Biola Broadcaster - 1955-10

VOL. Ill, NO. 6


Spiritual Leader Interviewed

After having spoken to literally millions of people, the voice of one of the world's great evangelists and spiritual leaders has been strangely silent for five years. In 1950 when returning from meetings in Europe, Dr. Paul W. Rood was stricken with a serious stroke, followed by numerous others until his speech faculty was c'.lmpletely gone. He was unable to write legibly and lost nearly one hundred pounds in weight. \Vhen asked by Radio Director Al Sanders if he would co– operate in the BIOLA Campus Campaign, Dr. Rood enthusi– astically wrote: "I am reminded of the story of the woman during the Civil Viar who wanted to show everyone which side she was on. She couldn't do much, but she did pick up her broom and march with the soldiers. Yes, I will help'." Such is the consecration and zeal of this choice servant of Christ, who is a daily living testimony of the fact that "all things" DO "work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose." Dr. Rood's intercession for missionaries and other servants of Christ around the world has advanced the cause of our blessed Saviour in a way which words could nN begin to express. Looh for in this issue . . . * LATEST NEWS OF BIOLA IN LA MIRADA * NEW MEMBER ADDED TO SCHOOL BOARD * STUDENTS SURVEY CAMPUS SITE * RADIO SCHEDULE CHANGES

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