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I ndustrial R eal E state & D istribution C enters By Nathan Mattocks, LEED AP, Kinsley Construction Inc. The benefits of siphonic roof drain systems S iphonic roof drains have been popular in Europe for years and are gaining saving additional excavation and backfill costs.

increase flow velocity. Spe- cially-designed air baffles at the roof drain allow the pipe to fill completely with water, creating a continuous and closed path between the roof collection area and the lower discharge point. Atmospheric pressure becomes the driving force that pushes the water through the system. This is also known as full-bore flow. Since the system does not rely on gravity, piping can be installed flat and level. The benefits •Lower Installation Costs - Full-bore flow is achievable through smaller-diameter

BETHEL TWP., PA — Kinsley Construction , Wyo- missing, has completed con- struction of the new regional distribution center for Dollar General in Bethel Township. The 1 million s/f facility is de- signed to serve over 1000 Dol- lar General stores throughout the northeast. Designed by Leo A. Daly Architects , the building in- corporates several energy saving features such as LED lighting and a computerized energy management systems that automatically controls lighting and interior climate to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. A unique feature of the proj- ect is the siphonic roof drain system. This relatively new concept is engineered to create a suction effect which siphons water off the roof at a high velocity. The design requires fewer drains, eliminates ex- ternal downspouts and be- cause all horizontal piping is installed flat, roof slopes can be reduced thus increasing the building clear height and excavation for underground piping is minimized.. Despite a winter start and excessive ground water issues, the building was completed in just 11 months. n There are numerous manu- facturers offering siphonic roof drain components; each can provide you with specific product information and de- sign guidelines. These include Wade Hydromax, Jay R. Smith Mfg. Co., and Zurn Industries. Nathan Mattocks is a project manager at Kinsley Construction. n CompletionofDollar General includes siphonic roof drains the web of steel columns. •Maximizes Operational Capacity - Horizontal piping can be run overhead in the joist space, eliminating the need for underground trench- ing and allowing for maximum use of open space. •Improved Aesthetics - Ex- terior gutters, scuppers and downspouts can be eliminated, creating a cleaner look for your building.

•Reduced Maintenance and Greater Design Flexibility - Depending on the height of the building, full-bore flow water velocity can reach speeds of up to 30 feet per second, which promotes the self-cleaning of debris. Level pipe instal- lations allow for increased building interior clear height and give designers greater flexibility in the number and location of vertical stacks. •Damage Avoidance - Verti- cal risers can be located where they can be protected from building operations, such as in

acceptance and popularity in the United States since adopted by the Internation- al Plumbing Code. There are several notable benefits for developers of “big box” warehouse and distribution centers that are worth con- sideration. What is a siphonic roof drain? Siphonic roof drains make use of the siphoning principle to carry water horizontally from multiple roof drains to a single downpipe and to

BIM model of a siphonic system’s main drain and overflow backup drain

(and less expensive) pipe sizes than needed for traditional gravity systems, and the point of discharge can be centrally located, eliminating the cost of additional pipe. The depth of pipe trenches is reduced,


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