ShipCovers – Marine Protection Materials

4.1. Carpet Protection

Product Size - 100 Running Meters x 1.2m width = 120 m2/Roll (330ft x 4ft/47 inch) - 100 Running Meters x 0.8m width = 80 m2/Roll (330ft x 2.6ft/32 inch) - 100 Running Meters x 0.6m width = 60 m2/Roll (330ft x 2ft/24 inch) - Universal Carpet Dispenser 1.2/0.8/0.6m width Applications - Ideal for Protection of Carpets after installation of new Carpet - Ideal for Protection of Carpets from duct/residues at Locked Areas - Suitable for Refit/Daily Maintenance/Newbuild Projects Core Competences - IMO Certified - Ant-slip Surface through the Pyramid structured embossing - Water Resistant - Manufactured from heavy duty polythene film - Specially studied tack adhesive backing to avoid leaving adh. residues - Heavy Duty Cylinder of Package to ensure uniform roll unfolding


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