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for products like hair straighteners that can pose a fire hazard if left on unattended. WeMo also makes cameras, lightbulbs, and switches that are easy to install and control from the WeMo app. Another company at the forefront of household tech is Nest, best known for their thermostats. Nest thermostats are not only fully customizable based on time and weather conditions, but they can also program themselves through the Nest Learning System. If you want to return to a cool house after a day spent in the summer sun, Nest is the product for you. It’s also energy efficient, saving money on your electric bill. If you want your house to be fully teched out, then SmartThings is the best option. The SmartThings hub, made by Samsung, allows you to connect an infinite number of devices to your phone. These devices can even “talk” to each other once they are part of your SmartThings system. With SmartThings, the possibilities are endless. If you want your coffee pot to turn on the moment you start running the shower, you can do it. You can also connect SmartThings to voice assistants like the Amazon Echo. “Alexa, turn on the ceiling fan,” may sound like something out of science fiction. SmartThings integration, though, can make it a reality. Interconnecting your home appliances will only grow easier in the coming years. Whether you want to dip your toe in the water or dive in fully, there’s a product out there for you.

We’ve all had those days when you leave the house, a cold chill runs down your spine, and your mind is flooded with doubt. Did I leave the stove on? Are the windows open and the A/C

on? Did I remember to lock the door? Even when these feelings are false alarms, the stress can eat away at you. Luckily, like many common problems, the tech world is trying to make these worries a thing of the past. There are now a variety of apps that allow you to control nearly every aspect of your home from your phone, no matter where you are. The options for turning your home into a technological wonder range from the basic to the ornate. At the simpler end of the spectrum are Belkin’s WeMo products. WeMo makes smart plugs that allow you to remotely operate any device that plugs into the wall. They’re great

The options for turning your home into a technological wonder range from the basic to the ornate.

Update on Your Oviedo Dentist’s Future Home

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We’ve officially broken ground at our new location on Oviedo Blvd! Take a look at some of our favorite moments from that exciting day.

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