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Here Comes the Sun

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of Sun Exposure

When a patient comes to see me, we talk a lot about beauty. It’s in our name: Beautique. As a medical spa, we help our clients achieve and maintain youthful-looking skin. We often talk about treatment and prevention of skin damage. Sometimes, these two go hand in hand, as is the case with sun exposure. Sun exposure comes with some benefits — we need a little sunlight to get Vitamin D. Vitamin D is an important hormone that our body needs to function, and it helps to fight off depression. But overexposure to the sun has many harmful side effects. Different types of UV rays, including UVA, UVB, and UVC, have different properties and can cause a variety of issues. Cancer is a major concern, as is cosmetic damage like wrinkles and sunspots. During consultations with patients, I often notice that they have more sun damage on the left side of their face than the right. I attribute that to the sun exposure you get while driving. UVA rays go through glass, so even if you are driving in the car with your windows up, the sun still gets through. You may not feel the heat, but you still get the exposure. Sometimes a patient will say, “I was out in the sun, and it was cloudy, but I still got a burn!” Yes, you can still get burned on a cloudy day. UV rays go right through the clouds, so even if you don’t see or feel them, your skin does. It’s important to protect your skin anytime you are outside, on sunny days and all the rest too. Fortunately, we live in a time when science and technology are helping us develop new and better formulas for protecting our skin. It’s easy to find a sunscreen that blocks UV rays from your skin. Jane Iredale makes a natural sunscreen, and it’s in a powder form so you don’t have to deal with any mess. You put a bit of the powder on and reapply as necessary. If you go in the water, you’ll need to find a waterproof sunscreen. Most brands of sunscreen only last for an hour or two, and then you’re no longer protected, so follow the instructions and reapply.

For the sensitive skin on your scalp, wear a hat to cover up. This can also protect your ears and shade your face. Sunglasses will also help protect the sensitive area around your eyes. Most people won’t notice any sun damage when they’re young and may not be thinking about how it will affect them later on in life. The problem is that when your skin is very damaged, those wrinkles and spots won’t go away. They are more troublesome to treat than they are to prevent. Enjoy the sun this summer, but not too much, and always wear sunscreen and the right type of coverage. As the saying goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

–-Dr. Sanchez OWNER, MEDICAL DIRECTOR | 956-664-1234

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