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Why it’s important! Inventory control ensures we maintain the right amount of product to meet daily needs without accumulating an excess. Excess inventory contributes to: • Spoilage • Theft • Loss of quality • Pest control issues • Wasted time in handling • Wasted space • Reduced company cash flow


1. Know local, state and other requirements for maintaining inventory. 2. If possible, work to maintain an inventory close to a six-day product cost dollar value. • Example If product cost is $1000 per day, inventory should be $6000. 3. Establish par levels for routine stocked food and supply items inventoried. Consider available storage space, frequency of delivery and guidelines. 4. Rotating menu items should be forecasted and ordered when needed.

5. Refer to Accounting policies for recording/pricing/ adjustment of inventory. (Inventory Management) 6. Complete inventory weekly or monthly (depending on procedures determined for account) and send to Accounting department.

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