State University College at Buffalo


All the world's a sJage, And all the men and women merely players: They have their exits and their entrances; And one man in his time plays many parts... -Sharespeare 1

As You Like It, II, 7

1300 Eln1wood Avenue, Buffalo, New York 14222

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·Buffalo State College WORLD CLASS s Ill et in the heart of the city, Buffalo State College has proven time and time again that it educates and nurtures students to become world class individuals.·

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' ,\{Iff kit ~TATE

This type of spirit makes a world of · difference.

Homecoming • 5

The World Con1es Crashing Dovvn on the Red Dragons!

Homecoming weekend is the most antici– -:Rated weekend of the school year at Buffalo State College. This is the weekend when students, faculty, and staff come out and support their school and their nationally ranked Bengals. The fun began with the pep rally which included the ceremonial kickoff with the burning oftheCortland Red Dragon, and the crowningof Heather Eheho as Homecoming Queen and Martin Lacayo as Homecoming King. Game day was filled with activity as the Car Paradegot underway in the morning

followed by the Float Competition in the afternoon where Phi Sigma Sigma and Phi Sigma Kappa took home wins for the seond year in a row. The highlight of the day however, was the Bengals' magnifi– cent win over the Red Dragons in the Homecoming game with a final score of 17-10. Every year, students, faculty, and staff come out with a world of energy and enthusiasm to show their support of Buffalo State College. The 1994 Homecom– ing celebration was no exception.



Homecoming •


WORLD OF ACTIVITY While walking around campus, the one attribute that' is most noticeable is the vast c~ltural and ethnic diversity among our students and faculty. The larg– est contributor to this ensemble of diversity is Buffalo State College's organiza– tion and clubs. With over fifty organizations and clubs to choose from, as spe– cialized as the Dead Economists Society, to as general as the all encompassing U.S.G. (United Student Government), students should have no trouble finding one that is comfortable. Students can use these organizations and clubs to learn valuable knowledge in their repective field of study, or as a means of becoming acquainted with the campus and all it has to offer. Either way, these organiza– tions and clubs provide each and every student with an opportunity to express themselves to the limit.

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Organizations •

The Wild World of SPORTS

At Buffalo State, pride and commitment are the two words most associated with sports. Buffalo State is well known around the State University of New York Athletic Conference (SUNYAC), and the nation as having one of the best sports programs. Whether it's being or softball, or just fielding competive teams, Buffalo State a contender to be feared. Their dedica tion has made a world of difference. • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • 0 •• ranked nationally in football, basketball,


Sports •

OUT OF THIS WORLD Greeks at Buffalo State College reach out.

Fraternities and sororities alike pride themselves on participation in such events as Project White Face, The Spirit

of Giving Week, the Homecoming parade, and the Haunted Tunnel. Through volunteer work and com– munity service projects, the greek organizations at Buffalo State Col– lege are doing their part to make our world a little bit better. •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• GREEK ORGANIZATIONS

Alpha Epsilon Pi Fraternity Alpha Epsilon Phi Sorority Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Alpha Omega Zeta Fraternity Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Alpha Sigma Alpha Sorority Alpha Sigma Tau Sorority Delta Kappa Zeta Inter-Greek Association Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Lambda Upsilon Lambda Fraternity Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Omicron Omega Nu Sorority Panhellenic Phi Beta Sigma Phi Kappa Sigma Fraternity Phi Kappa Tau Phi Sigma Kappa Phi Sigma Sigma Sorority Sigma Delta Tau Sorority Sigma Gamma Rho Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity Sigma Tau Gamma Fraternity Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity Theta Sigma Tau Sorority Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc.

AWORLD OF OUR OWN Residence Life at Buffalo State Colle e From the Towers to Twinrise South, the world of dorm life is the first chance students have to be on their own. Living in the dorms may be the one experience we will remember most, of our days at Buffalo State College. We will remember searching for quarters from our floormates to do laundry, screaming at people to turn down their music at 3:00 in the morning, and going outside at insane hours for firedrills. And who can forget the white walls of the dorms, and the squeeky, uncomfortable beds that kept us awake the night before a major exam. But most of all we will remember the lifelong friendships that developed by living with others. These friend– ships will have a major impact on us, and eventually will make a world of difference.


in the


Student Life at Buffalo State College


Derrick Samuel Baird Buffalo, N.Y. Economics

Timothy W. Baierlein Valley Stream, N .Y. General Studies / History

Angel Abreu Dominican Republic Industrial Technology

Melissa A. Adams Grand Island, N.Y. Health/Wellness

Amy L. Bachert Delevan, N.Y. Sociology

Shelly Anne Akins North Tonawanda, N.Y. Elementary Education

Bridget M. Baumer Rochester, N .Y. Health/ Wellness

Muafaq T. Albaneh Yemen Economics

Anthea N. Allen New York, N.Y. Psychology

Joseph L. Bart Bronx, N.Y. Food Management Sys– tems / Music

Jorge A. Ballestas Queens, N.Y. Speech Pathology and

Andrea Danita Alston Rochester, N.Y. Speech Language Pathology

Audiology ----

Douglas W. Anderson Staten Island, N.Y. Criminal Justice

Vito A. Biondo Huntington Station, N.Y. Mechanical Engineering Technology

Daniel S. Becker Rochest~r, N.Y. History

Rodneyse Bichotte Brooklyn, N .Y. Electrical Engineering Technology .

Sheldon Applewhite Brooklyn, N.Y. Sociology

Deborah A. Averso Bellmore, N.Y. Fashion Technology




Nikki 0. Calliste Trinidad, West Indies Social Studies Secondary Education

Donna M. Byrd-Pearman Brooklyn, N .Y. Economics/ Finance

William C. Bosiacki Buffalo, N.Y. Urban/Regional Planning and Analysis

Milton F. Butts Bronx, N.Y. Humanities

Sherlie Blaise Brooklyn, N.Y. Anthropology I African & African-Amer. studies

Acquaba N. Blair Brooklyn, N .Y. Humanities/Biology

No Photo Available

Danton J. A. Cardoso Clarence, N.Y. English

Jennifer Cancel Buffalo, N.Y. Spanish Secondary Education

Brandy L. Campbell Buffalo, N.Y. Elementary Education

Seldine N. Brookes St. Kittsand Nevis, West Indies Social Work/Afro-American studies

I Anthony D. Bradley Niagara Falls, N.Y. Economics

Janet Bromell Queens, N.Y. Elementary Education

.. Yue-Chung A. Chan Hong Kong Graphic Design

\ Wendy Nicole Cavuoto Rochester, N.Y. Psychology

Kelly J. Carville Utica, N.Y. Psychology Efernentary Education

Nadine L. Browne Brooklyn, N.Y. Fashion Merchandising & Fashion Apparel Design

Vinnette A. Brown Jamaica, West Indies Social Work

Kristie L. Brown Middletown, N.Y. Exceptional Education

• -------------------------------------l ·,,,}/ SENIORS



Vanessa Ann Clay Spring Valley, N.Y. Sociology/ Social Work

Nancy Cubi Rochester, N.Y. Sociology

David T. Chrisman Overland Park, KS. Art Education/ Art

Lisa Marie Coultny Mount Morris, N.Y. Broadcasting

James J. Chandler Albany, N.Y. Economics

Madeline Corredor Bronx, N.Y. Social Work/ Spanish

Kibibi M. Cunningham Brooklyn, N.Y. Elementary Education

Gloria Doze Czworka Attica, N.Y. Design/ Fine Art

Alexandra B. Cohen Nesconset, N.Y. Sociology

Lani Suzanne Cohen Smithtown, N.Y. Graphic Design

Kimberly Davis Rochester, N.Y. Economics

Atasha J. Codginton Brooklyn, N.Y. Psychology

Jessica L. DeDomenico Niagara Falls, N.Y. Speech Languag~ Pathology and Audiology

Susan M. Colistra Goshen, N.Y. Elementary Education/ Mathematics

Maya L. H. Coleman Elmira, N.Y. Psychology/Sociology

Rachel Eden Cohen Merrick, N.Y. English

Jason R. Dernbach Cheektowaga, N.Y. ~ Industrial Technology

Lauren J. Dewey East Amherst, N.Y. Broadcasting

' , '



! .


-~--~ /


..... Claudia L. Fossi-Thurston Caracas, Venezuela Speech Language Pathology and Audiology

Daniel P. Gailo~ Cortland, N .Y. Graphic Design

Laurie T. Dobler Buffalo, N.Y. Health /Wellness

Lavonne J. Dogan Queens, N.Y. Humanities

Elizabeth A. Donovan Middletown, N.Y. French Language and Literature

Donna}. Furl Springville, N .Y. Social Work

Iechia F. Drinkwater Antigua, West Indies Humanities

Hattie R. Dupree Brooklyn, N.Y. Social Work / African American Studies

Nicola J. Eason Bronx, N .Y. Social Work

Maria C. Galizio Central Islip, N.Y. Criminal Justice

Charu Gangwal India Public Communication

JeffreyS. D. George Wayland, N.Y. . Industrial Technology I History

Scott C. Gerson Middletorrn, N.Y. Criminal Justice

Nowel Eloudi Lackawanna, N.Y. Elementary Education

Carrie L. Fascia Syracuse, N.Y. Journalism

Alyssa S. Fries Long Island, N.Y. Public Communication

Andrew M. Gilleece New Rochelle, N.Y. Broadcasting

Niagara Falls, N.Y. Economics



.......... . ·-·

.. . . . ... . . . . .. . ... .. . .. ... -· ,......

Alana M. Greco Rochester, N.Y. Social Work/English

Gennel T. Graham Brooklyn, N.Y. Elementary Education

Lisa T. Golden Queens, N.Y. Political Science

Michelli L. M. Hoover Philadelphia, N.Y. Elementary Education/ Social Studies

Shawn P. Hosking Buffalo, N.Y. Urban and Regional

Cassandra M. Howard Syracuse, N.Y. Apparel Design

Kerrie Ann Halgash Lewiston, N.Y. Elementary Education

Charlene M. Hagen Rochester, N.Y. Elementary Education

Rosemary Howard Lockport, N.Y. Business Studies

Lisa A. Humphrey Auburn, N.Y. Sociology

Jennifer A. Guely Buffalo, N.Y. Graphic Design

El-Kahina F. Hunt Syracuse, N.Y. Sociology




Denise Herkey West Seneca, N.Y. Criminal Justice

Thrusha A. Henderson Youngstown, OH. Sociology I African & Afri– can American Studies

James D. Jarosz Watertow~, N.Y. Business

Rebecca Lee Harris Buffalo, N.Y. Fashion Technology

Marie M. Joseph Brooklyn, N.Y. Mathematics Jennifer G. Kalinowski Cheektowaga, N .Y. Business Studies I German SENI-O~R-8~------.----,(~)



:J Jennifer A. LoGuidice Utica, N.Y. Elementary Education / Psychology

Irma C. Lopez Port Chester, N.Y. Humanities/ Italian & Spanish

Mary C. Long-Weyand Buffalo, N .Y. Criminal Justice

Tina Louise Kielma South Cheektowaga, N.Y. Fashion Merchandising

Cheryl A. Krieger Niagara Falls, N.Y. Speech Language Pathol– ogy and Audiology

Tracey A. Kumpf Akron, N.Y. Elementary Education

Jennifer Lynn Maciag Depew, N.Y. Psychology

Ronald G. Marquez Queens, N.Y. Computer Information · Systems

Marsha Mann San Diego, CA. English Education

Melissa B. Kurlanzik Commack, N.Y. Elementary Education

Lauriel D. Larkin Rochester, N.Y. Political Science/Criminal Justice

Jennifer Leigh Kunego Bergen, N.Y. Graphic Design

Susan Mayer Arcade N. y Business St~d~es Erin M. McGrath Schenectaday, N.Y. Social Work r--------S~E_N_I_O_R_S __ ~-~-_____,(1P) Heather M. McClain Buffalo, N .Y. Speech Language Pathol– ogy and Audiology

Hewart Hopeton Paul Livingston Brooklyn, N.Y. Economics and Finance

Stacey M. Licker Dix Hills, N.Y. Sociology

Joy D. Lashley Brooklyn, N.Y. Economics and Finance



Karen Ott Springville, N.Y. Health/ Wellness

Darlene Mercado Buffalo, N.Y. Business Studies

Gordon R. Olinger Corfu, N.Y. Business

Christopher H. Millis Saratoga Springs, N.Y. Art/Illustration

Walter J. Morrison III Northport, N.Y. Hotel and Restaurant t

Michael C. Nolder Buffalo, N.Y. Mathematics /Secondary Education

Christy A. Peet Baldwinsville, N.Y. Elementary Education / Social Studies .

Alena Paolucci Voorhees, N.J. Health/ Wellness

Gregory D. Mott Buffalo, N .Y. Elementary Education

Nelida Muniz Buffalo, N.Y. Spanish Secondary Education

Sara S. Musalli Wharton, N.J. Biology

Michele Owens Bronx, N.Y. Fashion Merchandising

Theresa M. Penny DetroiUN1i. Geoscience Julianne C. Pielecha Tonawanda, N.Y. Psychology :---------S-E-=--N-I_O_R_S-~---------, (~ Dara M. Peyton Plattsburgh, N .Y. Speech Pathology

Shinobu Nakajima Hokkaido, Japan Biology

Nancy M. Nedell Tonawanda, N.Y. Elementary Education/ Math

Kimberly A. Neel Tampa, FL. Social Work



David W. Polak Orchard Park, N.Y. Business

Kelly Michelle Pugh Buffalo, N.Y. Social Work

Penny L. Pullin Lyons, N.Y. Elementary Education/ Science

LeeS. Sauit Lake Grove, N .Y. Business

Alfred E. Runkel III Lancaster, N.Y. Electrical Engineering T~;.;;.;.;;.;~~~~

Buffalo, N.Y. Sociology/ Criminal Justice

Gerard B. Seward White Plains, N.Y. Political Science

Rennelle A. Simmonds Ossiwing, N.Y. Spanish Language and Literature /Italian

Chris John Putman Buffalo, N.Y. Sociology

Lisa Quinones Bronx, N.Y. Sociology

Dana Ann Ramos New York, N.Y. Theatre Arts

Sharon E~ Sipes Niagara Falls, N.Y. Painting

Pauline Marie Skowron En . Buffalo,~.Y. ghsh Secondary Education

Brandon L. Smith Buffalo, N.Y. History

Tykeen J. Robinson Staten Island, N .Y. Business Studies I Econom– ics Management

Rebecca S. Rosenthal Buffalo, N.Y. Fashion Technology

Lawrence Ruiz Bethpage, N.Y. Broadcasting I Spanish

Jennifer R. Starczewski Buffalo, N.Y. Psychology

. .






· .......... ~~

/ ·


~ Daniel E. Stockfield La Grangeville, N.Y. Public Communications/ Creative Studies

Wilfredo A. Tineo Manhattan, N.Y. Spanish

Marcia E. Sutherland Jamaica, West Indes Business I Managerial Economics

Dana C. Stewart Liverpool, N.Y. Anthropology

Sharon D. Thornton Lockport, N.Y. Broadcast Communications

Krista M. Thomas Lewiston, N.Y. Art History

Jozett J. Turner Brooklyn, N.Y. English

Carissa C. Uschold Rochester, N.Y. English

Ana N. Thomas Buffalo, N.Y. Broadcasting

Tania Teng Taiwan Public Communication

Susan M. Szadek Corfu, N.Y. Elementary & Exceptional Education

Alicia M. Wiggins Webster, N.Y. Elementary Education/ Biology

Keri A. Thomas Lewiston, N.Y. Broadcasting I English

Michael J. Vaz New York, N .Y. Political Science

Karen A. Thomas Jamaica, West Indes Hotel, Restaurant, and Tourism Administration

Sowmya D. Varadarajan Madras~India Physics

Jennifer L. Thomas Elmira, N.Y. Art Education






Brian D. Stanley . Newburgh, N .Y. Sociology

Justin Hoegerle Buffalo, N .Y. Engineering

Renee Gajewski Cheektowaga, N .Y. Health/Wellness

Lisa M. Wilhelm Amherst, N.Y. Exceptional Education

Kimberly M. Williams Bronx, N.Y. Criminal Justice

Radcliffe G. Williams Brooklyn, N.Y. Electrical Engineering and Technology

YeowTham West Malaysia Music

Julie M. Terranova Buffalo, N. Y. Political Science

Judy Wilson Spencerport, N.Y. Math/Computer Informa– tion Systems

Delores A. Witt Buffalo, N.Y. Criminal Justice

Sheri A. Wolfe Long Island, N.Y. Psychology

Christopher Lloyd Wood Kenmore, N.Y. English Secondary Education

Mona Young Queens, N.Y. The Arts

Suzanne E. Boehm Hamburg, N.Y. Social Work







. . · .



. .


.· .·



Hispanic Drama Club


Bottom: Irma Lopez, Luisa Feliciano, Biolawny Soto, Claudia Pontoie. Second:Eric Turac, Niurka Rodriguez, Madeline Corredor, Juan Carlos Pagan, Jaime Martinez-Tolentino, Monique Morales. Third: Wilfredo Tineo, Alexis Catano, Elizabeth Santiago, Lily Ceispin, Kelly Hernandez, Migdalia Cantaerras DeLara, Jose Miguel, Israel Lopez. Top: Carl Bailey, Siddiq Abdul-:Hadi. Hispanic Drama Club is an organization founded for the enjoyment of masterpieces in Spanish theatre. The goal of the club is to involve the Hispanic and non-Hispanic com– munity in Hispanic ·theatre at Buffalo State College. Stu– dents gain knowledge in theatre techniques and are pro– vided a~opportunity to practice the Spanish language.

Bottom: Renee Rosen, Robert Lechner. Top: Tina Waldman, Rabbi Shmaryahu Charitonow, David Wallach.

CHAI (Chabad Actively Identifies) Jewish Student Educational Organization. CHAI is a social and educational organization for college men and women. CHAI's purpose is to familarize the Jewish culture and traditions through activities in the student union such as displays, movies, and social events cel– ebrating the different holidays with the cultural foods and field trips. Since an integral part of education is learning about all the different societies, this will enrich the student's horizons and will encourage other cultures to follow suit. CHAI (a division of Chabad) is a recognized international organization that is recognized by the President of the United States, Congress, and the Senate for its work in the field of education. In honor of the birthday of the organization's leader, for the past ten years, Congress has proclaimed a day ~ed U.S.A. Education and Sharing Day in his honor. _



Dead Economists Society

Casting Hall Productions


Front: Matt Cohen. Second: Akiko Hashimoto, Matt Coldwell. Third: Anastasia Wolfe, Bil Roedel, Patty Litzen, Robert Rusch. Top: Dave Rzeszutek, Mary Teresa Craddock Casting Hall Productions is an entirely student-run production company that works hand-in-hand with the PerformingArts De– partment to produce three to six plays annually. They believe that the best way to learn about theatre is to do theatre.

Bottom: Scott Muenzner, Kirstin Covelli, Matthew Allen. Top: Hewart H. P. Livingston, Kimberly Davis

Dead Economists Society provides activities for those stu– dents with an interest in economics, and provides informa– tion and guidence to students interested·in pursuing an economics and / or finance-related career. Many of our ac– tivities help to bring students and faculty together to im– prove student/ faculty relations.

Students are involved in q,ll aspects including production, publicity, set construction, costume design, and box office and house management. Good theatre requires a heterogeneous community, and stude~ts of all majors, backgrounds, and experience levels are welcome to become involved.





Bottom: Rebecca Soto,Jessica Wolfrom. Second: Michelle Adamski, Tereathia Herring, Julie K. Ashley, Kathryn A Huber, Shawn P. Hosking. Top: Julie Gilbert, Dave Polak, Denise Herkey, Veronica Heintz, Tim Baierlein.

Bottom: Marcus Nudelman (G. M.), Curtess Kuczkowski, Lee Konikow. Second: Keith DePirro, Jason Lustig. Top: Justin Able, Ryan Houlihan, Matt Makes, Ben Bamba, Brian Arrington, Worth Hemphill.

New York Public Interest Research Group (NYPIRG) is a statewide student-directed consumer and environmental organization. It is a non-partisan, not-for-profit organiza– tion that was established to effect real political reforms while training students and other New Yorkers to be advo– cates. NYPIRG has 19 different campuses across the state. Students at NYPIRG chapters work on projects that sup– port both NYPIRG's statewide agenda and focus on local issues. Students learn how to make a change in social and political issues that directly affect them and their environ– ment. Some activities include Lobby Day in Albany, Earth Week, and Homeless Outreach.

WBNY (91.3fm) offers information and entertainment for campus students and the local community as well as pub– licity for campus organizations. Programming is based on new alternative forms of music. WBNY also addresses stu– dent issues and concerns through the talk show segment of their programming. T.he radto station operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and is operated solely by students.


Student Life

Muslim Student Association


Bottom: Amirah Walker, Karima Barbour, Gail Muhsen, Talib Abdullah, FaheemAbdula-Aziz, Zaki Nazeer, Yousef Abdulla. Top: Nowel Eloodi, Mona Abdulla, Siddiq Abdul Hadi, Idreas Ahmed.

Bottom: Don Blundell, Lisa Walters, Marsha Jackson, Kate Ward, Jamie War– ren, Juan Soto. Top: Joan Bachlany, Angel Hostetter, Susan Hill, Gail Wells, David Haddad.

slim Student Association brings all Muslims together to their obligations while offering a clear-cut under– to the way of life Al-Islam. The aim of the associa– is to promote peace and harmony at Buffalo State Col– while working with fellow students.

There's a lot of life at Buffalo State, and the Student Life Staff has more than 75 years of combined experience in making your life outside the classroom more rewarding, educational, and FUN; Their school spirit is contagious!


Society for Human Resource Management

· Social Work Student Organization


Bottom: Alana Greco, Margaret Wright, Jonathan Koch (Presi– dent) . Second: Linda Backer, Suzanne Johnson, Shirley Ingram, Stacey McEwen, Michelle Constantine, Suzanne Boehm, Victoria Smith, Shiroblen Yasin. Top: Hank Gladkowski, Jonathan Ropers, Patricia Mahoney, Billie Jo Villella, Pat Dexter, Michele LaCorte, Linda Marshall, Donna Furl, Sue Romaszko, Debra Benedick, Kerry Schmidt.

Bottom: Jennifer L. Maciag, Tony DiVincenzo, Laura Browning. Second: Rosemary Howard,_Nicole Watson, Desiree Arthurton. Top: Lisa St. Jean, Dawn Michalski, Jennifer Palmere, Charlene Hinckley, Laura Goettelman, Dr. Robert Delprino (faculty advisor), Robert Lechner, Dr. Howard Stanger (faculty advisor), Steven Morse.

Social Work Student Organization is designed to provide an avenue for students to persue common interests and meet other social work students and faculty. ..

Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM) is a national organization with over 80,.000 members and the leading voice of the HRM profession. It represents over 400 professional and 200 student chapters. Members take advantage of the opportunity to learn moresbout human resource management by participating in chapter projects, guest speakers, and internships, and networking with local professionals at monthly dinners. Menbership in SHRM helps build your career skills for a successful future.

Arab-American Student Association

Academic Assembly


Bottom: Wedade Abdallah, Amal Aldajs, Rola Aldais, Mona Abdulla, Munsen. Top: Yousef Abdulla, Baligh Abu Hummad, Taher Elbaneh, Abraham Abdo, Nabial Nasr, Sadeq Elbaneh, Eiad Museh, Mufaq

Philip Slaiman, Tanya Furlini, Karen Dunn. Second: Kari t, Michael Carpenter, Keith Kaminski, Nicholas Anderson, Andrzejewski, Todd Morris. Top: Tomek Jankowski; Jim Joseph Godzala, Jennifer Kalinowski, Shelia Hauenstien, Mike Amy Sanderson, Kerry Schmidt.

Arab-American Student Association builds unity the Arab-American students at Buffalo State College, cates all students on the concerns of the Arab culture, vides information,.and enourages Arab principles and ditions, self-awareness, unity, self-determination, and collective work and responsibility of being an Arab– can. They organize many events such as the Middle E Cultural Night. ·

Karen Dunn (Secretary), Kari Lambright (President), Tomek Jankowski (Vice-President), Tanya Furlini (Treasure).



Astronomy Club

Press Services


Bottom: Laura L. Metlak. Second: Carly B. Edmunds. Top: Amy Gore, Art Gielow.

Vicki Vulo, Dave Meinzer.

The Astronomy Club is an academic club for students who enjoy learning and sharing Astronomy. Their activities include Astro– nomical-social activities such as observing week–

ends at Whispering Pines camp, and Planetarium/Obser– vatory/Science Center visits to other cities, including Roch ester, Toronto, and Pittsburgh. They are also associated with the Whitworth Ferguson Planetarium, with their members acting as hosts, operators, and even program p ducers. The club has also sponsored a successful public eclipse viewing, and has won an international award for their Astronomy Day Celebration.




Information Processors Association

Math Club


Bottom: Brandy Campbell, Michael Nolder, Annette Abate. Second: Teal Zulawski, Diane Suszka, Mary Rembold, Brian Dena. Top: Timothy Cardinal, Chafles Appleby, Peter Murphy.

Left to Right: Mohsin Rahman (Vice-President), Jin Won Choi (Secretary), Brian Lasota (President), Nicholas Anderson (AA Representative/member).

International Student Organization

Career Development Center


Bottom: Elizabeth Ashman (Reference Area Secretary), Lauren Johnson (Career Counselor). Top: Robert R. Orrange (Assistant Director), Sybil Pressprich (Career Counselor), Stephanie Zuckerman-Aviles (Director), Carlos Tejada (Ca– reer Counselor).

Bottom: Shinobu Nakajima, Katsamone Phangsawath, Tomomi Imura, Keiko Matsuura, Sadeq Albaneh. Second: Keith Chan, Jacky Chan, Mohammed R. Siddiqui, Eleanor Blackburn, Simone Swillus, Takako Kitano, Karen Misner, Charu Gangwal. Top: Ashraf Alfayaz, Gail Muhsen, Eddie Muhleh, Kyoko Tanaka, Anne Mizukoshi, Mariko Yokote, Dr. J.P. Gounard, Siew-Li Yeo, Ben Bamba, Jackie Skinner, Wesley Kasamali, Khalid Abuhamarh, Taher Albaneh. The International Student Organization provides interna– tional understanding and multi-cultural awareness to both American and international students through such activi– ties as International Nights and the annual International Fiesta.

The Career Development Center helps.to open the door to success for students by offering a full range of services in the areas of choosing a career or major, finding a job, and selecting a graduate school. Services are available to all Buffalo State College matriculated undergraduate and graduate!-students. ·


The Record

Weigel Health Center


Bottom: Alice Sullivan. Top: Irene Fruehof, Theresa R. Sb~phen-Hains, MD., Rose Gilmore, Joe Sisson, Susan Trabert, Dolores Sullivan, Chris Zuchowski, Angie Price, Ann Marie Ball, Tusie O'Brien, Amy Roeder.

Bottom: Jeff Dickhut (photo editor), Norm Bryant (cartoon– ist), Stephanie Brizard (business manager), The Scream (con– tributing writer). Top: William Paxon (sports editor), Tim Hanssel (contributing writer), Jamie Hamilton (Montage editor), Bob Cunningham (contributing writer), Margaret Coghlan (news editor, editor-in-chief), Don Meek (sports writer).

The Record reports events and issues of interest to the students of BSC as well as providing a twice-a-week prin medium for campus publicity and the expression of stu– dent opinion.


International Student Advisory Council

I ' I ' , , I ' I I ' I '


I I I ' I

II, "~ r· I I I l' I ,, ~ :~ ·

\ l \ . I I . ~

Lan Liew, Yeo Siew Luan, Mrs. Eleanor Blackburn, Dr. Catherine Ansuini, Yeow Tham, Ketsemore Phangsawath. Second: Kyoko Tanaka, Enny Yuwono, Tung Ting Huang, Jun Yu Chen, Charu Gangwol, an, Rarnrattie Goolsarran, Ghazala Rizvi, Madga Anna Natal. Top: Andy Arnold, Jacques Char, Jeremy Sideris.

Bottom: Amy Sanderson, Jonathan Brown. Top: Wendy Wirth, Sarah Hubbard, Heather Roberts, Ellie Mileva, David Fruscione.

. ...........LH.,....

evaluates the specific needs and demands of the tional students on campus, and reviews policies, , and publications as they relate to international ts whether academic or extra-curricular.

United Students' Government

UnitedStudents' Government


USG represents the interests of the students of the and encourages their active participation in the ~LA..&..&. community. USG sponsors activities funded by the tory student activity fee.


·. · .

. . . . . . . . .. .. . . . . . .


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... . . . .


.· ·.· .. ·.·::: · . ... ·-:-:·:.· . ... . . · . ..


Lambda Upsilon Lambda

Omicron Omega Nu


Phi Kappa Tau

Theta Sigma Tau


•, •, •, •, .. •, . :l •' •' •' .. c=l ~ ·.· r.· ~

. '

r.· ' . ;::



Phi Sigma Kappa

Sigma Lambda Upsilon



Sigma Phi Epsilon

Phi Sigma Sigma


Sigma Tau Gamma



" \

ALPHA Er51LON PHI GSC C>e t 0 Gur1f'1G c~ t F ~111<)'1~ P ~ Epsdon CIa<.> 5

Ple~tfd uso Asc:,tPie~e



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~ '~J :·icnd:, l1 ,,;·( ,. ~ J -/'lt' lhl·'l dJ IVC \) ~liN~! . 1 .... , · Ihv I d . ~····~ '- - "-l,l~,,\ (,U4 :.. --





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-: :.: :- . :. ·::: :\ .· ..· .·.·: ·.·.: ::

.: ... ·.· .·.· .:. . .

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Vice Presidents


Robert J. Gemmett, Ph.D. Vice President for Academic Affairs

~.C. Richardson, Ph.D. ~-'resident of Buffalo State College

Hal D. Payne, J.D. Vice President for Student Affairs


May, 1995

F. C. RICHARDSON. Prrildcnl

My dear students:

In the past few months as questions of how much taxpayer support the State University ofNew York should receive, how much a SUNY education should oost, and who should bear the brunt of the cost have become matters of fierce debate, I have been frequently reminded of an observation by the English playwright Oscar Wilde. "What is a cynic?" he asked rhetorically, then answered,."A man who knows the price ofeverything, and the value of nothing.• It seems to me that we have been hearing a greatdeal about the price of a college degree, but precious little about ita value. Let us non-cynics, then, consider together the worth ofa Buffalo State College education: • In purely economic terms, according to U.S. Census Bureau figures, recipients of n bachelor's degree will enjoy estimated earnings of nearly $1.5 million over the course of their careers, some $600,000 more than their high •chon! classmates who never went to college. College graduates who continue to study, moreover, can expect to see their incomes advanoedramaticallywith each advanced degree. • A college degree, however, is more than a meal ticket or a gold card or a passport to a more affiuent lifestyle. It is a testimonial to yourattainments as an informed and educated person, one who can think critically, weigh opposing viewpoints objectively, and face issues squarely. Such abilities are beyond price. • So nrc the opportunities to broadenyour understanding ofsubjects outside the narrow realm of a opecific career. That is why we encourage you to explore the myriad enriching options of a liberal education in and out ofthe classroom. You live your life more than eight hours a day .. college should be preparation for all 24. • You arc not the only beneficiary of your learning. Obviously, your present and future employers will profit by it. So will your colleagues in the workplace and the family members who will shore in your financial rewards for work well done. But as I noted before, the value of higher education is not measured in dollars alone. As a Buffalo State College graduate, you become on asset, a precious natural resource, of the community and the nation that will proudly claim you as a citizen. "The price of wisdom is above rubies," wrote the unknown author of the Book of Job. Let your knowledge and your wisdom continue to grow, appreciating in value beyondmeasure nowand for your whole life long.

Stanley Kardonsky, Ph.D. ~ice President for Finance and Management


With my very beat wishes, ~t!Z~~.7 F. C. Richardson President

Edward T. Hunt Jr., B.S. Vice President for Institutional Advancement




Patricia W. Cummins, Ph.D. Dean of Arts and Humanities

Neil H. Rudin, Ph.D. Dean of Undergraduate Students

No Photo Available

Gerald F. Accuso, Ed.D. Assoc. Vice President and Dean of Graduate Studies and Researsch

M~rilyn B. Hoskin, Ph.D. Dean of Natural and Social Sciences

Phillip Santa Maria, Ph.D. Assoc. Vice President and Dean of Students

Dennis K. Ponton, Ph.D. Assoc. Vice President of Planning and Resources


Walker M. Allen, P.h.D. Assoc. Vice President and Dean of Enrollment Management

Karen F. Steckol, Ph.D. Dean of Applied Science and Education


Art Conservation Graduate Program



Gary J. Phillips, C.P.A.,Ed.M. Assoc. Vice President and Comptroller

Department Faculty

Judit~ J. Bischoff

No Photo Available

Irene Bruckle ·

James F. Hamm

Dr. F. Christopher Tahk Chairperson

Daniel A. Kushel

F. Christopher Tahk

No Photo Available

Jonathan L. Thornton

John J. Byrns, B.S. Assoc. Vice President of Facilities

Dorcas L. Colvin, M.A. Assoc. Vice President of Human Resource Management




Business ·

Department Faculty

Department Faculty ; \ Dr. Mary Davis

Dr. Thomas A. Donovan

Dr. Kimberly Bagley

Dr. Solochidi oL. Ahiarah

Dr. Sidney Cohen ·

Mr. John DeNisco

Dr. Gregory W. Ebert

Dr. Leonard Graziplene

Dr . Fred H. Greenberg

Mr. Dale Janowsky

Dr. Thomas A. Donovan Chairperson

Dr . Ivor Ilmet

Dr. Andrew Joniak

Dr. Mary Davis Chairperson

Mr. Nicholas Jonmaire

Dr. Joseph Kelly

Dr. Daniel T. Meloon, Jr .

Dr. Michael Littman

Dr. Maria Pacheco

Dr. Thomas Morrisey

Dr. Surjit Singh

Dr. Kevin Mulcahy

Dr. Steven A. Steiner


Mr. Daniel Ricigliano

Dr. Subodh Kumar

Dr. Benjamin Sacl

Staff Karen Anetrini Michael Cichon Anne Marie Sokol

Ms. Lynne Scalia

Dr. Howard Stanger

Staff Cynthia L. Anthony

Teaching Assistants

Liming Dong Ryan Fuierer

Kang Xo

Bing Ma Xiaogang Zhao


Dr. Howard Stanger


Crin1inal Justice

Earth Sciences

Department Faculty

Depa{tment Faculty

Dr. Richard Batt

John A. Conley


Dr. Donald Birdd

James G. Fox

Dr. John Grant

James R. Gillham

Dr. Robert Horvat

Scott Johnson

Dr. Thomas Kinsey


Dr. Francis Lestingi

Edward L. Morgan

Dr. Jill Singer Chairperson

John A. Conley Chairperson

Dr. JackMack

Robert D. Pursley

Dr. John Murtaugh

John H. Song

D r. Carl Seyfert

Dr. Joyce Swartney

Mr. Dennis Torok

Dr. Steve Vermette

Dr. Darrel Young


Bottom: Edward L. Morgan, Robert D. Pursley, John A. Conley, Scott L Johnson, James R. Gillham. Top: John H. Song, Jim Fox, Sam Maislin.


Educational Foundation


Department Faculty \ Charles Bachman Geraldine Bard Barbara Bontempo Donna Campbell Ann Colley Catherine Creswell

Department Faculty

Betty Cappella

Don Carter

Dave Converse

No Photo Available

No Photo Available

Tim Gallineau

Jim Gold

Nancy Deal Amy Doerr John Dwyer

Fred Howe

Betty Cappella Acting Chairperson

Dr. Craig Werner Chairperson


Bernhard Frank Emanuel Fried Sharon Gerring Natalie Grinnell June Hesch Melvin Hoffman David Karnath James Keech Deborah Kloepfer Carole E. Knuth Marvin LaHood

Joe Moran

Mary Nix

Jim Rotella


David Lampe Roswell Park

David Landrey Anthony Lewis Margaret Macey John McKinnis Patricia McNaney Susan Mondschein Tamara Rabe Judy Moses Kevin Railey Joseph Nanna Thomas Reigstad Thomas Newhouse Thomas Renzi

Bottom: Werner. Second: Bontempo, Schoenberg, Knuth, Hersch, Wilspn, Rosso.Top: Bachman, Dwyor, Keech, R. Schoenberg, Lampe, Landrey, Karnath, Shine, Deal, Railey, Campbell, Fried.

m:_ Dave Converse, Betty Cappella, Jim Gold. Sec~nd: Don Carter, ~ t-h~, Rudy Mattai, Tim Gallineau, Jenny Yau. Top: Fred Howe,J oe :an, hm Rotella.

Dawn Smith

Wendy Scott

Zan Robinson


Jerry Starr

Chris J. Senden

Joan Rosso

Henry Sustakoski

Lawrence Shine

Carolyn Schaffner

John Weimer

Mary Slavenas

Estella Schoenberg


Maeruth Wilson

· Sloss

Robert Schoenber

Fine Arts

Foreign Language

Department Faculty Full Time

Department Faculty

Sylvia Bakos

Dr. Maria Assad ' Dr. Heidi Faletti

Robert Brock

Frank Eckmair

Dr. Gisele Feal

Richard Gubernick

Dr. Joesph Germano

Richard Janke

Dr. Deborah Hovland

Francis Kowsky

Dr. Peter J. Sowiski Chairperson

Dr. Joesph Nardiello Chairperson

Dr. Micheal Johnson

Leslie Krims

Dr. Carol Kirby

Paul Martha

Dr. Mark Littlefield


Constance Payne

Dr. Jaime Martinez-Tolentino

Kenneth Payne

Dr. Eliane Mckee

Peter Sowiski

Dr. Rafika Merini

James Sylvia

Dr. Joseph Nardiello

Dr. Raul Neira

Mr. J. Ortiz-Calderon

Part Time

Ms. Agnes De Carlo

Ms. Valerie Fahey

Bottom: Dr. Mark Littlefield, Dr. Carol Kirby, Dr. Maria Assad, Dr. Rafjka Merini, Mr. J. Ortiz-Calderon, Dr. Eliane Mckee. Top: Ms. Deborah Hovland, Patricia Morin, Dr. Gisele Peal, Dr. Joseph N Dr. Hiedi Faletti, Dr. Raul Neira.

Ms. Maribel Garrett

to Right: Peter Sowiski, Les Krims, Robert Brock, ~tephen House

Ms. Jocelyn Jackman

Mr. Erastus Namulala

Mr. PhilipSantiago

Ms. Claudia Karagoz

Ms. Janina Nestorowicz

Ms. Hildegard Webber

Ms. Maria Leyte

Mary Aim Perez

Ms. Denice Montesano

Ms. Elizabeth Zwierschke

Ms. Janine Santiago

Ms. Vega Mosher


Health, Recreation, and Physical Education

History and Social Studies


Department Faculty

Ansel, Bernard D.

Boudreau, Jean M.

Department Faculty

Brown, Truman B.

Ms. Catherine G. Ansuini

Dr. Nuala M. Drescher Chairperson

Calandra, Janice L.

Mr . Diane Depken

Dr. Donald E. Barr Chairperson

Cardoso, Jack J.

Ms. Shelley Hain

Carson, David A.

Mr. Richard D. Heller

Chotoff, Robert B.

Mr. Donald E. O'Brien

Coates, Richard F.

Ms. Linda O'Donnell

Dietrich, Dennis E.

Dr. Frank J. Pascarella

Drescher, Nuala M.

Mr. Scott W. Roberts

Eckert, Gary J.

Mr. Montae Saddler

Ederer, Martin F.

Dr. Stephen E. Schwartz

Dr. Chester J. Zelasko

Finn, Mary E.

Fordham, Monroe

Herold, Elaine B.

Hetzner, Donald R.


Koginos, Manny T.

Lang, Henry J.

Schwob, Thomas N

:tv1in, Benjamin H.

Mallea, Kathleen T.

Slavenas, Julius P.

Mitchell, William I.

McGarry, Jean M.

Smith, Edward 0., Jr.

Mlahagwa, Josiah R.

Wolffer, Charles H.

Mernitz, Kenneth S.

Riaco, Ralph


Nutrition, I Fashion and Hospitiality


Department Faculty

Department Faculty

Dr. Joseph Barback ; Mr. Jack Barr

Dr. Ann Egan

Ms. Ell~n DeWind

No Photo Available

No Photo Available

Dr. Joaquin Carbonara

Dr. Colleen Frey

Dr. Julie Chen

Ms. Donna Hayes

Dr. Daniel Cunningham

Ms. Kathleen O'Brien

Mr. Robert Frascatore

Dr. Betty Krist Chairperson

Dr. Ann Egan Chairperson

Ms. Janet Overdorf

Ms. Kelly Gaddis

Dr. H.G. Parsa

Dr. Tom Gaibrone

Ms. Elaine Polvinen

Dr. Alwin Green

Dr. Teja Rao

Dr. James Guyker

Ms. Martha Reddout

Dr. Luella Johnson

Dr. William Scheider

Dr. Betty Krist

Ms. Marcia Taylor

Dr. Edward Newberger

Ms. Lori Till

Dr. Kenneth Ohm

Dr. Cherry Searle


Mr. Robrt Schoyer

Dr. Eileen Schoaff

Mr. James Shaw

Dr. John Slivka

Bouom: Tejaswiwi Rao, Martha Reddou t, ~ori L. Till, C.:herry Seanle, .G.Parsa. Top: Ellen DeWind, Donna M. Hayes, Colleen Frey, Ann ~,Mauria Taylor, Janet Obeudouf.

Dr. Samuel Stern

Mr. Hollis Tibbetts

Mrs. Micky Brusehaber


Social Work


Department Faculty

\ Department Faculty

Christopeher Aviles

Dr. Christopher Blodgett

Louis Colca

Dr. Jerry Cataldo

Eddie Davis

No Photo Available

Dr. Robert Delprino

Patrick Dexter

Dr. Gary Heiman

Barbara Huddleston- Mattai

Dr. J urgis Karuza

Ellen Kennedy

Dr. Eddie Davis Chairperson

Dr. Bradley Lown

Dr. Jurgis Karuza Acting-Chairperson

Shirley Lord

Dr. Patrick Mcnamara

Ronnie Mahler .

Dr. Mary O'Quin

Phyllis Pomerantz

Dr. Howard Reid

Dr. Suyna Williams

Dr. Virginia Wyly

Dr. Michael Zborowski

Debra Blair Sebastain LoGiudice . Janet Pulka Suneil Malik Lisa Woodruff

Bottom: Virginia Wyly, Suyna Williams, Bradley A. Lown, Gary W. Heiman, Michael Zbeorowski. Top: Chris Blodgett, Karen O'Quin, Howard Ried, John Morganti, Jurgis Krarua, Robert Delprino.

~:om: Ronnie Ma~ler, Chris Avites, .Lou..Colca, B. :rfuddleston-Mattai, ley Loro, Phyllis Pomerantz, Eddie Davis .Top: Pat Dexter.

Speech, Language and Pathology


Depattment Faculty

Dr. Carl Backman ' Mr. George Bennis

Department Faculty

Karen Bailey Jones

No Photo Available

Dr. Gerhard Falk

Dolores E. Battle

Dr: Virginia Grabiner

Gary Jones

Dr. Narendra Kalia

Nan Lund

Dr. Chad Nye Chairperson

Dr. Rosalyn Lindner Chairperson

Dr. Monica Kuumba

Nancy Russell

Dr. Rosalyn Lindner

Chad Nye

Dr. Stephanie McSpirit Alas

Radha Simhadri

Janice Weinstein

Ms. Patricia Messinger

Barbara Weitzner-Lin

Dr. Richard Seibert

Dr. Ron Stewart

Dr. Tom Weinberg

Dr. Gary Welborn

~!tom : Gary Jones, Nan Lund, Karen BaiJey Jones. second : Janice \Ienstien, Dolores Battle, Chad Nye, Barbara Weitzner-Lin, Nancy ~ussen.



Philosophy and Religious Studies \


Department Faculty

Dr. Dewayne Beery

Department Faculty ' Victor Balowitz

Dr. Michael DeMarco

Dr. David Ettestad

John Crbonara

Dr. Robert Kohler

Marianne Ferguson

Dr. Om Rustgi

James 0. Grunebuam

Dr. James Wells

Richard La Croix

Dr. George T. Hole Chairperson

Dr. Dewayne Beery Chairperson

Allen Podet

Staff Edward Gleason Gerri Lysarz Fiorella

Lansig Pollock

Russell Vannoy





-- -


•• .-•






Sarita C. Samora Maureen Smith PaulL. Thoms Richard Towne Philip A. Weaver Idajean Windell

Joh n Mon tague James Morris KevinOpp* Terry Postero Richard A. Reynolds Rand L. Schuster Marianne Vallet-Sandre

Geography and Planning Dept. Raymond W. Waxmonsky, Chairperson 2 Paul R. Beaudet

Pu ter Information (0111 <:.,'flei!IS Dept. William C. Schul~, Chairperson Charles Arbutma Jtobert A. ~lark WJUiam Lm u ri H. Naeher . AnthonY Nowakowski

Deparhnent Faculty

Kimberley N. Irvine Theodore W. Kury George G. McKnight» Elbridge A. Rennin g Jr. Gregory P. Stein

kobert Adams

Art Education Dept. Michael E. Parks, Chairperson 2 Lucy Andrus Katherine B. Hartman LaymanJones Louise Lucas-Mietlicki•

Robert Wood Barry Yavener

Stephen N. Andre

A. Paul Reynolds ~wrence W. Scott Barbara Sherman Charles Wertz [)lrrell Young**

Performing Arts Dept. Donna Eskew McCarthy, Chairperson

Political ScienceDept. Abdul H. Raoof, Chairpersorf Ram Desai Lawrence G. Flood Keith M. Henderson

Pual M. Culkowski

Elizabeth Baun• Carol Y. Beckley Kenwyn G. Boldt Anthony Chase*

Hugh Neil* Lisa Parks* Joseph R. Piccillo Judith Simpson John Siskar John Truax Carole Woodlock Mary Wyrick

[klnentary Education Jlld Reading Dept. [)lvid Day, Chairperson )GinAmrozowicz

Donald Gawlowicz

Anthony T. Neal Howard H. Park M. Step hen Pen dleton Sarah Slavin

G. Matthew Coldwell Daphne M. Finnegan 2

Slade Gellin

Mary E. Fiore Paul R. Homer Alfred Jarrett* Andrew Kahn

John Beaver fUrry Beno* )GinBoorman JohnBruno

0 '

Psychology Dept. Jerry F; Cataldo, Chairperson' Christopher J. Blodgett Robert P. Delprino

Larry E. Gibson

Communication Dept. Emile C. Netzhammer lll, Chairperson

Donald J. Kutschall James F. Mabry lii Charles Mancuso Terence R . McDonald Donald Metz* Myron H. Nadel Janet Reed* Crystai Reinoso Thomas Witakowski M ichael R. Wright Donn M. Youngstrom Simeon W. Chilungu William E. Engelbrecht Lydia M. Fish Dennis L. Gaffin Marie S. Geise Donald D. Mitchell George V. Tomashevich Anthropology Dept. Jill Nash, Chairperson 2 Stuart W. Calhoun Linda Chalk er-Scott Douglas P. Easton James D. Haynes Hadar.lsseroff Gary W. Pettibone Howard P. Riessen Randal J. Snyder Edward Standora Robert C. Stein Gregory Wadsworth Thomas D. White Biology Dept. Javier Penalosa, Chairperson

[velyn Cooper• Henry Dowski Lois Frazita Richard Frazita GtraldGerbrach t* Sltven Gittler Rebecca Harlin Cuol Hodges Glenn Hurst Kly johnson-Gentile lfslie Keyser-Day• l.tnore Levy Rosemary Lonberger Russell Macaluso Klthleen Miller Vera Monroe Rosemary Murray Donald O'Brien Sltphen Phelps Arthur Robinson•

Dr. Charles A. Beasley Chairperson

Stephanie R. Goldberg

Charles Adair Robert Brady* Bruce G. Bryski Cathlena Burch* Rose Ciotta* Marian Deutschman Paul J. DeWald Robert Elmes Ann Franczyk» Vastye Gillespie* Deborah Hadley-Bush• David Harrington• Barbara Lattanzi* Thomas R. McCray Brian Meyer•

Gary W. Heiman Jurgis Karuza Jr. Bradley A. Lown Patrick J. McNamara John B. Morganti Karen O'Quin Howard M. Reid Sunyna Williams M. Virgin ia Wyly Michael J. Zborowski

0 .

David J. Kukulka

.. ..

Peter S. Pawlik

Proves R. Banks

Sociology Dept. Rosalyn A Lindner, Chairperson 2 Carl B. Backman Gerhard Falk Virginia E. Grabiner

Patricia Caver

! !

Robert Orrange* Ronald L. Rabin Janet Ramsey Joseph Roland*

Narendra N. Kalla Monica Kuumba Richard P. Seibert Ronnie Stewart Conrad C. Vogler Thomas S. Weinberg Gary S. Welborn

Mohan S. Devgun

Ned Schimizzi lotuia Schmidt urol Stevens NormanWalker S.rilhWeidler George Wenner

Kerran Sanger Ronald Smith W. Richard Whitaker 1 Penny Williams-Cardinale

John J. Earshen

Debrah Rindfuss Ellis

Design Dept. Stephen F. Saracino, Chairperson James P. Astrella William R. Bartoo 3 Nancy B. Belfer Ann Bonte• Richard A. Butz Lori Christmastree Deborah Stewart Chapman•

Great Lakes Center for Environmental Research and Education Stephen B. Brandt, Director

Exceptional Education Dept. Donald R. Logan, Chairperson R. Bruce Baum Pi1tricia Bazulka Judith A. Bondurant-Utz Sharon Cramer

Gordon E. Guffner

Ki mberley N . Irvine, Associate Dhector Randal J . Snyder, Associate Director Carol Darstein, Project StaffAssistant John Freidhoff, Ship's Captain Kyle Hartman, Manager, Aquatic Research Lab J, Michael Jech, A ssistant Research Scientist Jiagang Luo, Research Scientist Environmental Toxicology/ Chemistry Harish C. Sikka, Head of En v. Toxicology/ Chemistry Shahid Kahn, Research Scientis t Subodh Kumar, Senior Scien tist Nancy Shappell, Research Scientist Akmal Siddiqui, Research Associate Ruth Steward, Research Scientist

Anthony Hotchkiss

Linda K. Gleckel Wuren Gleckel YongG. Hwang• u 1 rmen J. Iannaccone D~es M. Kreider "<>Sa E. Leon Susan Mason Michelle Mirab!e• M· h IC aelene Meger Andrew Pacion i Anthony Persico* ~id Pomerantz ~rk P. Posluszny Di ron Raimondi ane Ryndak Katherine Sacca

James McCarthy

Suzann P. Denny John DiBernardo* John Donahue Jr.• Jeffrey Feinen• Bonnie P. Gordon John J. Janquet Herta L. Kane 1 Sally Kilmer* •·

Economics and Finance Dept. Alex J, Ratkowski. Chairperson

David Miller

W illiam B. Bennett Theodore F. Byrley Susan M. Davis Frederick G. Floss William T. Ganley Curtis Haynes Jr. Richard J. Kieffer Yung-MoKim Douglas G. Koritz Ted Schmidt

Howard Payne

Bottom: PeterS. Pawlik, Charles A. Beasley, Anthony Hotchkiss, Stephanie Goldberg, James Shea, Slade Gellin. Second: Ron Matusiak, Gordon E. Guffner, Steven Kennedy, Robert Adams, Robert J. Zuercher, Mohan S. Devgun, Debrorah Rindfuss Ellis, John J. Earshen, Richard Stempniak, Stephr N Andre, Proves R Banks Jr., Eugene Stafford, Larry E. Gibson, Donald Gawlowicz

Michele Kulp• Ph illip Lepine* Theodore Maciurzynski Lyn ne McElh aney'

James M. Shea

Kathleen Stein

Sharon Mendola David Miller* •


.'Part Time ~condary Appt.

Richard Stempniak

Donald Grasso

5 Siena 6 Artist-in-Residence

N. John Popovich

Eugene C. Stafford Kathy Zatkos

n Leave, Fall l994

Steven E. Kenned~ . k Ronald MatusH;I

Robert Tom

Debra Heath-Thornton Jane Ruff

Jane Ervolino

Robert J. Zuercher

James Klapp

Carolyn Schmidt-Bova Ronald Gramza


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