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Firm leads new environmental mission, earning LEED Certification VITETTA Receives AIA-NJ Honor Award for Historical Preservation Project at Duke Farms


part of the Duke Farms’ new environmental mission, the project includes a 640-killowatt ground-mounted solar array of 3,120 panels designed to pro- vide 100 percent of the electri- cal power for the orientation center, along with 56 geother- mal wells to aid in heating and cooling for surrounding offices, and an onsite constructed wet- lands wastewater treatment plant. Developed by James Bu- chanan Duke in 1893, Duke Farms is home to several public exhibits, including indoor and outdoor display gardens with a variety of noteworthy trees, exotic plants, and educational displays. Since reopening in 2012, more than 500,000 guests have visited the Farms. “We’re excited to receive this prestigious award from the New Jersey chapter of the AIA,” said Nan Gutterman , project manager at VITETTA. “ It is believed that this is the first historic glass structure in the United States to receive LEED Platinum certification, which is an especially significant achievement.” “I want to specifically thank Michael Holleman, AIA , who Lapolla’s AirTight Division primarily focuses on market- ing, promoting, and selling energy saving products and energy reduction services. The AirTight Multi-Family Energy Savings Program is a turn-key project service. This service provides energy assessments and analysis with the assis- tance of independent consul- tants, project design, regula- tory assistance to facilitate potential rebates from state and utility authorities, and project management services. This energy conservation pro- gram, conceived and put into place by Lapolla’s Chairman, Richard J. Kurtz, was designed to save landlords substantial energy costs while dramati- cally reducing the properties’

originally designed the project, but passed away before its completion. It was his vision and collaboration with Duke Farms that made the project a success.” The AIA-NJ Annual Design Awards program recognizes architectural projects that ex- hibit design excellence in one of four categories: Open (meant for any building type), Residen- tial, Historic Preservation and Interior Architecture. Projects are further designated as either Built or Un-built. To be eligible, projects must be either located in New Jersey or designed by an AIA-NJ architect. Submit- ted projects are evaluated dur- ing the organization’s annual Design Conference by a group of distinguished architects from throughout the country. Founded in 1857, the Ameri- can Institute of Architects (AIA) is the professional orga- nization that helps architects serve the public’s needs and builds awareness of the role of architects and architecture in American society. Headquar- tered in Washington, D.C., its 300 plus local chapters repre- sent 86,000 licensed architects and allied professionals. n Brent Kohere , regional vice president for Home Properties, said, “This is a winning situ- ation for all parties involved. The residents will have greater comfort in their homes and should see a reduction in their energy costs. The property as a whole will be more energy efficient, reducing overall en- ergy consumption and lower- ing energy costs. It is a win for Home Properties to partner with experts in the field like the AirTight team, and the rebate/incentive plan will en- hance an already solid return on investment for the capital improvement.” n carbon footprint and increasing the tenants’ comfort. This will increase the overall value and ROI of the property.

ILLSBOROUGH, NJ — The New Jer- sey chapter of the

American Institute of Archi- tects (AIA-NJ) has awarded Philadelphia, PA-based design firm VITETTA Architects and Engineers with an Honor Award in the Historical Preser- vation category for its design and adaptive reuse of the Duke Farms, a 120-year old estate and public park in Hillsbor- ough, NJ. “VITETTA’s work on Duke Farms typifies AIA’s commit- ment to the preservation of valuable historic structures, sites and places,” said Kurt Kalafsky, AIA , president of AIA-NJ. “The firm has infused the project with 21st centu- ry sustainable infrastructure while retaining its rich 120- year history and character.” VITETTA’s undertaking at Duke Farms consisted of two LEED-certified rehabilitation projects: the adaptive reuse of a Farm Barn to become the site’s main orientation center, and the renovation of a Lord and Burnham conservatory structure that now serves as a learning place with brand new orchid display gardens. As HOUSTON, TX — Lapolla Industries, Inc. (“Lapolla”) (LPAD) , a Houston-based glob- al supplier and manufacturer of spray polyurethane foam insulation, reflective roof coat- ings, and equipment designed to reduce energy consumption in the residential, industrial and commercial markets, today announced that its AirTight Di- vision (“AirTight”) has entered into its first Multi-Family En- ergy Savings Program agree- ment with the multi-billion dollar REIT, Home Proper- ties, Inc. (HME) , to implement its proprietary energy savings program at the Jacob Ford Village Apartments located in Morristown, New Jersey. The first agreement is with Jacob Ford Village, a two-story,

Duke Farms

Lapolla Industries signs first AirTight Multi-Family Energy Savings Program agreement with Home Properties

garden apartment complex that consists of 270 residen- tial units. Under the terms of the agreement, AirTight will implement and install its all-inclusive energy savings package throughout the entire multi-family unit complex at a cost exceeding $1 million. A recent assessment conducted by AirTight and Karpman Con- sulting LLC, an independent energy company, reported that the program will yield annual energy savings in excess of 55 percent for Home Properties. “Our Multi-Family Energy Savings Program harnesses cutting edge technology with its proprietary design and equipment. AirTight’s four- component energy savings program, including installation

of Lapolla’s spray polyurethane foam, provides a property own- er with a substantial energy reduction. This will increase property value and resident comfort, and will likely lead to reduced vacancy rates. Air- Tight has documented signifi- cant savings for landlords and property managers on their en- ergy bills. We believe that this is the only end-to-end solution in the marketplace that can provide annual energy savings of more than 50 percent in any region or climate for multi- family properties,” stated Peter Pierangeli, Vice President of the AirTight Division. “For now, our concentration remains on the United States, and we plan to introduce this to our global customers and partners.”

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