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Cold Holding • Hold cold foods at temperature of 41ºF or less. • Don’t store foods in reach-in display units for more than 24 hours. • Store utensils handles out. • Don’t combine freshly prepared food with foods being held for service. • Keep food covered. • Don’t store food directly on ice. Handling of Contaminated Product • If contaminant is found in food, do not serve food. • Remove affected food from service, place in an air-tight container and label “ Do Not Serve .” • If food should be held cold, promptly refrigerate it. • If original packaging is available, record product code, product name and expiration date. • Refer to Emergency and Crisis Planning Guide for more information. Contact Compass Group Crisis Hotline at 877-710-6291 and submit to BuySmart Contact Gallagher Bassett at 866-678-1774 to report contaminated product and subsequent loss. • Contact vendor you purchased product from and report issue. • Contact your Regional Director of Operations. Other • Keep grease in leak-proof, tightly closed containers. Remove grease often and refrigerate, if possible. • Make sure purchased products sold to customers have ingredient statements. • Hold shellfish tags for 90 days from date the original container is emptied.

1. This value only applies to our business where we have Foodbuy. If you are not a Foodbuy account, understand the recall process of your facility suppliers. 2. Foodbuy will send an email for each product recall and alert you that immediate action is required. 3. The email will give detailed product information, product code and expiration date. 4. Immediately check inventory to see if you have product. 5. Separate product and mark it “HOLD - DO NOT USE - RECALLED PRODUCT”. 6. Keep a written count of quantity of recalled product you put aside. This will help to get credit due for recalled product in your unit. 7. Contact your distributor to find out how to return or destroy product. 8. Contact Foodbuy if you have product you are not sure about, a product recall or other questions about products or process. 9. You can find an updated Red Alert List on MyCompass.

Why it’s important! An added value that Compass and Foodbuy bring to our clients is the close connection that we have with our product suppliers. As part of that connection, we require all program distributors and manufacturers to have a recall action plan. What we see is notices that come out as soon as they are available so we can get any recalled product out of service as soon as possible.

Why it’s important! Food safety is crucial in our business. In cooking, we follow a process called Hazard Analysis of Critical Control Points (HACCP). This process involves checks and controls during important points in the recipes to ensure we are not taking any unsafe risks in our food preparation.

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