NATFEN Digital Magaine Edition 21



Catering for an increasing urban population that has a larger disposable income will clearly inject greater interest in this type of product as the desire and demand will naturally increase. Life evaluations are changing potentially quicker than they have done for previous generations. The desire to have the best with improved living standards is altering how people are connecting, communicating and living with each other. Positive and negative influences are dominated by the new digital age and how people feel about the way they live. There seems to be more understanding about how communities develop together and the desire for happiness is now a priority, especially for the next generation. Builders and entrepreneurs are quickly catching on. Today architects and planners will have to give greater consideration to the science of well-being and mental health as they look to create a new living experience. Happiness and community go hand in hand, as the digital age demands better living standards all round to previous generations. As the world moves at what seems to be quicker and quicker speeds, the need to improve the standards of buildings for its occupants is becoming a priority. Workplaces, educational establishments, institutions and homes could well come with a happiness rating in the not too distant future.

Despite the relatively higher cost of smart glasses there will be a need to educate consumers on its benefits if it is to truly gain dominance in the sector. With the current Government’s desire to be carbon neutral by 2050 there will be a need for new generation products that can replace conventional building materials. Glass that can respond to seasonal changes is going to make glass a continued component in new architectural design. Creating buildings that can interact with people and those who choose to live and work in them are concepts that now are very much a reality. Adapting to the changing needs of a society that is digitally indoctrinated will become an essential requirement for future projects. Our ability to adapt to change and absorb the benefits of technological change will fundamentally provide people with the ideal living solution. As for the population, energy efficiency, sound insulation and green buildings are all attractive qualities for both new and existing homeowners - the flexibility of smart glass will prove very attractive to a consumer that is now focused on carbon reduction and energy consumption at the touch of the latest technology.


W ith building land still at a premium the trend of urban regeneration will undoubtedly continue for a few years yet, despite some hesitancy to move by homeowners. Our regional cities are gaining huge benefits from massive overhauls with sales prices and the desire to live with everything ‘to hand’, now extremely attractive to millennials. As the route to homeownership continues to be complex and difficult there are incentives that will see traditional options being adapted to meet the needs of a country with a continuing housing shortage. Predominantly, these large scale developments incorporate high performance materials that are turning high rise living into an attractive commodity in cityscapes with a rapidly growing population. Potential buyers or investors are driving growth in the regions by providing London standards at affordable prices.

In terms of products for this sector, smart glass is predicted to dominate new architectural design. With many governments developing initiatives to introduce energy efficient products into new build projects for both commercial and residential installations this is now becoming a rapidly growing market. With prominent players in the glass industry having made vast investments in these new technologies, smart glass is the latest innovative concept that will continue to be a rising star for years to come. With its unique, switchable technology it is perfect for many applications in the design of corporate buildings, such as hotels and hospitals depending on the needs of the occupants. There is a lot of promise for the residential sector also, in terms of improving the appearance of a property. Functionality and privacy will be invaluable on larger scale commercial projects.



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