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My Daughter’s and My Journey Through Europe

W ith summer break officially underway, families all across the country are finalizing their plans for memorable vacations spent exploring a new place together. Traveling has always been one of my favorite pastimes, and I have been so fortunate to experience various amazing locations throughout the world. But the vacation that sticks out most in memory was a two-week trek my daughter and I took through Europe.

While she did not necessarily enjoy my picture shenanigans, my daughter and I had a fantastic time together. We left Florence for Rome and spent two days there. With all the rich history Rome has to offer, we could have easily

definitely made us appreciate how lucky we are to live where we do.

spent a whole week there and still had sights to see. Still, the places we were able to visit were breathtaking. Once we journeyed back to Switzerland, our amazement continued. One of the activities I enjoyed most was the ferry ride to Germany and seeing all the architecture that has stood the test of time. While there are many things I love about the U.S., our country’s youthful age means that we do not have access to beautiful buildings like those in Germany, some of which were erected as early as the 1300s. Although theU.S.might be lacking inhistorical architecture, I will say that being in the grocery stores in Switzerland made me grateful for the plethora of options available for all of us in the states. For example, my daughter and I walked into a Swiss supermarket in search of cereal and were only able to find three types. Compared to the full aisle(s) of sweet breakfast choices at the local grocery store here, we were quite surprised. The experience

To get to the international airport and catch our plane back to the states, we had to endure a nine-hour train ride from Geneva to St. Gallen. To this day, I still say my daughter was an amazing travel partner, except for an incident on the very last day of the trip. We did not have time to get a bite to eat before boarding the train, and the only food available on the train were sandwiches, but she assured me she did not want one. Not even halfway into the nine-hour journey, she made me wish I had coined the term “hangry.” Other than that small hunger- induced quarrel, we both agreed we had an unforgettable experience together. So if you are brainstorming for your next family vacation and cannot come up with a location that will serve you best, feel free to let me know! If Switzerland seems too far, don't worry. I have a lot of vacation stories to share!

“To this day, I still say my daughter was an amazing travel partner, except for an incident on the very last day of the trip.”

I had friends living in Switzerland, so we flew into St. Gallen before starting our five-day trek through Italy. After spending two days shopping around Venice, we spent the night in Florence because we really wanted to see the Leaning Tower of Pisa. For those who might not know, the tower is the cathedral of the Italian city Pisa, and is known around the world for its nearly 4-degree lean, which is the result of an unstable foundation. Even if you have not seen the tower in person, you have likely seen photos of tourists posing comically to make it seem like they are holding up the whole tower themselves. While I wanted to partake in this widely known joke, my daughter refused to snap the (supposedly embarrassing) picture of me!

-Kim Hegwood



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