Foodtown - September 2019

Shane Tranquada has been around the Foodtown block. In his 31 years with the company, he has worked all over New York and lists stores in Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx, and Amenia on his resume. When we need someone to take one of our deli departments to the next level, Shane is one of the experienced managers we turn to. “I’ve had the opportunity to work in different locations, from small stores to big stores,” Shane says. “Usually when a store opens and they need some assistance getting it on its feet, I’m the person they ask. Wherever I’m needed, I’m there!” Right now, Shane is settled in at the Croton location and thoroughly enjoying his job managing a team of 10 people in the deli. He oversees all daily operations in the department, like ordering ingredients, monitoring inventory, rotating products, managing staff, and ensuring a spread of 21 meals fills the hot table each day. Shane is happy to be a part of the Foodtown family, and he has loved watching the company thrive over the decades. His favorite part of the job is working with customers, many of whom he knows by name. “This job requires you to be a people person to communicate with the customers, and I think that’s the biggest part of my job and what I enjoy most about being in the store,” Shane says. He truly values spending time with his team, and he makes an effort as a manager to build strong relationships and encourage a friendly atmosphere. MEET SHANE TRANQUADA! A Foodtown Deli Expert

We all know the lunches American schools dole out to kids aren’t always the healthiest meals. Pizza, corn dogs, and Tater Tots are just a few lunchroom staples that have gotten bad press lately, but, thankfully, conscientious parents have another option: packing lunch. If that sounds like a time-consuming and expensive alternative, don’t worry — we’re here to help! Combine our fantastic coupons with easy recipes and a bit of shopping know-how, and your back-to-school lunch prep will be a breeze. Here are a few tips to get you started. Choose wisely. When you’re grocery shopping for school lunch ingredients, it’s important to balance cost and convenience. For example, buying presliced apples might save you a few seconds with a paring knife, but if there’s an incredible deal on whole apples (which there is this month with apple totes discounted to 19 cents per pound), then the extra time might be worth the savings. Check out all our deals and Foodtown Club Card programs to maximize your shopping trip. Keep it simple. To keep your packing time down, choose simple, nutrient-dense options for lunch, like hard-boiled eggs, sandwiches, nuts, cubed cheeses, and unprocessed fruits and vegetables. That way, you can chop, boil, or bag the ingredients in batches ahead of time, saving precious minutes each morning. Plus, your kids will have healthy, tasty, easy-to-eat meals. Hellmann’s mayo, rotisserie chicken, and jumbo white eggs are all on sale with this month’s coupons, making chicken salad sandwiches (see the recipe on Page 5) and hard-boiled eggs affordable, go-to options. Say yes to leftovers. If your family has some of last night’s dinner left over, why not pack it off to school with your kids in the morning? Lunch preparations will be lightning fast, and you’ll rest easy knowing your kids are getting delicious homemade meals with the comforting taste of home. While you’re at it, why not slip in a homemade dessert to replace junk they might get from a school vending machine? This month’s coupons include incredible discounts on butter quarters, milk, and Domino Sugar, so your homemade cakes and cookies will be as budget-conscious as they are delicious. THE LUNCHBOX OF CHAMPIONS How to Save on Back-to-School Lunches

“I believe you get the most out of your employees if you treat them well in a close-knit environment,” Shane says. “It’s always friendly, and we enjoy working together.”

Thanks to his work at Foodtown, Shane has also become quite the home cook and likes to experiment with different cuisines.

“I think working in the deli department, because we’re around so many foods, has given me the knowledge I needed to cook at home,” he says.

From all of us on the Foodtown team, thank you, Shane, for all that you do!

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