Mack Boots Catalogue


The performance requirements of the foot and ankle are the foundation of our design process. Workplace specific requirements and design features to minimise injuries are overlaid with the performance demands of the foot and ankle. This unique design philosophy is epitomised in our SYST - M ® stamp.

SYST - M ®

Medial wrapped midsole design provides rearfoot stability for those that need it. Particularly important for people with flat feet and those that wear orthotics or arch supports.


Sole unit technology designed to maximise adaption to uneven terrain and reduce injury risks.


Sole shape and tread pattern engineered to optimise fluid dispersion beneath the foot to minimise slips.

Hydro dynamic ™

Upper design system to allow the natural movement of the foot and ankle from heel strike to toe-off.

articulated FIT ™

Heel shaped to match the natural heel strike position during walking to maximise contact area and provide a smooth ride.

asym BEVEL ™

Breathable memory foam insole that moulds to the foot providing a customised fit and helping to reduce in-shoe friction.


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