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Use the production meeting template for a place to capture your notes, creating a blueprint for a successful meeting to connect, communicate and educate your team each and every day! »


Meet daily with production staff to cover: 1. Production sheets, recipes, food quality, presentation, food handling and HACCP issues 2. Leftover usage 3. Substitutions (menu or ingredient) 4. Menu items that contain common allergens: peanuts, tree nuts, soy, milk or dairy, wheat, fish, shellfish, or eggs 5. Advance preparation 6. Special functions 7. Discuss potential problems and make a plan for managing them 8. Discuss past problems (previous day) and how to prevent them


Corporate Executive Chefs and Regional Executive Chefs provide hands-on culinary training in new recipe development, menus and programs to elevate your patient and retail café experiences. This core team also serves as a resource in meeting standards for purchasing, production, retail, sanitation, food quality, automated production systems and culinary training. Click here to review the Corporate Executive Chef (CEC) contact list.

Why it’s important! Daily production meetings prevent miscommunication, errors, wasted effort, and corrective work. You will spend less time fixing issues and have less confusion in your kitchen if you have production meetings.

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