ATTENTION! Do not use the machine before you have read and understood the Instructions for Use Manual.

1. Turn the machine on and check the status of the batteries. If two bars or less are showing, charge the machine for 2 to 8 hours.

2. Inspect the pads or brushes for wear and install them on the machine. Lift the lugs into the slots and rotate the brushes to lock them into place.

3. Check the squeegee blades for wear and flip or replace if worn, nicked or torn. Install squeegee and hand tighten thumb nuts.

5. Fill the tank with the appropriate cleaning solution. Yellow Cap – pn 56115395

4. Inspect and clean the solution filter as required. Filter – pn 56104351

10. Select the desired solution flow rate based on the soil conditions.

6. Press the yellow palm switches on the front of the handle to transport the machine to an area for cleaning.

7. Press the yellow palm switch on the back of the handle to go in reverse.

8. Lower the scrub deck to the floor using the foot pedal. Select low, medium or high scrub pressure.

9. Lower the squeegee to the floor and the vacuum motor will start.

15. Clean and inspect the squeegee blades. Flip the blade or replace it if required. Hang the squeegee on the machine as shown. Tan Gum Rubber Blades – pn 56115334 Red Linatex Blades – pn 56115333

11. Propel the machine forward using the yellow palm switches.

13. Inspect and clean the debris catch cage. Refill the clean water tank as required.

14. When finished using the machine, remove the pads or brushes. Inspect and clean or replace them as required.

12. When the vacuum motor changes pitch the recovery tank is full and needs to be emptied. Refill the clean water tank as required.

18. Charge the machine for 8 hours.

16. Rinse the recovery tank and leave the lid open to dry. Inspect the float ball cage.

17. Empty the clean water solution tank.

If the machine has been used until the low battery level indicator is on the machine, a full recharge of the batteries (10-12 hours) will be required. Failure to carry out this procedure may cause damage to the batteries. Charging the batteries after every use is recommended. PLEASE ENSURE THE CHARGER IS ALWAYS CONNECTED TO THE BATTERIES EVEN IF NOT USED FOR LONGER PERIOD OF TIME TO PREVENT DAMAGE TO THE BATTERY DUE TO LOW VOLTAGE.

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