Power of Food Playbook - Culinary



(Food and Nutrition Services Department/Dining Services) Date Requested__________________ Department______________________ Requested By________________ Account Number__________________ Received By_________________

1.Requesting department must fill out a copy of requisition form and send to Food and Nutrition Services Department/Dining Services by _________ (time).

Quantity of Units Requested

Quantity of Units Delivered

Units per Purchase Pack

Price per Purchase Pack

Price per Unit

Amount Charged

2. Make sure department has a notebook of items approved for requisition.


3.Make deliveries once a day in AM or PM. All requests must have an authorized signature.

4. Check with Department Director for prior approval of unusual items.

5. To supply emergency items, (outside the regular delivery times), requesting department should bring requisition form to storeroom during hours of _____________, wait for product and take it back to the department.

Why it’s important! Controlling and tracking food and supply requisitions are an important budgetary responsibility. These are often client costs and accurate tracking is required by contract.

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