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puppy! I’d been wanting a dog for a while, and Zeus is one of the best gifts I’ve ever gotten. Ravon really knows how to sweep me off my feet!”

Valentine’s Day: a celebration of romance or a Hallmark holiday?

Between the ads and the crowds, it’s easy to be down on Valentine's Day. But at APN Physical Therapy, we’re always ready to celebrate the power of love! In honor of Valentine’s Day, we’re sharing our best (and worst) dates ever. “The best date I’ve ever been on was one of my earliest dates with my wife. We’d only been dating a few months before my birthday, but Cyndi really made it special. She brought me to a steakhouse and decorated our table with balloons. That was the first time I’d ever tried prime rib. I’d never even heard of prime rib until Cyndi ordered it that night. When I told her I’d never eaten prime rib before, she insisted I order some for myself. I’m glad she did. Ever since, prime rib has been one of my favorite things to eat.” “My boyfriend and I don’t usually make a big deal out of Valentine’s Day. It’s always so crowded, and we’d rather stay in and cook with each other. Our ideal Valentine’s Day is staying in and watching a movie together. However, last year, Ravon really surprised me. Every year, he gets me some little gifts on Valentine’s Day, usually flowers and chocolate. Last year, he did the same thing and then surprised me with my – Peter B. McHugh PT

“Everyone has been sharing their best date stories, so here’s a Valentine’s Day gift for my fellow single people: This is the story of my worst date. The evening started out pretty nice. My then-boyfriend and I wanted to do something different, so we decided to find a nice restaurant in Red Bank. We ended up at a place called Nicolas, which turned out to be a lot nicer than we were prepared for. When we sat down, we tried to order wine and found out a bottle of wine cost $1,200! That was just the start. This was the kind of restaurant where you had to buy a three-course meal and you didn’t have a lot of control over those courses. I’m talking about clams with edible flowers! It was literally too rich for our tastes. We ended up telling the server we weren’t hungry after all and walked out. It was so embarrassing. Thankfully, we were able to get a table at LongHorn Steakhouse afterward.”

– Gabriella Aguiar

“My favorite date was celebrating my boyfriend’s 51st birthday. When he turned 50 the year before, I’d just gotten a procedure on my back, so I couldn't do anything for him. I was determined to make it up to him on his next birthday. It was an uphill battle. His birthday is on Labor Day weekend, so it’s always so crowded on the coast. First, we tried going to the zoo in Cape May, only to find out it was overfilled! We changed course and jumped on a ferry to Delaware instead. We spent the day on the water, which was nice, and planned to get a nice seafood dinner in Cape May. Unfortunately, on the way back, they couldn't get over the bridge! Rather than get discouraged, we changed course again and found a different restaurant in Somers Point. That’s how we ended up at The Crab Trap, eating the best steak and seafood dinner of my life. It started out as a disaster, but the day ended up really nice. My boyfriend had a good birthday, and that’s what really mattered.”

– Genna Aguiar

Whatever your plans are this year, we wish you all a very happy Valentine’s Day!

– Laura Chmielewski

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