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Click here for pointers on taking accurate food temperatures:

Guidelines • The culinary team owns quality of patient food as well as adherence to diet foods as needed. • Make sure your team is carefully planning patient food service and discussing it as thoroughly as they do for retail service. • Make sure to follow recipes, using correct product specs and following our culinary philosophy. • Use Taste and Temperature Report available in Webtrition. TRAYLINE SUPPORT


Check and Record Temperatures of Foods: • Before delivery to trayline or workstation, including backup pans: heat up pans that are not at correct temperatures. • Record temperatures of food twice during service — at the beginning and again at either the mid-point or end of service. Keep Pans Covered: • Don’t put hot food on trayline or workstation more than 15 minutes ahead of lineup meeting. • Restock food during meal and make sure it’s hot. • At end of meal you should work with trayline supervisor to makesure there is food for NOW trays. The rest becomes leftovers. Cold Production Area • Cold food should look delicious. • Don’t leave food out at room temperature and make sure cooling systems for serving are working. • Taste food before serving and fix any problems. • Check and record temperature the same way you do hot food. If temperature is too high, put it in cooler or freezer to get it back down.

Why it’s important! Patients are at the center of our business and serving them the best food possible is part of our brand promise. The only way to do this is for the culinary team to pay as much attention to the quality of product that you serve to patients as you do for any other service.

Hot Production Area • Make sure you are batch cooking foods or cooking to order depending on system. Don’t cook and hold food more than two hours before meal. • Make sure you lay out food diagrams to help with planning of pan sizes and placement. Do this ahead of time for the whole menu. There is a sample diagram (next page) but feel free to make your own. • Use Webtrition “Production Station Worksheet Report” to manage this area. • Taste food before it goes to trayline and fix problems.

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