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The growth of alternative energies has led to significant increases in the use of electrical vehicles and solar energy. The need for electric vehicle supply infrastructure installation and charging station maintenance has increased along with electric vehicle use. Fluke eMobility solutions including electrical testers, insulation testers, thermal cameras and EVSE testers for fast, accurate measurements, efficient routine checks and troubleshooting of EVSEs, at the highest level of safety. The solar industry requires the development of new testing equipment for the professionals that use them. Fluke has your testing equipment needs covered for residential applications where it may require the use of solar clamp meters, solar irradiance meters and photovoltaic testers, or for the commissioning of a new PV array or, ongoing maintenance of a photovoltaic power station and solar farms. PV systems have specific requirements that necessitate the use of specialized tools for surveying, installing, maintaining, and reporting on solar installations. Find out more. ALTERNATIVE ENERGY SOLUTIONS: Solar and EVSE (Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment) Maintenance

Solar Solutions

eMobility and EVSE Solutions

· PTI120 9HZ 400C Thermal Imager · PVLEAD1 - MC4 to 4MM Test Lead Set, Black/Red · PVLEAD3 - MC4 Solar Power Clamp Set · 1625-2 Advanced GEO Earth Ground Tester · 1625-2 KIT Advanced GEO Earth Ground Tester, Kit · 1507 Insulation Tester · 1630-2 FC Earth Ground Loop and Leakage Clamp · IRR1-SOL Solar Irradiance Meter with Temp Probe, Carry Case · IRR2-BT PV Site Surveyor

· SMFT-1000/KIT Multifunction PV Analyzer, Clamp, Irradiance Meter with Probe, Kit · SMFT-1000/PRO Multifunction PV Analyzer SMFT- 1000 with TruTest/PVLEAD3, Pro Kit · SMFT-1000/FPC SMFT-1000 Bundled With 1 Year Premium Care · TRUTEST-ADV - Fluke TruTest Software License Code - Advanced · TRUTEST-LITE - Fluke TruTest Software License Code - LITE · SOLAR-100 Solar Power Meter · 393 FC TRMS Wireless Clamp with iFlex

· FEV100/BASIC Test Aadapter EV Charging Stations · FEV100/TY1 Test Adapter EV Charging Stations with Type 1 Connector & Cable · FEV100/TY1 & TSL Test Adapter EV Charging with Type 1 & Tesla Type Plug, US · FEV100/TY1 KIT Test Adapter EV Charging with Type 1 Plug, 87V, TL224, US · FEV100/TY1 KIT2 Test Adapter EV Charging with Type 1 Plug, 125B, 87V, TL224, US · FEV-CON/TY1 Type 1 Connector & Cable for Test Adapter EV Charging Station

· FEV-CON-TSL Tesla Type Plug for Test Adapter EV Charging, US · 1587 FCY 2-IN-1 Insulation Multimeter · BT520 Battery Analyzer · BT521 Advanced Battery Analyzer

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Fluke TruTest-ADV & TruTest-LITE Solar PV Inspection Software

Fluke TruTest™ Solar Data Management Software is designed to eliminate the hassle associated with traditional solar inspection reporting. Whether you are analyzing panel efficiency through I-V curves, or safety testing the system through the Category 1 test regime in conformance to IEC 62446-1, proper data management is critical for producing easy-to- understand reports for clients. Compatible with the Fluke SMFT-1000 Multifunction PV Tester and Performance Analyzer, TruTest™ Software allows you to quickly and easily import measurement results directly from your solar multifunction tester to computer, organize and analyze the data, compare individual asset data against previous measurements imported and provide a comprehensive and visual client report.

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The PVLEAD1 MC4 Adapter Lead Set is an important accessory for solar maintenance , ensuring safe current and voltage measurements on PV modules and systems with compliance to CAT III 1000V / CAT IV 600V, 20A ratings in accordance to IEC / EN 61010-031. The PVLEAD3 MC4 Solar Clamp Lead Set creates a connection between a solar panel and inverter for troubleshooting and maintenance of PV systems with compliance to CAT III 1000V / CAT IV 600V, 20A ratings in accordance to IEC / EN 61010-031. Fluke Clamp Leads and Test Leads



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The new Fluke pocket Thermal Imager puts the power to minimize downtime in everyone’s hands. The first line of defense for easy troubleshooting. Stop fighting fires on the job, start preventing them. Fluke PTi120 9Hz 400C Pocket Thermal Imager

· With Fluke Connect ® Asset Tagging You Eliminate the Tedium of Sorting and Organizing Your Infrared Images by Simply Scanning Your Asset’s QR Code or Bar Code, Your Infrared Image and All of Your Date and Time Stamped Information Will be Stored to Your Predefined Folder · Small Enough to Carry Every Day Without Worry, Always at Hand, Stands Up to Dirt and Water, and Can Survive a 1-meter Drop

· The 3.5” LCD Touchscreen Offers IR-Fusion™ to Blend a Visible Light Image with an Infrared Image to More Easily Locate Problems, Simply Slide Your Finger Across the Screen to Adjust the Setting · Fully Radiometric Thermal Imager with 120 x 90 Pixel Infrared Resolution · IP54 Enclosure Rating · -20 °C to 400 °C Temperature Measurement

Learn More about the Fluke PTi120 9Hz 400C:

· https://youtu.be/-Cz0_IkHmT4

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The Fluke 1625-2 Advanced GEO Earth Ground Tester offers data storage and download capabilities via USB port. World class accessories will simplify and speed up testing time. Fluke 1625-2 Earth Ground Tester

· 3- and 4-Pole Fall of Potential, Earth Resistance Loop Testing · 4-Pole Soil Resistivity Testing · Selective Earth Ground Rod Testing Using 1 Clamp · Stakeless Earth Ground Rod Testing Using 2 Clamps · IP56 Rated For Outdoor Use · Rugged Carrying Case

· Automatic Frequency Control (AFC) - Identifies Existing Interference and Chooses a Measurement Frequency to Minimize its Effect, Providing More Accurate Earth Ground Value · R Measurement – Calculates Earth Ground Impedance at 55 Hz to More Accurately Reflect the Earth Ground Resistance that a Fault-to-Earth Ground Would See · Adjustable Limits - for Quicker Testing

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Fluke 1507 and 1587 FC Insulation Tester and Insulation Multimeter



· Insulation Test Voltages for Many Applications: 50V, 100V, 250V, 500V, 1,000V · Automatic Calculation of Polarization Index and Dielectric Absorption Ratio Saves Both Time and Money

· Compare (Pass/Fail) Function Makes Repetitive Tests Simple and Easy · Remote Test Probe Makes Repetitive or Hard-to-Reach Testing Easier · CAT III - 1,000V, CAT IV - 600V Safety Rating

1587 FC:

· PI/DAR Timed Ratio Tests · Live Circuit Detection Prevents Insulation Test if Voltage > 30 V is Detected for Added User Protection · VFD Low-Pass Filter for Accurate Motor Drive Measurements

· Auto-Discharge of Capacitive Voltage for Added User Protection · Insulation Test 0.01 MΩ to 2 GΩ · CAT III 1000 V, CAT IV 600 V Measurement Category

Learn More about the Fluke 1587 FC:

· https://youtu.be/t3OaBUEu4ts

1587 FC

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Fluke 1630-2 FC Earth Ground Clamp

Stakeless earth ground loop and ac leakage current clamp for fast, safe indoor/outdoor earth ground resistance and ac leakage current tests.

· Save Time by Automatically Recording Data at Pre- set Intervals. Save up to 32,760 Measurements in Memory at the Set Logging Interval · User-defined High / Low Alarm Limits, for Rapid Measurement Evaluation · Selectable Band-Pass Filter Function Removes Unwanted Noise from the ac Leakage Current Measurement · One-Year Warranty · Identify ac Leakage Currents Without Disconnecting the Earth Ground Stake from the Grounding System – Ideal for System Troubleshooting

· New, Rugged Jaw Design Stays in Alignment and in Calibration Even in Every Day, On-the-Job Industrial Environments · Protect Valuable Equipment · Perform Tests without Driving Auxiliary Test Stakes into the Ground · Save and Share Data via Fluke Connect ® Wireless Test System

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The world’s only CAT III 1500 V current clamp. The 393 FC CAT III 1500 V True-rms Clamp Meter with iFlex is designed for technicians who work in dc environments up to 1500 V: solar arrays, wind power, electric railways, data centers battery banks for uninterruptible power supplies. Fluke 393 FC TRMS Wireless Clamp with iFlex

· Measure Safely with CAT III 1500 V Rated Clamp Meter · Thin Jaw for Access to Cables in Crowded Combiner Boxes · Sturdy IP54 Rated for Outdoor Use · Work Efficiently with DC Power Measurement, Audio Polarity and Visual Continuity · DC Voltage: 1500 V, 1% Accuracy · CAT III: 1500 V · DC Power: 1500 kVA, 2% Accuracy · AC Current: Jaw: 1000 A, 2% Accuracy

TL1500DC Replacement Leads

393 FC

Learn More about the Fluke 393 FC:

· https://youtu.be/yHsFf2vli-w

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Fluke IRR1-SOL and IRR2-BT Solar Irradiance Meter and PV Site Surveyor

The Fluke IRR1-SOL and IRR2-BT Irradiance Meters have been designed from the ground up to simplify the installation, commissioning, and troubleshooting of photovoltaic arrays, measuring irradiance, temperature, inclination and direction of the solar array in a single handheld tool. With a rugged, compact design, a protective carrying case, and an easy-to-read, highcontrast LCD screen to read measurements in direct sunlight, these comprehensive PV site surveyors can go where you go.

Learn More about the IRR2-BT:

· https://youtu.be/g1HDCnbwkXU



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Fluke SMFT-1000 Multifunction PV Tester and Performance Analyzer, I-V Curve Tracer

Designed for PV professionals that provide installation, commissioning and maintenance services to systems that operate at 1000 V DC or under, the SMFT-1000 provides a complete PV testing solution that conforms to IEC 62446-1 standards.

· Full Sequence Safety Testing – IEC 62446-1 Category 1: Protective Resistance Earth (RLO, Voltage on Open Circuit, Including Polarity (VOC), Short Circuit Current (ISC), Insulation Resistance (RINS) · ROI and System Performance Testing – IEC 62446-1 Category 2: I-V Curve Tracing and Software Analysis with TruTest, Irradiance, Temperature, Tilt, Cardinal Direction

· Includes a Wireless Irradiance Meter, No Leads Required · Color Screen with Integrated Interface Allows for On-Screen Instructions Provide an Easy Walkthrough of Tests · Compatible with Fluke TruTest™ Data Management Software

Learn More about the Fluke SMFT-1000:

· https://youtu.be/Ws6P4Q0R51k

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Test the safety and performance of type 1, level 1 or level 2 electric vehicle AC charging stations (EVSEs) with the Fluke FEV100. This test adapter simulates the presence of an electrical vehicle, allowing you to conduct tests in combination with appropriate test instruments such as a digital multimeter or oscilloscope. Fluke FEV100 Adapter Kit for Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

· Check that an Electric Vehicle Charging Station is Correctly Wired and that Protective Earth is Functioning Properly with the PE Pre-Test Feature · Perform GFCI Troubleshooting of an Electric Vehicle Charging Station and Verify it is Functioning Properly for Safety · Test Different Charging States of an Electric Vehicle Charging Station with the Turn of a Button. Verify the Charging Voltage Using a Digital Multimeter

· CP State Simulation: A: ± 12V 1kHz; B: 2.74kΩ +9 V / -12V 1kHz; C: 882Ω +6 V / -12V 1kHz; D: 246Ω +3V / -12V 1kHz · Output Voltage: Max. 250 V / 60 Hz, CAT II 300 V · Compatibility with Other Test and Measurement Tools: Digital Multimeter, Oscilloscope · Safety Testing: Protective Grounding Test (PE), GFCI Test

Learn More about the Fluke FEV100:

· https://youtu.be/3VQc-y3W9RY

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SOLAR-100 Solar Power Meter

With the SOLAR-100 solar power meter, optimize the placement of PV panels and calculate overall energy and efficiency of PV systems by measuring power per unit area of incident solar radiation. Verify window efficiency and performance by calculating the heating or heat reduction caused by direct sunlight. · Measures the Solar Power and Transmission up to 2000 W/m2, 634BTU / (ft2xh) · Measurement of the Power per Unit Area of Incident Solar Radiation · Calculates the Solar Power Transmission Percentage of the Material for Example How Much Solar Power in % Will Be Transmitted Through the Window

· Convenient to Read Display with Remote Sensor Technology · Selectable Measurement Units Either W/m2 or BTU / ( ft2 x h) · Data Hold · Max/min Functions to Indentify Locations with Maximum or Minimum Power

Learn More about the SOLAR-100:

· https://youtu.be/eWAhfKf4X8k

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Reduced testing complexity, a simplified workflow and an intuitive user interface provide a new level of ease-of-use in battery testing. Fluke BT520 and BT521 Battery Analyzers


· Key Measurements: Battery Resistance, DC and AC Voltage, DC and AC Current, Ripple Voltage, Frequency and Battery Temperature · Sequence Measurement Mode: Automatic or Manual Sequence Testing of Battery Strings with Automatic Measurement Storage Including Voltage, Resistance and Temperature (with BTL21 Intelligent Test Probe) · Comprehensive Logging: All Measured Values are Automatically Captured During Testing and can be Reviewed on the Instrument Before Downloading for On-the-Go Analysis · Optimized User Interface: Quick, Guided Setup Ensures You’re Capturing the Right Data Every Time, and the Combined Visual and Audio Feedback Cues Reduce the Risk of Measurement Confusion

· Threshold Comparison: Configure Multiple Reference Values and Thresholds for Resistance and Voltage (Comparison Result Feedback after Each Measurement via Visual and Verbal Cues) · Intelligent Test Probe Set: Integrated LCD Display, Infrared Temperature Measurement (BT521 Only), Flashlight, Verbal Audio Feedback and Captures Voltage Readings and Temperature Logging Automatically or via Integrated Save Button · Enhanced Data Analysis: Quickly Compare Trends, Analyze Results and Create Reports with Included Battery Management Software · Highest Safety Rating in the Industry: Cat III 600 V, 1000 VDC Max. Rated for Safe Measurements all Around the Battery Power Supply Equipment


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Fluke Solar Energy Resources

Fluke FEV100 Adapter Kits for Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Fluke IRR1-SOL, IRR2-BT Solar Irradiance Meter, PV Site Surveyor

How EV Charging Station Maintenance Reduces Costs and Increases Reliability

Learn More about Working in the Solar Industry:

Learn More about Solar Installation Safety:

· https://youtu.be/UQYn6rNi6yw

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