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CULINARY REVIEW The culinary review is our tool to track progress and identify any challenges a unit might have executing our culinary philosophy and mission. The review focuses on profitability, production, purchasing, menu development, training, safety and other general areas. This review can be completed by the unit chef as a self-assessment or an in-depth review by a Corporate Executive Chef. The intent of the review is not meant to be punitive, but quickly identify opportunities to improve food quality and services.


The purpose of the Culinary page is to create a one- stop-shop for all things food related. The page is divided into multiple sections/apps in order for you to navigate and search for the information you need. Within each section/app you can find the most up to date menus, tools and resources from the culinary team.

Use the Culinary Review located in the Acuity Connect application on the company-issued iPad.


If your unit is part of the Foodbuy purchasing platform, then use MyOrders to place orders through your broadline distributors and many of your local suppliers. You can also use MyOrders to create inventory worksheets, enter your inventory and run your valuation reports. Resources are just a click away if you need MyOrders access or training .

Make sure everyone on the team knows standards on the culinary review.

Plan to go through it a few times a year or more often if your department does not do well.


Prepare a plan to correct items on list that are not right. Your RDO or CEC can provide a copy of the most recent culinary review.

With over 5,000 active users across Compass, operators are recognizing the benefits of Webtrition. The Webtrition team is committed to deliver a best in class recipe databased and

menu management tool that maintains standards and helps control food cost and accurate nutritional information that meets client and customers’ needs.

Why it’s important! Checking on the expectations of your culinary department is a good way for you to know that you are doing the right things. The culinary review is a review that may be conducted by regional staff but is also a good self checklist.

There is a wide array of Webtrition training available at your fingertips. We encourage you to dive in and start acquiring all the benefits that Webtrition has to offer.

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