UPP - Post-Construction Manager

Our Vision

To be the UK’s leading student accommodation provider working with the trust and confidence of our university partners.

To deliver on this ambitious vision, we have three strategic aims:

1. To drive operational excellence throughout our Business. 2. To delight our university partners through the services we provide to them and their students. 3. To generate value for our investors to enable them to further invest in the growth of our Business.

To achieve the aims, we all need to focus on six strategic priorities:

1. Student experience – to provide an easy-to-access, reliable and excellent student experience. 2. Partnership – to develop and maintain highly-effective university partnerships. 3. Our people – to develop a safe, highly-engaged, skilled and collaborative organisation. 4. Accommodation – to apply effective asset management to provide good-quality accommodation. 5. Continuous improvement – to promote a culture of continuous improvement by embracing technology, innovation and efficiencies. 6. Development – to ensure highly-effective development, design and construction capabilities.

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