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what it’s all about You may not know that APi NSG does a lot of work with general contractors to complete remodels, upgrades, and new construction. Many of the projects we work on are for current customers since we already have a working knowledge of their fire protection systems, making the job easier on both parties involved. Typically, facilities choose to use a general contractor for large projects within their facility or when building a facility because it allows them to get all aspects of a job completed while working with one point of contact. When bidding on a job, a general contractor must first collect bids from three different companies within each of the scopes needed such as flooring, plumbing, and fire protection. Once all bids have been collected from trade companies, the GC chooses the provider with the best value from each trade category, adds the costs together, and then presents a final proposal to the customer. If customers work with service providers regularly, they are able to request that their current provider will be included in the bid process. Since many of our customers already trust us and know we understand their systems, it is usually a good idea to recommend us to the general contractors, as they may not know we are an option and will go with other local service providers. The general contracting world can be confusing, so hopefully this clears up a few things. If you have any further questions or inquiries, do not hesitate to reach out to our General Contracting Team. general contracting what our customers should know

employee spotlight: christie davis Operations manager

leading us to greatness Christie provides support to the Team Leads, Service Provider

Specialist and QA/ QC Specialist roles. She is always focused on organizational strategic initiatives to move our company forward. she makes the magic happen Christie gets things done. Her work ethic, professionalism, and organization are just a couple of reasons she is so successful. Setting the bar high for our customers She genuinely cares about our customers and the service they are receiving. Christie strives for the best and holds high standards for our team. fun fact The key to Christie’s heart is Starbucks or anything Taylor Swift related. She is the definition of a “Swiftie.”

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