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Why it’s important! Retail services are the showcase of our business. This is where most staff and visitors will form their opinion of our services (including for patients). It’s important that we give them a dining experience that is equal or better to what they might find in a commercial restaurant.

• Culinary team owns quality of retail food. This is the best opportunity to showcase your talents. • Be sure to follow recipes, using correct product specs and

following culinary philosophy. This is an opportunity to show some creativity. Discuss with your Corporate CEC. • Use Webtrition “Production Station Worksheet Report” to record both hot and cold temperatures throughout meal. • Make sure you are batch cooking foods or cooking to order depending on what is on menu. Don’t cook and hold food more than two hours before meal. • Make sure you work with retail servers to demonstrate how to keep food looking good during meal, correct portions and best way to serve food. • Explain to servers what is in each item so they can answer questions from customers. Make sure they know of any possible allergens in food as well as other key questions such as gluten free. • Taste food before it goes to café and also allow service staff to taste food. The more they know about it, the better they will be able to sell it. • Don’t put hot food on line more than 15 minutes ahead of lineup meeting.


Cold food can be put out 30 minutes ahead as long as you have good cooling equipment. Keep food covered until service time. • Restock food during meal and make sure it is hot or cold enough. • At end of the meal, immediately remove food and determine what is waste and what is leftovers.

Check and record temperature of foods: • Before delivery to café, including backup pans. Heat up any pans that are not at correct temperature. • Take temperatures every 2 hours • Always take temperature of replacement pans

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