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Ownership •  Executive Chefs own Food Cost and Food Quality and serve as authority at their unit for all things food related. Food Tasting Requirement • Cooks taste food throughout production. • Management and servers should taste menu items on patient/resident serving line and retail serving line approximately 10 minutes prior to serving time. Food Storage, Labeling & Dating • Use food product (orange) labels for commercial products after opened and for products prepared in-house that will be held more than 24 hours. Labels available at Food Service Resources 1-800-367-4421. • Train staff on usage of orange labels. Measuring Tools & Small Wares • Have ample supply of scales, measuring cups/spoons, rubber spatulas, knifes, spoons etc. available.


Production System • Enter menus into Webtrition system Menu Publishing.

Station Set Up • Prepare plan-o-grams for proper production and station set up.

Right Product Right Application • Use product specified for each dish. All products have an application, but not all products work for every application. I.e. dicing boneless/skinless chicken breast for chicken salad isn’t practical. Thawing of Meat • Thaw whole muscle meats under refrigeration. Only use forced thawing under cold running water as a last resort.

Meats should be Roasted (not braised) • Use proper roasting methods and roast meats on day of service.

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