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July 2018


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"The Saturday evenings are usually filled with the smell of grilling food and my whole family enjoying each other’s company."

One great thing about the Cape is that we can catch our own seafood. Hitting the beach and digging up a basket full of clams is a fun way to spend time outdoors, and nothing’s better than coming home and firing them up on the grill. One of my favorite dishes for a large crowd is grilled andouille sausage with shrimp, clams, mussels with fresh herbs, garlic, and lots of crusty bread. I stole the recipe from celebrity chef Bobby Flay, and I adapt it based on what’s on hand. It’s all made on the grill and served in a large bowl mixed together in a delicious broth. All the ingredients go together nicely, and the best thing is that it includes a little bit of everything. When I bring it out, my family will smell it, crane their necks, and jump in! The broth is so delicious that it’s easy to go through several loaves of bread if you’re not careful. I have a couple of picky eaters in my family, but that’s never been a problem on the Cape. I’ve never been picky about my food, but I do enjoy freshly grilled seafood more than anything. I’m lucky to have parents who are both excellent cooks, so it’s definitely floating around in my DNA. I hope my kids will eventually follow in my messy, outdoor, culinary footsteps and enjoy grilling as much as I do. Whether you’re planning to grill this summer or not, enjoy yourself and any family traditions you might have. Happy July, everyone! –Steven Brooks

FAMILY WEEKENDS FILLED WITH GRILLED SEAFOOD Weekends Near the Water With Great Food and Family

I’m usually the one on the grill, and it's one of my favorite things to do. I love to barbecue, especially when I can get my hands on fresh seafood. The Saturday evenings are usually filled with the smell of grilling food and my whole family enjoying each other’s company.

July and the summer means outdoor cooking for me. Every summer, my family goes to Cape Cod to spend nearly every weekend on the water. Typically, we have a group of at least 10 or 12, from grandparents to cousins. It's great to see each other, but it also gives us an excuse to have big cookouts. I look forward to them each year.


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