Trailridge Dental November 2017

Nov 2017

Happy Trails

Allan W. Stevenson, DDS General Dentist 205 W. Highway 95, Parma, ID 83660


It feels like the solar eclipse was the unofficial end of summer. Ever since that once-in-a-lifetime event, the temperatures have started to cool off in a hurry. Once the fall chill arrives, it means the holidays are quickly approaching. I look forward to the holiday season because it’s a chance to create special memories and engage in family traditions. More importantly, though, it’s a season to express gratitude and do a little giving back. To kick off this season of gratitude, we’ll be holding our annual Stars, Stripes, and Smiles event on Oct. 13. For the entire day, we’ll be providing free dentistry to our brave service people and their families. Everyone who serves the country dedicates their lives to protecting our nation and way of life, and their families also make one heck of a sacrifice. We want to acknowledge their immense contribution to our nation in whatever small way we can. I’m hoping this year’s event will be the biggest one yet. After that event, our next chance to give back will be after Halloween. While we hope all the kids score some delicious candy this year, you probably won’t be surprised to learn that I hope you enjoy it in moderation. And I know that every year many kids end up with more candy than they could ever eat, and a few kinds that they wouldn’t even want to. That’s why we do a Halloween candy buyback program every year. Kids can bring in their extra candy, which we’ll buy back at the rate of $1 per pound. A Season of Gratitude What the Holidays Mean to Me

Once we’ve collected all of the candy, we send it to troops serving overseas. The troops then hand out the candy to children living in conflict zones and other areas where luxuries like a Snickers are hard to come by. It’s a way for unwanted and surplus candy to end up in the hands of kids who will really appreciate it. Of course, we wouldn’t be able to do this without the efforts of military personnel serving across the globe, which is yet another reason to be thankful for their selflessness. As October rolls into November, I’ll be thinking about Thanksgiving. It’s one of my favorite holidays, even though I can’t pretend to be much of a cook. Now, I lend a hand where I can, but it’s my wife who handles most of the dishes. That’s probably fortunate for everyone sitting at my table, as I don’t think I could muster up a full spread if I had four days to cook. This year, with two kids returning from college for the holiday, I expect Thanksgiving to take on the feel of a mini family reunion. In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I guess I should close by expressing gratitude to our wonderful patients. It’s you who make Trailridge Family Dental the practice that it is. We never take for granted how special it is to be able to serve such a fantastic community of patients. I hope that you all have a wonderful start to the holiday season. I also hope that you can manage to stay warm for a little while longer, but I can already feel winter starting to rear its icy head.

–Dr. Stevenson



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