5784/2024 Haggadah Supplement

Why is this Passover different from all other Passovers?

In so many ways, today still feels like October 8th.

Ein Milim , it is still impossible to find the words to describe the October 7th terrorist attacks on Israel. And yet, Passover is here. The world around us is waking up to spring; a season of hope, but also a painful reminder of the long months our brothers and sisters have been in captivity, the endless days of violence and death. As we join together to tell the story of our people’s liberation and redemption, let us not forget those who are missing from our tables tonight: the parents who died shielding their children from bullets, the beautiful young people who danced into the night and never came home, the elders who fought for peace until the moment their lives were taken from them, the soldiers who rose up to defend the Jewish people. Let us not forget the innocent life lost in Gaza: the parents pulled from beneath the rubble, the children wrapped in white, the elders weeping for lost generations. As we remember the yoke of oppression, the parting of the sea, and that first taste of freedom, may we find our way through the pain to renewed hope.

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