safety guidelines apply. Show courtesy in the woods during a hunt. When approaching others, all "rearms should be unloaded as a courtesy. If the site seems busy with hunters, consider going elsewhere in the management area for hun- ting. More details on current hunting season regulations is at or copies of the regulations may be at hunter supply shops or the local ministry o$ce.

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