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ost readers have seen an advertise- ment for a LED By Dennis Wilson, Enersave Inc. The LED lighting revolution or the end of the Edison filament M

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cally save the upgrade cost in maintenance savings alone, by not having to pay hundreds of dollars to hire a bucket truck to replace a HID bulb, while reducing electric consumption by at least 50%. In designing a new LED lighting system for an open area, whether in a warehouse with inventory stacks or open manufacturing areas, a prop- erly designed LED layout with an optimal fixture can often reduce the total fixture count, while providing higher light levels where it is really needed. The optics of LED fixtures are

highly directional, allowing light to be delivered more pre- cisely than HID fixtures. The LED lighting Revolution is here to stay, and some industry experts believe LED lighting will replace virtually all other lighting sources in the next decade or two. Dennis is the president of Enersave, Inc., a turnkey developer of commercial and industrial lighting ef- ficiency projects. He has been active in the New Jer- sey and New York energy efficiency markets since 1990. n

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lamp in print med i a , on- line or even on TV. The claims made by Ph i l i p s or Cree may seem hard to believe, that LEDs will last

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Dennis Wilson

twenty years while using less than 20% the electricity of an incandescent bulb, while deliv- ering the same amount of light. Well, I’m here to tell you the claims are true, at least for the major high quality brands. In fact, LED lamps come in a diz- zying array of shapes, sizes and light color they deliver. Just visiting a Home Depot or Lowes lighting aisle will leave the average homeowner scratching their head about what lamp to choose, with some leaving with the same incandescent they are replacing, others with a Compact Fluorescent Lamp (CFL) and a minority buying a store brand or major brand LED lamp. The same challenge exists in determining what LED product to choose when upgrading the lighting in commercial and industrial space. New LED op- tions are available to upgrade 2x4 and 2x2 ceiling fixtures in office space that deliver a mod- ern visual appearance, while reducing electric consumption 30% to over 60%. These LED kits don’t disturb the ceiling by replacing only the fixture door, leave the fluorescent housing in place above the ceiling grid, and can be installed inminutes. There are a large number of LED choices in replacing high- bay Metal Halide fixtures in a warehouse or factory, with occupancy controls, daylight dimming and data collection and reporting options available from some LED fixture manu- facturers. Electric consump- tion reductions are usually 50% or greater compared to HID fixtures that are generally on during all business hours. LED fixtures are available to replace any exterior pole or wall mounted MH or HPS lighting fixture, with light dispersion patterns that are far more even than any HID fixture, virtually eliminating the lighting hot spots directly below current pole mounted fixtures. Con- verting exterior pole mounted fixtures to LED can practi-

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