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Summer Trend Outlook



Summer Trend Outlook

It might only be February but we’re already dream- ing of warmer weather. This month’s trend outlook is all about the top topics that we believe will make it big in the summer of 2018. From outdoor enter- taining ideas to seasonally-inspired recipes, we’ve got everything you need to appeal to shoppers during the warmer weather months. The following planning guide is complete with cat- egory trend data from Ahalogy Muse. Your brand can use these insights to drive content creation, dis- cover examples of high-quality branded influencer content, and explore thought starters for your own campaign planning.

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4 | Summer Trend Outlook

Summer Grilling FOOD & DRINK

Ladies and gentlemen, fire up your grills because we’ve got the top summer grilling trends that you simply have to try! Made with fruits, vegetables, and everything in between, these emerging recipe ideas are full of cook- ing inspiration for shoppers to enjoy. Use the following trending topics to help your readers get the most out of their grill this summer.

6 | Holiday Trend Outlook

Powered by Muse | 7

FOOD & DRINK Summer Grilling



“Summer grilling” begins to trend in the beginning of April, reaching its highest peak on May 27. However, this topic also experiences several small peaks in late June and early July. Be sure to plan ahead with plenty of summer content to ensure that you’re reaching viewers throughout the season.











“Summer grilling” peaks on May 27.

Peak Months: June

July May August


Grilled Pineapple

Mojo Salmon Kabobs

Grilled Potato Pizza

8 | Summer Trend Outlook

Powered by Muse | 9

This summer, make a splash with your next Brandables campaign thanks to our data- driven category trend insights. The below topics represent the latest and greatest in Dood & Drink. Here’s a hint, you might want to dust off your grill. Top Content Ideas FOOD & DRINK

10 | Holiday Trend Outlook

Powered by Muse | 11

FOOD & DRINK Foil Pack Dinners

Shoppers are all about dish-free recipes. That’s why we think that foil pack dinners will take off in the summer of 2018. These versatile and easy-to-make meals are most popu- lar during peak grilling season.

“Foil pack” reaches its highest peak in popularity on June 22, making this topic the perfect addition to every summer menu.

Everyone knows that fresh fruits are a staple of summertime menus. Add a modern twist to this seasonal treat by embracing the grilled fruit trend as a better-for-you dessert option. FOOD & DRINK: Grilled Fruit

“Grilled Fruit” peaks on May 29 when shoppers begin searching for new ways to enjoy seasonal produce.

12 | 2018 Trend Predictions

Powered by Muse | 13

Oh me, oh my, it’s a grilled pizza pie! With endless topping possibili- ties, this warm weather food trend is perfect for laid back family dinners or casual entertaining events. FOOD & DRINK: Grilled Pizza

“Grilled Pizza” reaches its peak on May 28 and August 15; making this a popular topic that people will engage with all summer long.

FOOD & DRINK: Grilled Salads

Sayonara steak! There’s a new sum- mertime grilling food in town. Grilled salads are a healthy—not to mention delicious—food trend that we predict will take off when shoppers are plan- ning their backyard barbecue menus.

“Grilled Salad” is at its most popular on June 28 and July 9 as shoppers love to experiment with vegetable-based side dishes.


When it comes to influencer campaigns, Ahalogy likes to do things a little differently. That’s why we rely on category trend data for all of our campaigns. The below Brandables examples were created by our Ahalogy Partners—a network made up of 5,500+ talented influencers, photographers, and top-notch content creators. Brandables Examples

What better way to inspire consumers than with a fresh and flavorful summertime recipe? We teamed up with Kitchen Konfidence and The Coca-Cola Company to give shoppers a new way include Gold Peak Sweet Tea at their next cookout. These Sweet Tea Pork Chops with Grilled Peaches offer a modern twist on a classic dinner dish that’s sure to appeal to a variety of taste palettes.

In Collaboration with: Kitchen Konfidence Coke & Sam’s Club SWEET TEA PORK CHOPS & GRILLED PEACHES

18 | Summer Trend Outlook

Powered by Muse | 19

Meal prep meets a family-favorite recipe in this collaboration between Little Figgy and Rubbermaid Brilliance. Readers devoured these DIY Individual Grilled Pizzas thanks to an easy-to-follow simplified dinner routine that’s perfect for busy weekday schedules. This Brandables campaign drove new product purchases through new usage occasions for families everywhere.

Rubbermaid Brilliance GRILLED PIZZA

In Collaboration with: Little Figgy

20 | Summer Trend Outlook

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This summer, we’re all about the outdoors. Consumers love to spruce up their backyard. That’s why we gathered a collection of DIY craft ideas that are perfect for helping shop- pers become one with nature. The following data-driven trend insights cover everything from herb gardens to pallet furniture and so much more. Outdoor Decor DIY & CRAFTS

22 | Holiday Trend Outlook

Powered by Muse | 23

DIY & CRAFTS Outdoor Decor



The topic “Outdoor Decor” reaches multiple peaks throughout the summer on April 27, May 15, May 24, and June 2. Consumers will be looking for this content well in advance so take advantage of our trend data to ensure that you have plenty of fresh content ideas.




Flower Pot

Mason Jar


String Light




“Outdoor decor” peaks on April 27, May 15, May 24, and June 2.

Peak Months: November May

April June


DIY Outdoor Bar Stand Reveal

Outdoor Decorating Ideas: Lanterns

Decorating Outdoor Spaces

24 | Summer Trend Outlook

Powered by Muse | 25

We love finding new and engaging ways to connect with consumers. Luckily, we’ve got plenty of fresh DIY & Crafts ideas to get you through the summer. The following topics are among the most trends that shoppers will be looking for this season. Top Content Ideas DIY & CRAFTS

26 | Holiday Trend Outlook

Powered by Muse | 27

DIY & CRAFTS Mason Jar

Mason jars aren’t just for cocktails anymore. Shoppers are using this farmhouse-chic crafting staple in everything from DIY garlands to a custom chandelier!

“Mason Jar” remains popular throughout the summer months, experiencing a small spike in popularity on August 20.

You don’t have to be a cooking affi- cianado to embrace this herb garden trend. Decorative pots or homemade planters are a fun way for consumers to show off their green thumbs. DIY & CRAFTS Herb Garden

Look for “Herb Garden” to reach its peak on May 18—just as warmer weather hits.

28 | 2018 Trend Predictions

Powered by Muse | 29


Calling all craft lovers! We’re pre- dicting that jute will rise to the top of the charts this summer. The natural craft material can be used in wall hangings, homemade jewelry, or even a DIY jute string lantern.

“Jute” hits a major spike in popularity on June 10. However, this topic can be engaged with throughout the summer.”

DIY & CRAFTS Pallet Furniture

Reduce, reuse, recycle. The pallet fur- niture trend is all about making chic and stylish home decor pieces out of repurposed materials. Just watch out for splinters!

“Pallet Furniture” experiences several spikes throughout the year; including May 6 when consumers begin planning for summer entertaining.

DIY & CRAFTS We’re always looking for new ways to include our data-driven insights in all of our influencer cam- paigns. Explore the following Brandables examples to see how Ahalogy Partners—a network made up of 5,500+ talented influencers, photographers, and top-notch content creators—added their own cre- ative spin to some classic DIY & Craft tutorials. Brandables Examples

Viewers didn’t have to have a large backyard to enjoy this DIY hanging fence garden from Thrift Diving. Created in partnership with BEHR Paint, this space-saving outdoor decor idea makes it easy for shoppers to create the home of their dreams. Seamless product integration ensured that this Brandables cam- paign helped to drive brand awareness in new and creative ways.


In Collaboration with: Thrift Diving BEHR

34 | Summer Trend Outlook

Powered by Muse | 35

It’s no wonder that this partnership between Francois Et Moi and Loew-Cornell connected with key viewers—it was just so pretty! Rang- ing from easy to advanced, this collection of DIY & Craft tutorials helped readers create an outdoor entertaining space that they could enjoy all summer long. It even integrated our data-driven trend insights in the process.


In Collaboration with: Francois et Moi Loew-Cornell

36 | Summer Trend Outlook

Powered by Muse | 37


The first thing people want to do when the warmer weather hits is celebrate! That’s why we think that backyard parties will be such a hit this season. Explore the following topics to see how you can help shoppers add a modern twist to their pool parties, backyard barbecues, and neighborhood cookouts. Our trends will make you the hottest brand in town this summer.

38 | Holiday Trend Outlook

Powered by Muse | 39




Consumers begin planning their backyard parties as early as February 18. While this topic reaches peak popularity on May 24, it continues to experience multiple spikes throughout the summer. Pro- vide shoppers with a variety of entertaining occasions to ensure that your brand is always top of mind this season.


Fire Pit



Outdoor Bar


Kids Activity




“Backyard party” peaks on May 24.

Peak Months: June

July May August


Black Cherry Peach Smash

5 Life Hacks to Make your Backyard Amazing

Movie Night in Your Backyard

40 | Summer Trend Outlook

Powered by Muse | 41

Let’s get the party started with the hottest Entertaining trends of 2018! Complete with plenty of warm-weather party ideas, we think that the following topics will capture the attention of shoppers this summer. Top Content Ideas ENTERTAINING

42 | Holiday Trend Outlook

Powered by Muse | 43


Let the good times roll with a DIY outdoor bar cart. This sum- mer-favorite Entertaining trend is a fun and easy way to keep guests refreshed at backyard cookouts.

“Outdoor Bar” experiences a peak on June 20 as shoppers begin hosting informal parties with friends.


You’re never too old for the ooey gooey fun of a campfire s’more. Help shoppers celebrate the sweeter side of life with a s’more station—perfect for at-home summer entertaining.

“S’more Station” is at its most popular on June 21 when consumers can easily host a bonfire.

44 | 2018 Trend Predictions

Powered by Muse | 45

ENTERTAINING Larger-Than-Life Games

Bigger is better when it comes to these larger-than-life games. Take a traditional childhood favorite and supersize it! We predict that summer entertaining events will be dominated by everything from yard twister to DIY lawn dominos.

We see the topic “Oversize Game” spike on June 19, a popular time for graduation parties.

ENTERTAINING Picnic-Style Party

There’s just something about an outdoor picnic that captures con- sumers’ nostalgia for simpler times. Embrace this summer entertaining trend with a picnic-style party, com- plete with plenty of tasty treats and good company.

“Picnic” experiences large spikes on May 26 and June 30 as consumers continue to enjoy the warmer weather during the summer months.


Brandables Examples

A little data goes a long way in ensuring that these Entertaining content examples reach the right view- ers every time. Each of these Brandables campaigns was created by an Ahalogy Partner—a network made up of 5,500+ talented influencers, photogra- phers, and top-notch content creators.

When it comes to inspirational Entertaining content, this collaboration between The Fresh Exchange and Finlandia Vodka knocked it out of the park! This DIY summer cocktail bar drove consumers to put their Finlandia Vodka products out on display, ensuring continued brand visibility all summer long. When paired with a variety of easy cocktail recipes, this campaign appealed to a wide variety of people.

In Collaboration with: The Fresh Exchange Finlandia DIY SUMMER COCKTAIL BAR

50 | Summer Trend Outlook

Powered by Muse | 51

Nothing says summertime fun like a good old-fashioned chips and dip recipe! That’s why we teamed up with Alice and Lois and Frito-Lay to ensure that their Lay’s Kettle Cooked Potato Chip product was always top of mind for busy shoppers who were planning their backyard barbecue menus. The addition of an easy picnic party ensured that consumers could always find a new usage occasion for this classic snack food.


In Collaboration with: Alice and Lois Frito-Lay

52 | Summer Trend Outlook

Powered by Muse | 53

School’s out and the summer fun is just get- ting started! From water balloon fights to neighborhood games of hide and seek, the summer months are all about kid-friendly activities. The following trends add a modern twist to classic childhood games. Thanks to these top trending topics, kids and parents alike can find plenty of fun things to do until back-to-school season starts again. Summer Fun Activities KIDS & PARENTING:

54 | Holiday Trend Outlook

Powered by Muse | 55

KIDS & PARENTING Summer Fun Activities



As the winter weather fades away and spring takes its place, parents begin searching for “summer activity” ideas. While this topic begins trend- ing upward in late March, it doesn’t peak until June 5, June 20, and July 8. You’ll want to ensure that your summer con- tent is ready well in advance in order to capture the atten- tion of the early planners.






Sidewalk Chalk





“Summer activity” peaks on June 5, June 20, and July 8

Peak Months: June

May July August


10 Cheap Ways to End Kids’ Summer Boredom

Summer Camp Planning Made Easy

7 Things Kids can Learn from Running a Lemonade Stand

56 | Summer Trend Outlook

Powered by Muse | 57

Children aren’t the only ones who get to have fun this summer. Parents are always looking for new and creative ways to bust the summer vacation boredom with easy activity ideas. The following topics represent the best Kids & Parenting summer trends for 2018. Top Content Ideas KIDS & PARENTING

58 | Holiday Trend Outlook

Powered by Muse | 59


Pops aren’t just for eating! Who needs the neighborhood ice cream truck when you can just play with your popsicles instead? This kid-fa- vorite trend is sure to bring out your playful side.

The topic “pops” remains consistently popular throughout the year, reaching its high- est point on June 7.

KIDS & PARENTING On-the-go Snack

Between summer camp, sleepovers, and intramural sports games, a parent’s day can get pretty hectic. That’s why on-the-go-snacks are such a popular content idea during the summer months. Portable food options help to keep kids—and their parents—happy!

While “on-the-go snack” is most popular in early February, this topic re-emerges during the summer months—peaking on August 19.

60 | 2018 Trend Predictions

Powered by Muse | 61

KIDS & PARENTING Birthday Party

Make a wish! Kids’ birthday parties are a top emerging trend for the summer of 2018. Thanks to the freedom of a school-free schedule, parents love to go all out with their child’s big day. From the perfect cake to a creative party theme, there are plenty of ways that you can use this topic to connect with shoppers.

“Kids birthday” remains consistently engaged with throughout the year, however, this topic experiences small spikes on May 1, June 20, and June 28.

KIDS & PARENTING Learning Activity

The learning doesn’t have to stop just because school is out. Make life’s teachable moments fun again with a kid-friendly learning activity. Homemade slime and paper mache volcanoes are just some of the ways that consumers can help keep their kids sharp for back-to-school season.

The topic “learning activity” experiences a rapid increase in popularity from late July to late August as parents begin to prepare their kids for back-to-school season.


Our category trend data is part of what sets each Brandables campaign apart, not to mention our gor- geous and high quality creative. The following posts were created by an Ahalogy Partner—a network made up of 5,500+ talented influencers, photogra- phers, and top-notch content creators. Brandables Examples

There’s more than one way to help consumers celebrate life’s special moments. We teamed up with American Greetings and Pickles and Honey to inspire shoppers to add a personal touch to their summer birthday celebra- tions. Homemade dessert recipes make every family party sweeter while a handwritten card becomes a sentimental keepsake that will be saved and treasured.

In Collaboration with: Pickles n Honey American Greetings SIMPLE SUMMER BIRTHDAY RECIPES

66 | Summer Trend Outlook

Powered by Muse | 67

As summer winds to a close, parents start look- ing ahead to back-to-school season. For Zone- Perfect and Good Life For Less, that meant an organized after-school snack station! Complete with printable sports practice schedules and plenty of nutritious goodies, this Brandables campaign was the perfect way to motivate and prepare shoppers for the hectic months ahead.

In Collaboration with: Good Life for Less Zone Perfect BACK TO SCHOOL PREP

68 | Summer Trend Outlook

Powered by Muse | 69

POWERED BY MUSE Data-Driven Influencer Content Ahalogy Muse™ is an industry-first software platform to help leading marketers identify and act on changing trends in their category. Powered by a network of 5,500+ premium content creators across the web, the tool is powered by influencer performance data. These same insights are leveraged in our Brandables solution as a guide for creative production. Content creators have the biggest influence on trend development. They’re the first to make a recipe using a new ingredient or the first to try a new fitness craze. We gather influencers’ performance data—across their original content and across billions of their social media posts from Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, and more—to measure the success of these trends so market- ers can act fast.

WHO WE ARE... & What We’re All About

Ahalogy is the Passion to Purchase Platform™. Brands and agencies tap into Ahalogy to reach new audiences and find new usage occasions based on their target consumers’ interests. We deliver proven ROI through our category trend data, premium influencer content, and verified audience targeting. Ahalogy is headquartered in Cincinnati, OH, the global capital of brand marketing.

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