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April 2019

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Ashleigh Newcomb and Karen Ferranti in the Spotlight

A few weeks back, I was honored and humbled once again to be named one of the country’s Top 10 Loan Officers for VanDyk Mortgage for the fourth year running. It always feels good to be recognized for the work I do in the Fort Myers community, but honestly, I couldn’t possibly take all the credit. That’s why this month, I’d like to tell you all about the folks behind the scenes: Karen Ferranti and Ashleigh Newcomb, my two irreplaceable partners in crime. If you’ve worked with me recently, chances are you’ve already become acquainted with these two amazing members of my team. Karen’s been with us since back in September and has quickly become indispensable, and Ashleigh’s been around for close to three years now. Both of them bring a set of unique skills to the table, empowering our branch to help would-be homebuyers throughout the area, spreading the word, and keeping me sane in the process. Karen Ferranti is a licensed loan officer assistant with more than 25 years in administrative management and eight in mortgage sales and operations. So, you could say she definitely knows what she’s doing. With her breadth of knowledge, she’s an expert at putting clients’ minds at ease, gathering and reviewing loan documents, helping with disclosures, and

out on the front desk — and still handles incoming calls and other similar duties — she’s turned into my go-to person for pretty much everything in the office. How it typically goes is that I have an idea, I tell Ashleigh about it, and she makes it a reality. From the newsletter to “The HartBeat Show” podcast to our revamped website to the video interviews you see


on Facebook, pretty much anything you’ve seen from me or my branch would have been impossible without Ashleigh. If there’s something she doesn’t know, she goes out, learns how to do it, then implements it flawlessly. If the idea I’m coming to her with is just plain bad, she’ll let me know in no uncertain terms. She takes all the things that I don’t have the expertise, time, or patience to accomplish and knocks them out of the park. The fact is no matter how much I’d like the recent award from VanDyk Mortgage to stroke my ego, you can’t be in this business alone. No one does it solo, and with a team like mine, why would anyone ever want to? It’s my goal to make the Fort Myers branch of VanDyk Mortgage the No. 1 branch in the country, to reach out to more homebuyers than ever and help them land the home of their dreams. It’s a big ask, but with folks like Karen and Ashleigh in my corner, I’m confident we can turn that moonshot goal into a reality. I am happy to announce that since originally writing this article we have added a new member to our team. Donna Plumley has joined us as a fantastic loan officer assistant. We look forward to growing even further with her on the team and crushing our goals!


guiding people through the entire mortgage process smoothly. She came to Fort Myers to flee the brutal cold of Connecticut last year, and we’re certainly glad she did. She truly cares about our clients and consistently goes the extra mile to help them out. Then there’s Ashleigh Newcomb, my marketing specialist and resident jack-of-all-trades at VanDyk Mortgage. Though she started

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