Power of Food Playbook - Culinary



Pull from storage the amounts of food specified (use production sheets as reference). Note on Production Sheets if you pull more/ less of any items.

Requested By For Office Use

Quantity Size/Weight


Unit Price

Area Initial


Pull breakfast items at __________________ (time).

Pull lunch and dinner items at ______________ (time).

Load product onto carts and deliver to production area. Place refrigerated product in production area refrigerator, unless directed otherwise. a. Deliver breakfast items at _______________(time). b. Deliver lunch and dinner items at __________(time).

List additional items requested on Issue Control Roster (next page). Obtain initials of person requesting item.

At end of each day, forward Production Sheets and Issue Control Roster to Food and Nutrition Services Department/ Dining Services.

Return unused products (especially refrigerated) to appropriate long-term storage locations.

Why it’s important! Controlling access to stored products is important to: • Reduce theft • Control over use /cost • Maintain product quality and safety

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