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Insurance Services

Western Growers Insurance Services

Insurance Services

WGIS is the RISK SOLUTIONS brain trust of the Western Growers Family of Companies and we happily provide innovative risk management solutions to our 2300+ Ag Industry members—who also happen to be our owners. The great news? You can be an owner, too. At the forefront of the issues our members face in the agricultural industry, we are uniquely positioned to leverage both the scale needed and provide risk and premium aggregation in order to provide exclusive risk management solutions for our members, many of which they would not be able to access on their own.

EXCLUSIVEWG Offerings Western Growers Assurance Trust (WGAT, est. 1957) Health benefit program – ACA Compliant, created just for Ag employers Alternative Health Benefit Funding Full array of WGA-owned TPA Services allowing members to customize their employee benefits risk solutions Risk Solution Program CREATION Customized solutions offering terms, policy language and pricing not available on an individual policy basis Our most recent creation is the exclusive Western Growers + Shield Access to retail, non-retail, and reinsurance markets Exclusive Appointments Ag-Specific Specialty Business Our team of over 60 professionals are located in nine offices throughout California and Arizona. FULL Brokerage Services

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Equipment Capital

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International And much more…

Risk Mitigation: The WGIS Advantage

Western Growers

Solutions Include Commodity Services

Founded in 1926, Western Growers was created by farmers for farmers to give them a united voice in issues that were negatively impacting their businesses. 90 years later, Western Growers is still here, with a much expanded footprint as we have evolved to the changing needs of our industry. Our mission today is to continue giving a voice to the agriculture industry and provide a variety of solutions to directly and positively impact our members’ competitiveness and profitability.

PACA trust actions, product guarantee statements, contract reviews Dispute resolution, packaging requirements, and standardization regulations.

Government Affairs

We act as the political voice of our members Public Policy Advocacy Federal & State Level Action

Science and Technology

Fostering agricultural science & technology solutions Expert cross-collaboration: science, academia, and policy Promoting awareness and adoption of emerging sciences and technologies

Human Resources & Legal Human resources hotline

Ag Legal Network available with discounted rates

Western Growers University

Full range of training and development classes Classes that fulfill some regulatory requirements

Financial Services

Manage over $200m in assets Services for businesses and individuals

Risk Mitigation: The WGIS Advantage

Industry Issues

Human Capital

Insurance Services



Pathological Science

Food Safety



Emerging Competition



TheWGIS Advantage


Loss Engineering


Industry Expertise



Program Design

Claims Management

Mitigation Plan

Reduced Risks

Efficiency & Lowered Costs

Competitiveness & Profitability

Risk Mitigation: The WGIS Advantage

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