Kenneth Woo DDS - August 2019

A Recent Trip to China



Since I left Hong Kong to attend university in the U.S. decades ago, China has changed dramatically. This spring, I had the opportunity to visit the country again, reunite with old friends and


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family, marvel at some of the progress that has been made, and serve underprivileged students. I missed the place and I hope that I can come back again, and this year's trip was another one for the memory books.

This past March, my wife Lisa and I traveled to China with a group from Australia, including my sister and brother-in-law. Cities that we visited included Xiamen, Wuyishan, Jingdezheng, and Hong Kong. In Xiamen, we took a high-speed train that traveled over 300km/hour (roughly 186 mph). It was very quiet and smooth — you could barely feel it move as you're riding. With that speed, you can travel to New York City in less than two hours! The thing that impressed me the most during my visit was the younger generation in China. Compared to years ago, this generation is courteous and understanding. Even the people we met along the road were polite, and I was very encouraged by every interaction. It made me proud to see that honesty and integrity were valuable to the younger generation.

Day was in May, I think it is never too late to show our appreciation and say thank you to our wonderful teachers in the U.S.

I even saw education in action during my trip. A highlight was being able to visit a remote primary school in the Jianxi province. During this visit, the group we were with brought books and classroommaterials to the school. Being a dentist, I brought a bunch of toothbrushes to distribute. It was a wonderful opportunity for us and one I will not soon forget as I witnessed the smiles from the children's faces and the emphasis on education as a catalyst for progress. I truly love traveling and exploring new cities around the world, although home for me is without a doubt here in the United States. I am grateful for my wonderful team at Woo Wang Dental for allowing me to work with a flexible schedule so that I may take a pause in life to smell the flowers, catch a smile, and to see people in different parts of the world.

I think this phenomenon has to do with a great emphasis on education. Education is empowerment in our society, and we rely on our teachers to educate and excite our future generations. Teachers are to thank for many scientific advancements, literary works of art, and most importantly, being the role model for our children and grandchildren. They build an enthusiasm for learning and encourage students to work hard, even in subjects that they may be weaker in. A good teacher can also be a friend who gives support and guidance to the students not just academically but morally as well. Even though Teacher Appreciation

I am sure everyone had a wonderful summer. I wish everyone a beautiful start to fall as well!

–Kenneth Woo, DDS •

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