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I think we all have traits, physical and otherwise, we can easily attribute to one of our parents. Some have their mother’s eyes or their father’s height. In my case, one trait I certainly inherited from my dad, Frank Stetson, was entrepreneurial spirit. Obviously, I own a practice, and I think seeing him start many, many businesses during my upbringing helped spur me down the path I’m on now. In honor of Father’s Day, I want to pay tribute to his unceasing effort and unbreakable will. Dad tried his hand at a bit of everything. He owned a real estate company for a number of years, he tried starting a sonar company to help people locate objects underwater, but easily, his funniest business was the “antique shop” he started in our barn. Now, I use scare quotes because Dad’s taste was far from highly curated. Sometimes, he’d have objects worthy of appearing on “Antiques Roadshow,” but there would be plenty of junk to share space. We lovingly called it “The Bargain Barn.” I remember two items in particular he brought home, much to the consternation and disbelief of my mother. The first was an old Winnebago whose condition you could charitably describe as beat to hell. The second was even more bizarre: a vintage, hydraulic dentist chair that was outdated then and positively stone-aged by today’s standards. We never asked how he came across this stuff, but we knew he was excited about it. The question was whether he could find a like-minded buyer for them. Ultimately, Dad found success creating a business that taught circuit board training. There are strict standards when it comes to the soldering and quality control of circuit boards (who knew?), and Dad trained technicians in how to do it the proper way. It was a company he maintained until retirement, though I think he still harbors dreams of reopening “The Bargain Barn.” Through every business endeavor, Dad remained calm, no matter the circumstances. He also had an uncanny ability to learn from failure without beating himself up. “Well that one didn’t quite work out, so let’s try ADVENTURES IN ENTREPRENEURSHIP A TRIBUTE TO MY FATHER

Beth and her Dad enjoying their favorite: black raspberry ice cream!

something a little different,” was his attitude. I was inspired to see somebody pursue their dreams so ardently. I’m really grateful to have grown up in an environment like the one he and my mom created. While we don’t have any working dads at the practice currently, one of our therapists, Dr. Ryann Cacciotti, has a dad who is never afraid to help out when needed. His name is Ron Cramer, and I would be remiss for not sharing my appreciation for him while discussing the subject of fathers.

Ryann and her Dad Ron at her wedding

Whether your dad started his own business, worked a regular 9-to-5, or did anything in between, take a moment this month to thank him for his effort. And if you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind gift, consider a ‘40s-era dentist chair.

–Beth Scalone

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