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I’ve always loved basketball, and for a long time, I’ve played in local leagues and pickup games. More than 20 years ago, I got roped into refereeing a few games in a church league. I caught the bug in a big way, and I’ve been serving as an official for local games ever since. Being on the floor with the players and feeling the energy coming from a good crowd is one of the best parts of being a referee. I have the best seat in the house. I get to see some great athletes make some amazing plays — not to mention, it’s also a good workout! I’m running up and down the court the whole time. PAIN GOT YOU DOWN? WE HAVE TWO UPCOMING FREE WORKSHOPS! Knee Workshop, Tuesday, Oct. 15 Shoulder and Rotator Cuff Workshop, Tuesday, Oct. 29 Visit our website or give us a call to register. We look forward to seeing you here! I initially got into reffing because I love the game and realized it would

be a good way to stay close to it after I started to slow down as a player. Since I started, though, my motivation for doing it has evolved. I’ve made some really good friends over the last few years with other referees, and it’s become a really great social outlet. There are a lot of people I can call friends now whom I never would have met if I didn’t do this. Reffing has taught me some cool life lessons, too. Conflict resolution is a big one; I’m helping to keep the peace between players, teams, and coaches. The calls I make can determine the outcome of a game, and I need to feel confident in them. Communication is key, too. As one of the people setting the tone for the game, I have to make sure my fellow referees, coaches, and players understand my decisions. I’ve learned how prepared I need to be to make those judgments. The more prepared I am, the better calls I can make. Between games, I’m always watching videos and reviewing the rule book to see where I can do better.

I’ve also learned a lot about teamwork and trust. Typically, I have two other officials out on the court with me helping to see the play of the game. We trust each other to take care of our areas and to see what the other person can’t. You can’t cover someone else's section for them, otherwise you’ll miss what’s happening in your area. You depend on each other. Many of the lessons I’ve taken with me from reffing translate to my professional and personal life. Communication, trust, and teamwork are all key aspects of any relationship. They’re tenets we call upon every day in our clinics. As physical therapists, we trust one another to provide exceptional care to each patient, and we go through training and do our homework to feel confident in every call we make. I’m excited to get back on the court this fall and watch some great basketball happen. After all, I have the best seat in the house. –Sean Weatherston

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