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HAZARDANALYSISOF CRITICAL CONTROL POINTS (HACCP) Prevent cross contamination by using the proper cutting board for the job.


• Food Handling Guidelines has specific detail on HACCP processes and forms to complete for documentation. Train managers and food preparation staff on policies. • Create HACCP guide for kitchen staff and make it easy to use. • Be sure forms are filled out and kept on file as they will be needed for the inspectors. • Discuss HACCP during production meetings and check daily to see that steps are being followed correctly. • Complete food temperature audits at “critical control points” (CCPs), weekly at varying times. Keep forms for a year. • Ensure cooking and refrigeration equipment is working at correct temperatures. Keep equipment serviced per manufacturer’s instructions and keep records in a permanent file. • Department director and Chef are responsible for completing checks and ensuring forms are completed and initialed. Cross Contamination Precautions • Separate types of raw animal products. ° Use of separate equipment or areas or by scheduling and cleaning; for different raw and ready to eat foods. ° Make sure cutting boards and other food contact surfaces are cleaned between working with different foods. ° Use three-color cutting board system. ° Keep spray bottles and chemicals away from food preparation area. (example, on food preparation table). • Check that correct hand-washing is practiced by staff. • Use clean sanitized equipment and food contact surfaces for each task.

Why it’s important! Regardless of whether your facility has a third party food safety auditor, completing a self- assessment will: • Keep food safety top of mind in your operation • Offer opportunities to refresh associate training • Prepare your team for health inspections • Reduce your risk of a food safety incident

• Review Morrison Food Safety Audit to better understand the rationale behind each line item on audit form. • Take Food Safety and Sanitation Audit Form to areas in your account indicated by the header in each column. Measure/ observe line items listed. • Refer to Morrison Food Safety Audit for further clarification of standards. • Pay close attention to critical deficiencies as they can cause a foodborne illness incident which is a very serious food safety violation. • Use audit form as a guide in assessing food safety and sanitation compliance. • Complete Food Safety Corrective Action Plan for deficiencies identified.

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