FyzicalPT_Balance and Hearing Loss

The Bare Bones About Hearing Loss There is a connection between hearing loss and a variety of other health issues.


DEMENTIA&ALZHEIMER’S Hearing losscausesadecline in cognitiveability, increasing the risk ofdementiaandAlzheimer’sdisease.

CARDIOVASCULAR DISEASE (CVD) There isa strongcorrelationbetween hearingandhearthealth,withhearing loss increasing the riskofcardiovascular disease.

MORTALITY Ingeneral,oldermenwith hearing losshaveagreater riskofdying.

FALLS The riskof falling is three times higher inpatientswithhearing loss.


DIABETES Hearing loss is twiceascommon in patientswithdiabetes,possiblydue to innerearbloodvesseldamage.

HOSPITALIZATION Olderadultswithhearing lossare32% more likely to requirehospitalization than theirpeerswithnormalhearing.

CHRONICKIDNEYDISEASE (CKD) 54%ofpatientswithmoderatechronic kidneydisease reporthearing lossvs. 28%withnokidneyproblems.

DEPRESSION Hearing lossoftencauseswithdrawal and social isolation– factors thatmay lead todepression.

HearingandBalance: Two Roommates Squished in a Tiny Apartment 801.373.7438 www.fyzicalprovo.com

Did you know that Hearing and Balance are housed in the same location? It’s a very small compartment (or apartment) in the inner ear. We call it a Bony Labyrinth because it literally encompassedallaroundby the temporalboneof the skull. It’s approximately a square centimeter, andtwoofthemost importantsystemsfrombody are squished in there.

Helen Keller famously said that “Blindness separatesyoufromthings,butdeafnessseparates you from people.” The Hearing and Balance systems fit together in this tiny compartment and work together so closely that it’s unusual to have a problem with one and not have a problem with the other. The great thing is that treating one can often help the other too.

Recentlytherehavebeensomecasereportswhere they did balance testing with hearing aids in and out.Theysawsignificant improvement inbalance performance. Our team of audiologists and physical therapists are the perfect combination to treat hearing and balance disorders.

HearingLoss isoneofthemost isolatingproblems that comes from a malfunction in our bodies.


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