The Over 50s Traveller - Sally Winfield (MMA)

The Over 50s Traveller

Sally Winfield, Chair Mature Marketing Association

Treat them as one uniform greying group, or worse still they ignore them altogether - convinced that they must catch their customers young and try to keep them for life.

But these brands are missing out on a wealth of opportunity.

of the population. 33%

23 million

80% of the disposable income.

people aged over 50 in the UK.

group of pensioners in history. biggest richest The and the

in the UK by 2030. In 1951, there were just 270. 45,000 centenarians

Grey is most definitely the new blond.

MMA has just commissioned a series of surveys, each one reviewing the over-50s audience, one decade at a time.

40-49 age group first

Purchasing behaviour.

Digital media use.

Attitudes to age-related activity.

Expenditure and loyalty

Increase their spending on technology-related products over the next 10 years.

More on travel - great news for everyone in the room.

Discounts and value for money are consistently cited as the primary reason in encouraging product purchase and remaining loyal. Ahead of brand reputation.

Digital and social media usage

Heavy users of digital media for news, keeping in touch with friends and family and inspiration.

Heard it on the radio

Reviews and social media also play an increasingly important role in product endorsement.

Age-related advertising and branding

You don’t understand me!

Women feel strongly

that if a brand resonates with them, it is much more likely to win their custom.

Travel brands need to work harder!

What's needed is not more advertising, but the right sort of advertising.

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