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Biography George Treacy (Treacey, Tracey, Tracy) Stevens was born in 1838. He arrived in Otago about 1858 and worked in Dunedin and later Invercargill as a draughtsman in the Lands and Survey Department. In 1875 he produced a general plan of the town of Invercargill, a finely drawn and coloured work. Stevens set up as a land, estate and general commission agent and surveyor in Invercargill in 1878, but by 1880, as a hotelkeeper, he was in debt. Two years later, living in Christchurch, he filed for bankruptcy. By 1885 Stevens had moved to Auckland to work as a surveyor, and it is here that his major legacy was created and published in early 1886. Stevens was something of a designer and registered a number of patents during the late 1880s and 1890s, notably the ‘Sureefer’ for reefing sails, the ‘Stevens Patent Lacer’ for fastening boots and shoes and one for fish joints for railways or tramways.

In the early 1890s he moved to Wellington and returned to draughting.

Stevens married Susan Parsons in 1861. They had twelve children, although several died young. He died at his residence in Island Bay, Wellington on 6 September 1916 and is buried at Karori Cemetery, Wellington.

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