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August/September 2017 Volume 17:8/9

Independence Day Barbecue at the Club!

MIYC hosted a Barbecue to celebrate Independence Day. The Marr family were in town and join other Members in a summer feast. Chef Bob and his Staff again outdid themselves with food for all palates. What a wonderful way to celebrate!

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The Florida Council of Yacht Clubs Benefits You Marco Island Yacht Club is one of 36 Florida clubs that make up the Florida Council of Yacht Clubs (FCYC). When most Members think about the FCYC, they think of the reciprocity that Full and Associate Members enjoy with the other Florida clubs, cruising to and docking at great locations around the state. Reciprocity is a terrific benefit, but there is even more to our membership in FCYC than that. Established in 1960, the FCYC has developed a strong organization representing Florida Yacht Clubs. It has five areas of focus: 1) Encourage the Sport of Yachting; 2) Promote General Club Activities; 3) Promote safe boating; 4) Encourage Reciprocity; and 5) Promote Beneficial Legislation. Our current FCYC representative on the Bridge is Ray Rosenberg. Ray attended the July FCYC meeting held at the Naples Yacht Club and was joined by other MIYC Members for parts of the meeting and dinner. The Government Affairs report presented at the meeting is of particular interest to MIYC boaters. Following are some highlights: • The Anchoring and Mooring bill is now a law. No municipality or county can ban nor restrict anchoring in Florida waters. Boaters cannot anchor any closer than 100 feet from short. • Lake Okeechobee is going to raise its dike by 3 feet with 50% of the cost to be paid for by the federal government. Unfortunately, the state of Florida has not allocated any monies for the other 50%. • Boaters who purchase an EPIRB and place it on their vessel will pay lower the state registration fees.

• As far as state registration fees, some counties are lower than others. Members might check with surrounding counties to see what their fees are. • Water ways around Trump National Golf Club in Mar-A-Lago will be sealed when the President is in residence there. Learn more about the FCYC, including a listing of all member clubs, at their website: http://www.floridacouncilofyachtclubs.com/

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Lobsta’ Lobsta’ The evening began with cocktails outside on the second floor veranda where a gentle breeze was blowing, followed by “bibs for all” in the Harbour Room. The lobsters and lobster tails were delicious and everyone had a great time!

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Marco Island Yacht Club


Thank You This project is a direct result of the generosity of our Members, and to all those who have donated amounts ranging from $100 to $30,000, I cannot thank you enough. When I wrote my last update, about 10% of our Members had stepped up to contribute. Well I am happy to say that since then, we have doubled the participation to 20% of our total Membership. Thank you again! More Needs and Opportunities As of now, we have enough funds for a basic renovation focused only on the Burgee Bar. However, our vendors and contractors have pointed out many areas adjacent to the bar that are also in need of attention. These include the upstairs roller curtains, floor refinishing and renewal, and courtyard improvements, among many other details. Our vendors point out that we would save money if we could address those areas at the same time we do the Burgee Bar. So we need more donors to step up and maintain the momentum to improve our Club. We would love to see 100% of our Members participate with some contribution, no matter how small. Your contribution can take many forms. You can simply request a certain dollar amount to be added to your monthly invoice either on a one- time basis or as a recurring amount, or you can send us a special check. Either way, you will be contributing towards the long-term renewal of our Club. Just download the Mariner Fund form from the “Key Documents” section of our website (under Member Central.) Do not hesitate to ask me any questions about the project. I can be reached at jmckeown@mgscientific.com or on my mobile at 847.812.8385. And please keep the donations coming in! Thanks again, Jim McKeown - Mariner’s Fund Chair Progress is also being made on the replacement of rotten boards on the walkway along the water. The docks are being reinforced from underneath to insure safety. Thanks to the many donations your Club has received, repairs like these are possible. Thank you! Do c k Re p a i r

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!!! • 2 nd '6 th !Ft.!Lauderdale!Boat!Show!! • 4 th !Cooking!with!Chef!Bob!! • 8 th !Boater’s!Night!! • 10 th !Evening!Colors!–!Wear!your! patriotic!clothing!! • 12 th !Full!Sunday!Brunch!! • 13 th !Annual!Meeting!–!All!members! • 15 th !Wine!and!Dine!–!Jackets! Required!! • 18 th !Aylwin!Bros!as!Johnny!Cash!and! friends! • 23rd!Thanksgiving!Dinner!!

! • 4 th !Boater’s!Night!!

!!! • 1st!Members!Holiday!Party! supporting!Toys!for!Tots!! • 6 th !Boater’s!Night!!! • 8 th !Ugly!Christmas!Sweater!Party! with!Prizes!! • 9 th !Boat!Parade!! • 11 th '14 th !Extended!Cruise!Pink!Shell! and!St!Charles!YC! • 15 th! Evening!Colors! • 16 th! Marco!Island!Street!Parade!!! • 17 th !Full!Sunday!Brunch!! • 18 th !Day!Cruise!to!Goodland! • 20 th !Cookie!Decorating!Event!! • 24 th !Christmas!Eve!Dinner!! • 27 th !Sunset!Cruise! • 28 th !Book!Club! • 31 st !New!Year’s!Eve!Party !! & ! • 3 rd !Wine!&!Dine!!–!Jackets!Required!! • 7 th !Boaters!Night!! • 10 th !Country!Western!Night!–!Ben! Allen!Band!! • 14 th '18 th !Extended!Cruise!Sarasota! Long!Boat!Key!!area! • 19 th !Day!Cruise!–!Naples!Boathouse! • 16 th !St.!Pat’s!Day!Happy!Hour!! • 18 th !Full!Sunday!Brunch!!! • 28 st !Sunset!Cruise!! • 29 th !Book!Club! • 30 st !Evening!Colors!!!!

• 9 th !Day!Cruise!–!Island!Gypsy! • 13 th !Happy!Hour!'!Oktoberfest!! • 18 th !Movie!Event!! • 20 st! Evening!Colors!!'!Wear!your! patriotic!clothing! • 21 st !Intl!Wine!&!Dine!! • 25 th !Sunset!Cruise!! • 26 th !Book!Club! • 27 th !New!Member!Orientation! • 28 th !“Welcome!Back”!Halloween!! Disco!Party! • 30 th !'3 rd !Nov!Extended!Cruise!Key! West!! !

• 24 th !Beach!Party!! • 25 th !Italian!Dining!! • 28 th !Deck!the!Halls! • 29 th !Sunset!Cruise!! • 30 th !Book!Club !


!! • 3 rd !Open!House!for!former!Members! • 7th!Boater’s!Night!! • 9 th !New!Member!Orientation!! • 10 th !Mariners!Fund!Club!Gala!! • 11 th !Full!Sunday!Brunch!! • 12 th !Day!Cruise!–!Isle!of!Capri! • 14 th !Valentine!Fine!Dining!Event!–! Jackets!Required!! • 16 th '20 th !Miami!Boat!Show!! • 16 th !Evening!Colors!! • 17 th !Blessing!of!the!Fleet,!Lunch! • 19 th '22 nd !Extended!Cruise!South!Seas! &!Useppa!! • 22 nd !Book!Club! • 28 st !Sunset!Cruise!!!

5 th !White!Elephant!!

• •

6 th !Wine!and!Dine!'Jackets! Required!! 6 th '9 th !Extended!Cruise!Punta! Gorda!&!Boca!Grande!

8 th !De'decorating!Party!!

• • • • • • • •

10 th !Boater’s!Night!!

13 th !Burgee!Bar!Opens!Hours! Begin!'!Noon'5!pm!! 14 th !Full!Sunday!Brunch!! 20 th !Commodore’s!Ball!with! Evening!Colors!!

24 th !Sunset!Cruise!!

25 th !Book!Club!

29 th !Day!Cruise!'!Everglade!City!


Marco Island Yacht Club


MIYC Buddy Boat Cruise to Legacy Harbour, Ft Myers

Dave and “Admiral" Ellie Everitt, along with Ray Rosenberg and Linda Spell, got tired of the rain in Marco and said, “ Let’s get out of town and go cruising!" Others were invited, but upon departure Saturday July 22 nd , it was only Sea-Esta and Irish Miss who headed North. Of course, Sea- Esta with a speed of 20kt, driven by Admiral Ellie, arrived early and Irish Miss at 10kts took five hours. Irish Miss can go 21kts, but imagine the fuel consumed $$$! The distance from Marco to Legacy is about 50 nautical miles. The weather was good to us as we skirted between the storms. Met by Legacy staff upon arrival, we tied up and connected power. That evening there were cocktails on Irish Miss and then dinner at the Veranda, a historic home located in the Ft Myers River District, built in 1902 and converted to a five-star restaurant. As usual the food was divine. Next day was "sleep-in" and boat chores. That night we

enjoyed champagne and goodies on Sea-Esta and then went on to CIBO, a wonderful Italian find located near the St. Charles Yacht Club. Ray and Linda had been there before but Dave and Ellie were just amazed, so it is now on a repeat list for future Club cruises. Monday morning started early, with coffee on Irish Miss followed by traditional donuts at Bennett’s Fresh Roast, across from Legacy. If you have not been to Bennett’s you’re in for a treat! After that Ray helped Dave and Ellie depart for the trip back to Marco, as they had to get back for business on Tuesday. Irish Miss stayed for the week with boat washing, waxing and oil changing service for both generators. There are some great marine service personnel associated with Legacy, so if you’re there and need help, talk to Eric the Marina Manager. Please join us next time!

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Upcoming 2017 MIYC Events

August 3 rd Boaters’ Night

Twilight Cruises may occur throughout the summer if tides, weather, boats and Members want to get together!

Every Friday Happy Hour Bridge each Wednesday Canasta each Thursday Mark your calendars so you donùt miss any of these fun events! Reservations - 394-0199 Prime Rib Night each Thursday Men’s Golf each Friday Surf’n Turf each Saturday

Marco Island Yacht Club Mission Statement “ Provide an extraordinary Member Experience of boating, social events and dining in a warm and beautiful Club setting where fun and friendship flourish.”

Feel free to contact us by email. We love to hear from you. Exec. Chef and Restaurant Manager - Bob Aylwin ext. 305 robert@marcoislandyachtclub.net Dining Manager - ext. 304 Pamela Dorr diningmgr@marcoislandyachtclub.net Sales/Catering - ext. 302 catering@ m arcoislandyachtclub.net Finance Manager - Carlota Sanchez ext. 306 accounting@marcoislandyachtclub.net Contributions to AnchorLines - email anchorlines@yahoo.com Reservations - 394-0199 ext. 301 receptionist@marcoislandyachtclub.net Dockmaster's Office - 642-2531 nancymima@comcast.net

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2017 Summer Reciprocal Program with Golf and Country Clubs General Information The Summer Reciprocal program is available to Full and Associate Members of the Marco Island Yacht Club from May 1, 2017 through October 31, 2017. This list is in addition to the Florida Council of Yacht Clubs and the Register of the Yachting Club of America. Information included is subject to change.

Cedar Hammock 8660 Cedar Hammock Road, Naples, FL 34112 Golf 239-393-1134, Dining 239-354-2100 Classic at Lely Resort 7989 Grand Lely Drive, Naples, FL 34113 Golf & Dining 239-732-1220 Copperleaf 23101 Copperleaf Blvd, Estero, FL 34135 Golf 239-390-2030, Dining 239-390-2027 The Dunes 949 Sand Castle Road, Sanibel Island, FL 33957 Golf 239-472-2535, Dining 239-472-3355 Eagle Creek 11 Cypress View Drive, Naples, FL 34113 Dining 239-793-0500, Tennis 239-775-2642 Esplanade 8912 Torre Vista Drive, Naples, FL 34119 Golf 239-494-8020 Estero Country Club 19501 Vintage Trace Circle, Fort Myers, FL 33967 Golf 239-267-7003, Dining 239-267-7000 Tennis 239-267-7001 10154 Heritage Bay Blvd, Naples, FL 34120 Golf 239-353-2561, Dining 239-353-7056 Heron Creek Golf & Country Club 5301 Heron Creek Blvd, North Port, FL 34287 Dining 941-423-6755, Golf 941-423-6955 Hideaway Beach Club 250 South Beach Dr, Marco Island, FL 34145 Dining Only 239-394-5555 Island Country Club 500 Nassau Ct, Marco Island, FL 34145 Dining Only 239-394-6661 L egends Golf & Country Club (Dining Closed for renovations) 8600 Legends Blvd, Fort Myers, FL 33912 Golf 239-561-7757, Dining 239-561-8740 Hammock Bay Golf & Country Club 1370 Borghese Lane, Naples. FL 34114 Golf 239-389-6611 Heritage Bay Golf & Country Club

Naples Heritage Golf & Country Club 8150 Heritage Club Way, Naples, FL 34112 Golf 239-417-9990, Dining 239-417-8545 Tennis and Fitness Center available Club to Club Chargeback only Naples Lakes Golf & Country Club 4784 Naples Lake Blvd, Naples, FL 34112 Golf 239-732-1011, Dining 239-732-0178 The Quarry 8950 Weathered Stone Dr, Naples, FL 34120 Golf & Dining 239-304-0172 Rookery at Marco 3433 Club Center Blvd, Naples. FL 34114 Golf 239-642-2796, Dining 239-389-6600 Royal Palm Country Club 405 Forest Hills Blvd, Naples, FL 34113 Golf 239-775-1150, Dining 239-775-1315 Stonebridge Country Club 2100 Winding Oaks Way, Naples, FL 34109 Golf 239-592-5252, Dining 239-594-5200 Tennis 239-592-6641 Treviso Bay 9800 Treviso Bay Blvd, Naples, FL 34113 Golf 239-331-2052 Vanderbilt Country Club 8250 Danbury Blvd, Naples, FL 34120 Dining 239-348-2662 Windstar on Naples Bay 1700 Windstar Blvd, Naples, FL 34112 Golf 239-775-3500, Dining 239-775-3400 Worthington Country Club 13500 Worthington Way, Bonita Springs, FL 34135 (Golf Course Closed) Dining 239-495-2635 Tennis, Pool and Fitness also available Wyndemere Country Club 700 Wyndemere Way, Naples, FL 34105 Golf 239-263-1661, Dining 239-263-0389

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MIYC Pays it Forward Marco Island Yacht Club recently donated proceeds from its two Sailing Regattas to help support this summer’s Youth Sailing program at the Marco Island Sailing Center. Seen presenting the check are (left to right): Bob Winterhalter, Vice Commodore of the Marco Island Yacht Club, Rocky Cale, President of the Marco Island Sailing Center, and Chuck Downton, Sailing Fleet Captain of the Yacht Club.

Standing Watch

defective motor was removed, a replacement located and subsequently installed. Our manager’s organizational skills and after-hours leadership is noteworthy; he made a plan on the spot and executed smartly on that plan in coordination with the fire department supervisor. By doing so, he safeguarded essential components of the climate control system of the building and prevented any adverse impact on the functioning physical plant of the Club.

By Lisa Boyce & Kevin O’Neill When we see the skies illuminated by ferocious lightning, we only hope that we will not be in its path on land or sea. Unfortunately, the Marco Island Yacht Club was not so lucky on the evening of July 19. Our Manager/Executive Chef Bob Aylwin responded to a fire alarm at the Club at 11:45 PM. Joining him was Marco Island Fire/ Rescue Department Supervisor, John Harris. Captain Harris advised that a lightning induced power surge had killed power to much of the Club as well as the marina. Upon entering the building, Bob learned that the second floor Board Room/ Dining Room (Unit 2) air handler fan motor was “single phased” and burned out. It created enough smoke to trigger the building fire alarm. He quickly recognized the threat to our remaining units and immediately shut down all A/C units, as well as the coolers and freezers throughout the Club. By 12:30 AM, the electric utility (LCEC) arrived and was able to get the Club up and running. At that point Bob contacted MIYC’s air conditioning company – Future Controls. By 8:00 AM the

Marco Island Yacht Club



I hope you are all enjoying your summer either on Marco or away. Since I am away for summers, one of my favorite weeks that I participate in each year is teaching Naval Sea Cadets how to sail as part of their training programs. I learned a great lesson from Brigadier General Steve Altman of the Iowa National Guard who came to speak to our group of Cadets. His comments were for any armed service, since there

special events on your own calendar and plan to attend. All the hard work of organizing has been done by these great Bridge Captains, so please plan to attend and support their efforts. One very BIG project that some members of the Bridge in coordination with our web team, led by Carol Comeaux, has been to update the Boating side of the website. Take a look at what has been accomplished this summer and get familiar with our Website. It is very well done and full of great information about boating members as well as the schedule of events for MIYC. In addition to Carol’s leadership, a great big thank you goes out to Ray Rosenberg, Jim Olmes, Bob Winterhalter, Kathy Hershberger and Chuck Downton for all their efforts to improve and enhance our website. Great job. Last but not least, a big thank you to Vice Commodore, Bob, and Rear Commodore, Jeff, for keeping the boats afloat at MIYC both with the Bridge and at the Board level. In my absence this summer, it was nice to know they are still very engaged and serving us to make our Fall and next season be better than ever. If you are wondering about Sailing, our Sailing Fleet Captain Chuck tells us that again next year, the Youth Sailing Center will provide small boat sailing once a week throughout the season. It was such a hit that many more will want to join in the fun in the waters just outside our newly remodeled Burgee Bar. Come and watch the fun or sail on the small boats. It’s a great way to support our Youth program on the island and offer another way to hone your sailing skills. This year, SW Florida Regatta Committee will handle details of the season’s regattas. Of course, volunteers are always needed so contact Chuck Downton for more details. So you see, the Bridge is working hard to serve you to keep the ”Y” in the Yacht Club. Our Club is growing to be better each year. Thank you, dear Members, for your continued support. Smooth Sailing, Commodore Lois Dixon

Lois Dixon Commodore

was quite a range of young, impressionable Cadets. As a Civilian, I took home some advice that I will carry through the rest of my life. General Altman’s advice was “To use our time, whether military or whatever we do, not as ordering those around us to show power and authority but to Serve those working under our command, since they become our family over time.“ It was one of those lessons we could easily miss or choose to skip over; but for me, it is a life lesson I will never forget. Speaking of Serving, our Bridge has been working very hard to serve our members with more boating activities which include some summer trips. Rosenberg/Spells and Everitts took their new boats cruising to visit some local eateries while enjoying other FCYC Marinas. A group of 13 attended a recent FCYC meeting at NYC, who hosted this month’s event. In attendance were the Rosenberg-Spells, Everitts, Winterhalters, Comeauxs, Strongs, McKeowns and Gary Riss. Thanks for all the information and enthusiasm you bring back to MIYC to help us become a better Yachting Club. Our Fleet Captains have been working to fill the calendar with Day Cruises, thanks to Chip Pittman, for those wonderful one day lunch outings and Pete and Peggy Frazier for giving us a very complete extended Cruise schedule going into 2018. Of course, our Vice Commodore, Bob Winterhalter, has greatly assisted each of our Fleet Captains with getting all of this coordinated on our Calendar. Be sure to look at the Month at a Glance calendar provided on our website and put these

(See the other Bridge Members’ columns later in this newsletter.) Key Boating Activities at MIYC

Sunset /Moonlight Cruise Bob Winterhalter 239-389-0825 robertswinterhalter@gmail.com Day Cruise Chip Pittman 239-302-8732 chippittman1@gmail.com Extended Cruises Peggy Frazier 906-227-7625 frazier@chartermi.net

Bridge Meeting - first Tuesday of each month Open for anyone to attend Future Bridge Social Events Evening Colors Friday, October 20 Boaters’ Night Wednesday, August 3 Jeff Comeaux 847-951-3400 comeaux411@icloud.com Sailing Events Chuck Downton 239-394-4323 mdownton@aol.com

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Chairman’s Report

When talking to prospective Members, I am often asked what benefits Full Members receive that Social Members do not. My quick response is that Full Members participate in all aspects of the Club, including the on-water activities and can take advantage of our reciprocal

Another benefit for Full Members is the reciprocity we enjoy with other Clubs in the Florida Council of Yacht Clubs (FCYC). As a Full Member of MIYC, you are welcome at any of the other 35 clubs in the association. You can dine, stay in the marina on your boat, meet new friends who enjoy boating and, more importantly, enjoy the ‘club life’. We recently visited the Marathon Yacht Club on a trip through the Keys. The Marathon members welcomed us as if we were a local member. The staff was helpful with local information, and we had a great Friday evening happy hour and dinner! Your Full Membership also gives you access to hundreds of Yacht Clubs across the country—as well as some international locations—via Yachting Clubs of America (YCA). So wherever you may be “off Marco” for the summer (or any other time of year), just look for a YCA Club near you and head over for drinks, dinner and fellowship. If you are a Social Member who is thinking about your Club membership or if you are a Full Member who is not using all of your full benefits, I encourage you to jump into the on-water activities—and take advantage of our FCYC and YCA reciprocity! And, if you have a friend considering joining the Club – make sure they know all the benefits of Full Membership! Dave Everitt Chairman deveritt52@gmail.com

Dave Everitt Chairman

relationships. On the surface, it may not sound like much, as one couple I was speaking to recently told me. I knew I had to do a better job of articulating why one would want to be a Full Member. Here is what I told them… We are a Yacht Club, but we are really a Club built on the positive social interaction of our Members. On-water activities are where strong and durable bonds are built. There is something special about being on the water with friends and sharing a sunset, or participating on a trip to a local establishment or even logging a multiple day trip to other clubs that bring Members closer together and cements relationships. I see those membership bonds in the interaction of Members at Friday Night Happy Hour who have shared on-water activities. Or you might see those bonds in the perspective of questions asked at a Boater’s Night. The shared experience of Members in the on-water activities creates a closer and deeper relationship built around the common experiences obtained through the on-water event. It is not about owning a boat...many of our Full Members do not own a boat. But, in our Club most boat owners are happy to share the experience with non-boat owner Members!

A CALL FOR HELP FROM YOUR CLUB’S BUILDING AND GROUNDS COMMITTEE Chef / Manager Robert and your B & G Comm. could use some expert technical help in monitoring our building’s Fire Alarm, Emergency Lighting, Security, Ballroom Dimmer system or Elevator electronics. If you have a working knowledge of any of these systems, or know of someone who does, or have a keen interest in learning, please contact me. Additionally, if you are experienced in paints, wall coverings, wood repair or refinishing, or know of a Club Member who is, please contact me.

Jim McKeown - Interim Committee Chair JMcKeown@mgscientific.com 847-812-8385

Marco Island Yacht Club


The Compass Group at Morgan Stanley

Stephen D. Macko, CFP ® Portfolio Manager Vice President Financial Advisor Marco: 928 N. Collier Blvd., 3rd Floor Marco Island, FL 34145 239-393-2903

David A. Caruso Portfolio Manager First Vice President Financial Advisor

Jason M. Zapalski, CFP ® Vice President Financial Advisor

© 2015 Morgan Stanley Smith Barney LLC. Member SIPC.

CRC1181201 04/15 NY CS 8231636 04/15


Marco Island Yacht Club


Bob Aylwin - Manager/Executive Chef

The Clubhouse has quieted somewhat but the Culinary Team sure hasn’t. Pam, Nicolas, Chef John and I continue to look for ways to keep things exciting in your dining facilities throughout the Summer. Our “Thirsty Thursday – 2 Entrees and a Bottle of Wine” Special has been well received. And it’s not only The Burgee Bar that’s under new construction this summer but also our new menus for our upcoming season. Our “Savor the Flavor – Saturday Summer Dinner Series” is an evening where Members are able to sample some of our culinary menu candidates. Items like French Onion Soup, Diver Sea Scallops with Watermelon Mint Salad, Chicken Dorito Nacho with Black Bean Cous Cous, Grilled Swordfish with Banana Curry, Wild Salmon Ceviche and Oysters DiMarco have all made appearances. Members are filling out comment cards so that we can gauge results. New wines and exciting cocktails are also auditioning for their spot on the new menus. By the time season rolls around we will have navigated our way through the culinary kaleidoscope and have arrived at a place where authenticity meets

creative fusion. Sounds like fun right? Our new docks are almost completed. The Burgee Bar, Wine Bar and new curtains continue to make progress as the Burgee Bar’s ultimate facelift comes to life. We have hired a new “housekeeping”

Bob Aylwin Manager/Executive Chef

person. Her name is Maritza Torres and she has made an immediate positive impact on our Clubhouse appearance. If you get the chance please feel free to stop by to introduce yourself. She would appreciate that. Safe travels to all here and there. Visit us often and enjoy the rest of your summer! Chef Bob

Operations &HR I hope everyone is enjoying their summer. It has been hot, humid and rainy here; that is what summer is like in Paradise. There might be less activity and fewer people here on Marco Island during the summer, but the MIYC has been buzzing with activity; lots of meetings, developing the 2018 budget, constructing the new Burgee Bar, amazing new menus being created by Chef Bob, planning staff requirements for next year, updating some policies and documents and preparing the Clubhouse for the beginning of our new fiscal year. The Operations and Human Resources Committee met for the first time at the end of July. There are six dedicated Committee Members prepared to assist wherever needed to enhance member experience, provide a safe working environment and promote a friendly employee atmosphere. I offer a warm welcome to our New Committee Members, Bob Aber, Don Deganutti, M.A. Harlacker, Erin Olmes, Grace Pantano and Diana Winterhalter. See you at the Club, Robert J DeFeo Operations and HR Committee Chairman Past Commodore

Marco Island Yacht Club


Your Club is having a very successful time in recruiting new Members! We will have a full list of our new Members in the October issue of Anchor Lines. MIYC Membership

MIYC’s New Luncheon Days and Hours Seasonal change, as fewer Members are on the Island… For the remainder of the season, we will no longer serve lunch on Wednesdays. You will be able to come for lunch Thursday and Friday , eating in the Dockside Lounge or on the Burgee Bar from noon to 2pm.

MIYC Pineapple Table! Much of the fun of joining The Club is the camaraderie of dining with other Members. But setting up a group table can be daunting when you’re brand new. That’s why we have the Pineapple Table! When you make a reservation for a Friday night dinner and you’d like to sit with other Members, just tell Elaine, “Please put me at the Pineapple Table!” Pineapples are a symbol of “Welcome,” and that’s how MIYC rolls! Seasoned Members - Join in the fun!

Edward J. Skrzynski Marco Canvas & Upholstery,LLC 991 Chalmer Drive Unit #7 Marco Island, FL 34145 (239) 394-1718 Sales@Marcocanvas.com www.Marcocanvas Facebook@marcocanvas

Bimini & Tee Tops Covers Carpet

Decking Dodgers Enclosures- Acrylic & Soft Headliners Upholstery In/Exterior SST & Alum. Metal Fab. Dockside services

Innovation in Marine Fabrication

Creating more liveable spaces

Marco Island Yacht Club


Dan is back on his feet again!

We’re happy to report that Dan McElaney is back home again and recovering well after having his lower leg amputated in June. He sends a big “thank you” to the many Members who reached out to him during this challenging time.

To all of you who held me in your thoughts while I was convalescing for the past two months, a heartfelt thank you! I look forward to seeing all of you again soon at our Club to start a new and exciting Season together. Dan McElaney

Act by August 15th and Save $100 Don’t forget, when you pay your

2018 dues by August 15th, you’ll save $100! You can pay online, mail a check or call Carlota with your credit card number on 239-394-0199 x306. Then you’ll receive a $100 credit on your October bill, toward Food & Beverage or Ship’s Store purchases. That’s a terrific way to start out the 2018 Season! (If you’re not here in October, don’t worry—your credit will, of course, still be on your account!)

Marco Island Yacht Club


Marco Island Yacht Club


Labor Day Luau, September 2 nd Save the Date. Watch for eblasts.

Marco Island Yacht Club



Bridge - 2017 Commodore - Lois Dixon Dixonlk11@aol.com Vice Commodore - Bob Winterhalter robertswinterhalter@gmail.com

Board - 2017 Chairman – Dave Everitt Vice Chairman – Albert Aiello Treasurer - Jeff Comeaux Assistant Treasurer - Jim McKeown

Rear Commodore - Jeff Comeaux comeaux411@icloud.com Cruise Fleet Captain - Chip Pittman chippittman1@gmail.com Fleet Captain Sailing - Chuck Downton mdownton@aol.com Port Captain - Kathy Hershberger kathynomi@aol.com Safety and Training Officer - Jim Olmes jolmes1@aol.com Director FCYC - Ray Rosenberg raymondhrosenberg@gmail.com Chaplain - Rev. Richard Blauw, richardblauw@sbcglobal.net

Secretary - Vicki Bretthauer Directors (term expires):

Lois Dixon (2017) Tom Krepelka (2017) Dick Pantano (2017) Albert Aiello (2018) Bill Wallen (2018) Bob Winterhalter (2018) Jeff Comeaux (2019) Dave Everitt (2019) Jim McKeown (2019)

20 1 7 MIYC Commi t t e e s

Building and Grounds Jim McKeown, Chair Heyward Boyce Frank Conner Dale DeFeo Meredith Downton John Steeves Bob Winterhalter Marketing/ Communications Carol Comeaux, Chair Judy Brenna Vicki Bretthauer Angela Holt Jon Holt Jim Marr, Bridge eblasts Linda Marr, Anchor Lines

Mariner Development Chair, Jim McKeown Jeff Comeaux Dale DeFeo Linda Marr Bill Wallen Diana Winterhalter Finance Jeff Comeaux, Chair Bob DeFeo Jim McKeown Tim Sendak Bill Wallen Diana Winterhalter Membership Vicki Bretthauer - Co-Chair Kathy Caruso - Co-Chair

Operations & HR Robert DeFeo Chairman Bob Aber Don Deganutti Mary Ann Harlacker Erin Olmes Grace Pantano Diana Winterhalter Member Events Angela Holt, Chair Vicki Bretthauer Ellie Everitt

Ship’s Store Sandy Wallen, Chair Ellie Everitt- Inventory Chair Mary McKeown & Peggy Sendak - Communications & Staffing Bill Wallen Store volunteers: Mimi Connor Dahlia Craven Meredith Downton Mary Carleen Ferry Grace Pantano Donna Pennine Jori Richardson Marsha Riss Marguerite Steeves Nancy Traiser Mary Varisco Cinda Walker Diana Winterhalter

MA Harlacker Laurie Harris Linda Marr Mary McKeown Nancy Traiser

Erin Milchman Kevin O’Neal Marine Facilities Jim Marr, Chair

Carol Comeaux Marcia Conley Paul Kelley Cyndee Kennedy Erin Olmes Dick Pantano Roger Pennine

Marco Island Yacht Club


JULIE & BROCK WILSON Julie’s Cell: (239) 595-5983 Brock’s Cell (239) 595-6767

MIYC Weekly Dinner Specials Saturday Nights Surf ‘n Turf

Direct: (239)393-6709 Fax: (239) 430-5212

julie.wilson@sothebysrealty.com Brock.wilson@sothebysrealty.com www.MarcoWilsons.com

PREMIER SOTHEBY ’ S INTERNATIONAL REALTY The Esplanade 760 N. Collier Blvd. Marco Island, FL 34145

Thursday Nights Prime Rib Night Regular Cut - $23 King Cut - $26

A-OK Transportation Announcing our Marco Island Yacht Club Rides Program From your Marco Island home to the Club And return home. $5/ride for 1-4 $2 per additional passenger Cost will be charged to your Club account and billed to you monthly. You must show your Membership card to the driver and your name must be on the receipt.

Sunday Brunch on the Gulf 10am - 1pm Join us at the MIYC for the famous Sunday Brunch Reservations - 394-0199 Club Dress

Call 239-394-1113 Gratuity Not included www.ridemarco.com

Ask about our service to airports, cruise ports, local and long distance.

Marco Island Yacht Club


Mariner’s Society

MIYC Board of Directors announces the Mariner Society. The Mariner Society was established for the enhancement of our Club experience through refurbishment and development of our Club’s facilities. A Board Committee has been established called the Mariner Development Fund to identify the specific projects or areas needing contributions from members. These projects will be on display for your perusal. Donations should be directed to support capital projects, ongoing maintenance, and/or general sustainability of the Marco Island Yacht Club. Donations can be made by check, credit card, or billing on your Club account. Forms are available to fill out to identify where you wish your contribution to be used. A recognition plaque identifying the program, levels of recognition and individual members’ names reflecting their accumulation of contributions will be on display in a public area of the clubhouse. The Mariner Society recognizes five levels of contribution to the Club: Mariner Society Recognition Levels

Bronze $500 Silver $2500 Gold $10,000

Platinum $20,000 Diamond $40,000 Contributions by an individual member will be accumulated, and as their contributions increase, they will move to higher levels of recognition. If you would like to make a contribution or have any questions, please contact Jim McKeown, Chairman, at jmckeown@mqscientific.com.

A-OK Transportation Complimentary Rides Program From your Marco Island home/resort to the following restaurants: CJ’s Marco Prime Snook Inn Speakeasy DaVinci’s Fin Bistro LaTavala Davide Dolphin Tiki Verdi’s Arturo’s Ohana American Grill The Oyster Society 239-394-1113 www.ridemarco.com Service to airports, cruise ports, local and long distance.

10% Discount to MIYC Members Please show Membership Card Dry Cleaning, Alterations, Shoe Repair

(239) 394-0099


Marco Island Yacht Club


Cell: 239.248.2176



1000 N Collier Blvd suite 1 Marco Island FL 34145

Remember all the beautiful floral arrangements you have enjoyed at the Club during Season? They were created by Marco Island Florist. Please consider Nancy & Joe Carrington at Marco Island Florist for your flowers and accessories. Wonderful for gifts. 239-970-3074 178 S. Barfield www.marcoislandflorist.com

Good at Social Media? MIYC is looking for someone to keep us up to date on Facebook, Yelp, Instagram and Twitter. If you are interested in any of these, please call Carol Comeaux - 847-567-4140

Want to advertise your business? Go no further than your MIYC newsletter! Adds are priced per year as follows: Business Card - $200

Be sure to wear your name tags when enjoying the Club. It is helpful to the New Members and the Staff.

1/3 page - $350 1/2 page - $500

Marco Island Yacht Club



10am-2pm Cruise: $24.99 Brunch: (members) $21.99, (non-members) $26.99, (children) $9.99

Take a round trip boat cruise from Marco Island to Naples and enjoy our award winning brunch at the Flying Bridge. MYIC is added to the route!

For Cruise Reservations call 239-394-9333 705 E. Ellkcam Circle, Marco Island, 34145


Marco Island Yacht Club


If you are like me, you remember learning to play bridge in college and then there was the “social” bridge at night or on a lucky day when you could get time off from your busy schedule. Then came an even busier time in my life with work, so many kid’s activities, and bridge went by the wayside. Well, it is time to get back in the swing of it. If you play bridge, have ever played bridge, or even want to learn how to play bridge, MIYC is the place to do it. We have a very lively group of “social” bridge players. New Members are most welcome! There is no pressure to remember everything about the game and there are willing teachers to help you remember and learn. We play every Wednesday at noon if there are at least four of us available to play. Chef Bob serves us an amazing “surprise” lunch before we begin play. Call or e-mail me at: 239-389-0825 diana.winterhalter@gmail.com


Details on the Pot O’ Gold Drawing: You could be a winner! Each Friday Happy Hour at the Burgee Bar a drawing for a food and beverage credit will be held. As an MIYC Member, your name has already been entered into the pot but you and/or your spouse MUST be present with an open bar tab to win! The pot grows by $50 each week that there isn’t a winner present! See the Weekly Events email to see how much you could win!

Editors’s Note: Even in mid-summer, the MIYC is very busy! Lots of activities and improvements. Use your Club. Keep it busy! Linda Marr

Marco Island Yacht Club


The Ship’s Store is Open! Check out the sale merchandise. Check out totes, octopus dishes, Tervis tumblers in several sizes - keeps drinks cold, and many hostess gifts. Add to your MIYC logo collection with a variety of items. 🍷 Come say HI to Ellie, Mary and the ladies and remember the Staff can always help you with a purchase. Lots of exciting new merchandise coming in October!!! Sandy

Check Out Our Enhanced Website! Over the summer, we’ve been making improvements to our website—check it out! It now has more information and it’s easier to use! Drop down menus are one new feature that makes it easier to find the information you’re looking for. In “Member Central” (the password-protected side of the website for Members only) you can more quickly access the roster, pay

your statement, check the calendar of events, see our Fleet List, join a committee and more! Log in and take a spin! Also, take a look the new information we’ve put on the “public” side of the website. Under “About Us,” we have added a Club History, a map with directions, and photos of our Bridge Officers. Under the “Boating” tab, we have added information about our various types of cruises, the sailing program, information for visiting cruisers (under “Port Captain”) and safety and training information. And there will be even more to come! Stay tuned!

Marco Island Yacht Club


Looking for a delightful way to meet a great group of women? Thursday mornings at MIYC bring much laughter as we play Pony Canasta. Starting at 9:30 & ending after a delicious Club lunch by 1:00. New players welcome! All you need is a willingness to laugh & learn. Don't know how to play, but want to learn? Know how to play and want to join the group? Everyone is welcome! Call Marsha Riss 389-7477 or email garndoc@gmail.com

Marco Island Yacht Club Friday Golf Group Marco Island Yacht Club has a lot of members who enjoy getting out on the links. In recognition of this, we have a golf club within the yacht club! Every Friday morning a MIYC men’s golf group gets together at one of the local courses to enjoy the beautiful Florida weather and golf. This golfing opportunity has been going strong for many years, probably as long as MIYC has been a private, non-profit yacht club. In the winter and spring when we play at Hibiscus, the weekly participants swell to around 50 players on any given Friday. In the summer, when many in the group head north, some weeks we only have

between 12 and 20 for play at The Glades. This weekly activity is open to all Members.

For those of you who have no knowledge about our Friday golf, let me tell you that it is right for everyone of us who can still swing a golf club and bend down to pick up a golf ball! It is purely for the fun of being out together

and enjoying each other’s company on a beautiful 18 holes. Additionally, every 4 -6 weeks, we have a $5.00 tournament that usually has three flights. Everyone has a good chance to win. So, please, if you are looking for some friendly golf on a Friday morning, consider joining our group. Call me at 239-970-0273 or Bob Winterhalter at 239-389-0825, for more information and to get signed up. Dick Irwin, Past Commodore

Marco Island Yacht Club


MIYC has changed the source of our email blasts (our way of letting you know what’s happening at the Club). Please add the following email address to your contacts list in order to avoid eblasts going to your spam file. broadcastmessage@marcoislandyachtclub.net If you would like to receive email blasts on other email addresses, please call the Club - 394-0199 or send an email: receptionist@marcoislandyachtclub.net e b l a s t s Attention! Carol Comeaux ceecee34@gmail.com sends out our Club eblasts. If you have something that needs to be 'blasted' let Carol know! Need Fuel? Hamilton Harbor Yacht Club is offering a 5% discount on fuel at the public docks from May 1-October 31. Show your MIYC Membership Card and you must be in the MIYC Roster. Your Reciprocal Privileges as a Member of a Florida Council Yacht Club! Your Yacht Club is one of 36 private, member owned yacht clubs, stretching from Pensacola to Marathon to Jacksonville that are members of the Florida Council of Yacht Clubs. The Council’s mission is to encourage the sport of yachting, promote the science of seamanship, and provide for the entertainment of its members. You can enjoy social and dining privileges as well as excellent marina facilities at any of the member clubs; some clubs offer golf and tennis as well. Here’s how you can begin enjoying the benefit of that reciprocity: ! Locate a member club you would like to visit by viewing the clubs on the Council web site, www.floridacouncilofyachtclubs.com or referring to the Guide to the Clubs by Land and Water. purchase your ! Review what each club offers, check days and times of operations, and note contact information for dining or docking reservations. ! Provide your member number. You should call each club directly so that nothing gets lost in the translation. ! Show your membership card when you arrive, all charges will be billed to your yacht club account, so be certain that your name and member number are correctly recorded. NOTE: Reciprocity is only for Full and Associate Members. There may be times or days when reservations will not be available, such as during special or member- only events. Some clubs also have restrictions on the frequency of use. First night dockage is free once every thirty days, but expect to pay a daily utility fee. Available slips at each club are limited in number and size, so early reservations are key.

Marco Island Yacht Club



121 South Barfield Drive located in the Shops of Marco 239-259-8073 “My wife, Danielle, and I are all looking forward to becoming an integral part of this community.” – Rick Siegel, DDS, HMIP, HMCT

Amanda Jordan, EFDA, Dental Assistant

Cindy Hamilton, Rdh, Dental Hygienist

• Training in all aspects of dentistry • Empathetic patient care • Creates a family atmosphere

• Practicing 11 years on the island • Passionate and caring professional • Air Force Veteran



Cooperating Group Discount

The MIYC Group Program has been renewed with Boat US. This entitles the person to 50% discount on the membership ( $15 instead of $30 ). The Group # needs to be used which is GA84657B. It is best to call when an individual renews their membership. 800-395-2628 Here is a link to this web page: http://www.boatus.com/membership/group/benefits.asp Special Co-Op Group Benefits include: Half-price BoatUS Membership. Your members are entitled to a full Membership in BoatUS for only $15 - that's 50% off the regular $30 annual dues! BoatUS Member benefits include Member Rewards at West Marine stores, discounts at boating and fishing related businesses nationwide on fuel, repairs, and overnight slips, on-the-water Towing Services , highly-respected Marine Insurance , a subscription to BoatUS Magazine and much more.

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