Vol. 4 | Fall 2019


THE CHUMISS AND THE MICKEN Author: Annie McCarvel McCutcheon A new twist on the question: which came first the chicken or the egg complete with a sweet friendship between chimera-like creatures who are trying to find belonging. Buy: Montana Book Co. MIRACLE IN THE MUNDANE Author: Tyler Knott Gregson Summary: Known for

ANOTHER ATTEMPT AT RESCUE Author: M.L. Smoker M.L. Smoker, one of our current Poet Laureates, writes down-to-earth and lyrical poetry that is not only set in Montana’s vast landscape, but also memory. Smoker belongs to the Assiniboine and Sioux tribes of the Fort

Peck Reservation in north-eastern Montana, but lives here in Helena. Buy: Montana Historical Society

his Instagram presence and mostly prose poems that are brief but tender

expressions of love, Gregson returns to the page to inspire creativity using writing prompts that accompany his lyricism. Gregson, as usual, implores his readers to live their

HAUNTED HELENA Author: Ellen Baumler

A classic for Helena history buffs and ghost hunters. As if you didn’t already know that many more places beyond Helena’s historical sites are haunted. Can’t you feel that cold cloud pass through you as you walk through your neighbor’s house? Buy: Montana Historical Society

best life. Buy: Montana Book Co. PLANTED Author: Sarah Shaw An acorn's journey through darkness and its struggle to grow into a strong oak tree. Buy: plantedbook.com

THE BEHAVIOR OF LOVE Author: Virginia Reeves A look at the life of a married couple struggling to connect. He’s a doctor at a mental hospital that finds himself drawn to a patient. She is bored and doesn’t receive the attention she needs. Reeves takes us through an emotional and tense journey about what comes of a marriage after an illicit

THE MAN WHO PLANTS TREES Author: Jim Robbins A walk with a man whose desire to save endangered trees leads him on adventures around the world. Robbins takes us alongside his journey which may ultimately be futile but is important for us all being of Earth. Buy: Aunt Bonnie’s Books

tryst. Buy: Montana Book Co.

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