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Every great structure requires matching the right product to the building type and environment. American Architectural Window & Door has been trusted by our clients to make the critical evaluation and provide the right product with quality installation for nearly 3 decades . Sales, Installation, Engineering, Maintenance & Repair for Windows & Doors Choose from a Wide Range of Material Choices Including: Fiberglass • Aluminum • Vinyl • Steel • Wood Landmark • Entry Ways • Storefronts & More!

Energy Efficient Custom A/C Sleeves & Covers An overlooked area of tremendous energy loss is through drafty A/C sleeves. Upgrading those unsightly A/C Sleeves and Covers is the least expensive way to

improve the overall appearance of your building and save

on cooling and heating costs.

An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure Failing to perform a yearly maintenance program effort could lead to hardware, glass, gasket, finish, and leakage problems that could have easily been avoided through proper care. Improve the

performance and life span of your windows and doors with a custom contract maintenance program from American Architectural Window & Door.

Custom Colors Available for Your Windows, Doors and A/C Sleeves.

Your Trusted Window & Door Expert For a Professional Evaluation of Your Projects’ Needs, Call 1-800-495-8175 www.americanarchitectural.com

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