KB 26 Strategic HRM

Issue No 26 | SEPTEMBER2010

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HIGHLIGHTS OF THIS ISSUE - Y.G. Chouksey emphasizes on impact of human resource management on organizational performance - Abhinav Srivastava proposes the idea of HR as the organization’s arbitrator - Prachi Joshi opines on ‘Outsourcing’ for Strategic Human Resource Management - Rajat Gupta gives insights on ‘Strategy Management’, the workshop way

No, if you listen to the users of HR services-the line managers-who regard it as a “spending and constraining” department and, in line with Robert Y. G. Chouksey is a post-graduate inMathematics with degrees in Law and Economics and a PGDSW fromCalcutta. He has 50 years work experience - 37 years managerial experience in the industry both in the public sector (30 years) and private sector (7 years) followed by 13 years as faculty in human resource management, organisational behaviour and industrial relations.


Deeksha Jawa, Head – Project Management, Atyaasaa Consulting Private Limited, is a post graduate in Management HR and Green Belt in Six Sigma with a background in Psychology. She has a passion for behavioural sciences and combines her knowledge of psychometric testing with her management expertise to manage projects end to end and design & develop workshops in order to meet the changing needs of businesses. Strategic HR plays an important role in achieving the optimum use of human resources and to have the correct number and types of employees needed to meet organisational goals. Thus, it is a double edged weapon. If used properly, it leads not only to proper utilization, but also reduces excessive labour turnover and high absenteeism, and improves productivity. This edition reveals the pros of strategic human resource management and gazes at the importance of strategic HR in any organization. It determines how HR can add to quantitative and qualitative contribution in organizations.

Townsend of “Up the Organisation” fame, think that the best way to improve organisational performance is to fire their H R professionals!

The answer to the captioned question is an emphatic YES, if, and only if, the HR practitioners align their HR strategy and activities with the business strategy of the organisation and convince the top management that they are doing so effectively. This means that they have to argue their contribution in a language the top management understands—the

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Strategic Human Resource Management Tips - Quantify job for producing product/service - Quantify people and positions required - Determine future staff mix - Assess staffing levels to avoid unnecessary costs

- Reduce delays in procuring staff - Prevent shortage/excess of staff - Comply with legal requirements

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