Scrutton Bland Tax Card 2020-21

Corporation Tax

Rate %

Rate %

Year to 31.3.21

19 Year to 31.3.20


Different rates apply for ring-fenced (broadly oil industry) profit.

Capital Allowances

First Year Allowance (FYA) on certain plant, machinery and cars up to 50g/km Annual Investment Allowance (AIA) £1,000,000 (£200,000 from 1 January 2021) Excludes cars and expenditure already qualifying for FYA Writing Down Allowance Expenditure not qualifying for AIA or FYA: Long-life assets, integral features of buildings, cars over 110g/km




Other plant and machinery


Structures and Buildings Allowance From April 2020


2020/21 2019/20 £1,073,100 £1,055,000

Lifetime Allowance limit Annual Allowance limit


£40,000 £4,000

Money Purchase Annual Allowance £4,000

Value Added Tax

From 1.4.20 From 1.4.19

Standard rate Reduced rate

20% 5%

20% 5%

Annual Registration Limit Annual Deregistration Limit

£85,000 £83,000

£85,000 £83,000

Disclaimer: Rates are for guidance only. No responsibility for loss occasioned by any person acting/ refraining from action as a result of this information can be accepted by the authors or firm.

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