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JUNE 2020

A THANK-YOU TO MY DAD And All the Dads out There

I n the past two editions of this newsletter, I’ve talked about some of the people who have greatly influenced my life and, in particular, about the ways my mother influenced who I became. Father’s Day is on June 21, and while I’ve already described how my father influenced me as a businessman, that’s not the only way my father impacted my life. Even though he’s been gone for 10 years, I can still hear his voice in my head. My dad was a business owner for most of my life growing up. Something always needed to be done at his store, so he put me to work whenever possible. Some of my earliest lessons about entrepreneurship came from my dad making me do odd jobs.

were to be seen and not heard. So whenever my dad had his friends over, I sat in on their conversations and just listened. Even though I wasn’t saying much, I still learned a lot about how to communicate well with people. At his core, my dad was a salesperson, and people buy from people they like and trust. I like to think our customers come to Cool Renew MedSpa for similar reasons, and hopefully, I passed on those people skills to my own son.

attorney’s office — pretty different from the life of a businessman, like me and my dad!

Nevertheless, the people skills he inherited transcend career paths. Plus, in a year or two, he might go into private practice and need to know how to get customers through his door like any other business. I’ve got no doubt that whenever he decides to start his private practice, he’ll be incredibly successful. Fathers play important roles in our families and our communities, and we want to acknowledge that in our office. At Cool Renew MedSpa, men, many of whom are fathers, make up around 30% of our clientele. That’s why we created our office’s “Man Cave” — a waiting room just for the guys. It has TVs, comfy chairs, and a fridge fully stocked with all your favorite beers, wines, and spirits. If you’re a father and you’re reading this, we hope that whatever you’re doing this Father’s Day, you feel loved and appreciated by your family — today and every other day of the year.

It’s funny — the older you get, the more I think you turn into your parents without really meaning to. Whether it’s how I conduct myself or how I raised my own son, a lot of my actions mirror my dad’s in similar situations. My son is 31 years old now, and he’s a prosecuting attorney in the district “It’s funny — the older you get, the more I think you turn into your parents without really meaning to.”

More than that, though, I owe my people skills to my dad. I grew up in an era when children

– Grant Miller

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