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Young Learners

Gamified assessment for learning to measure young learners’ proficiency and monitor progress

Our products bring top quality content, assessment and blended learning solutions together, to partner with primary educators and learners worldwide.

✔ The perfect combination of delightful Disney characters and stories with real-life children and values. ✔ Develops pupils' Future Skills: building self-awareness, social awareness, persistence and growth.

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✔ Helps each child to achieve their own objectives through a clear and personalised learning path. ✔ Educates children to be responsible citizens and develops sustainable values.

✔ Fast-paced 6-level Primary course for schools looking for an innovative methodology . ✔ Forward-looking competence-based and STEAM syllabus (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Maths) throughout. ✔ Encourages students to build a coding mindset to support creative language learning

and prepare them for future studies.

and now... aligned with the New Education Law and with even more resources based on your feedback

✔ Fast-paced 6-level Primary course for schools offering intensive programmes. ✔ Focus on linguistic competence, future skills and Cambridge English exam preparation . ✔ Challenging ‘Learning Experiences’

develop children’s competences and prepare them for the real world.

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